Restoration Hardware (RH) Furniture Laceration Hazard Injury Lawsuit Info

Our law firm is currently investigating a products liability case against Restoration Hardware and a few other entities for a defective product, as outlined below.

Consumer Product Recall: RH Furniture – Injury, Laceration Hazards

Product Name: Furniture

Hazard: Restoration Hardware (RH)’s metal trims on their furniture can detach from the edges and create sharp blades or points which can cut through skin and cause nasty lacerations, posing injury and cut hazards.

Remedy: Refund, replace

Recall Date: August 3, 2017

Recall Number: 17-199

Details of the Recall
The recall listed here involves RH’s Smythson Shagreen Collection of side tables, square and rectangle coffee tables, dressers, beds, nightstands, and sideboards. These items are protected with a covering of shagreen-embossed leather with metal trim on all edges. The items were sold in four different finish/color combinations. You can find the item number printed on a white sticker on the bottom or back of the selected furniture. Here is a list of all of the furniture which was listed as defective.

Consumers who purchased these items of furniture need to stop using the furniture in order to eliminate the risk of furniture-based laceration, and contact RH for a full refund of the item or to receive a free replacement piece of furniture of similar value – the replacement comes with free pick-up of the recalled item.

RH has so far received 29 complaints of the metal rims detaching from the furniture which has resulted in three puncture wounds and one abrasion.

Sold At
The furniture is sold at stores across the country and online at and The pieces of furniture were sold from December 2015 all the way through June 2017 from around $750 and $6,800.

Restoration Hardware, of Core Madera, Calif.

~9,400 (Along with 300 sold in Canada)

Made in Vietnam

What can the Normandie Law Firm do for you?
The Normandie Law Firm is here to assure that if you get attacked and injured by furniture, that you will receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for the company’s malfunctioning product. The lacerations and other injuries which can result from these pieces of furniture can vary in severity and may require medical attention which can be costly for more reasons than one.

Damages Available to You
If you purchased furniture and expected to be comfortable but instead received a laceration, you need to contact a personal injury attorney to help you with any future steps you should take in order to receive the full compensation to which you are rightfully entitled. “Damages” are the kinds of monetary compensation you can receive for an injury which was caused by a defective product. Below are the damages you may be able to receive if an RH furniture injured you.

  • Medical Expenses – If the furniture which you purchased cut you and you required medical attention to receive treatment for the laceration, your claim may entitle you for compensation to pay for the medical bills associated with your injury.
  • Disability Costs – The injuries you received may have been severe enough to change your lifestyle – either temporarily or permanently. This compensation can help cover the costs that are associated with that change in lifestyle from building a ramp in your home to the health concerns associated with the new disability.
  • Loss of Wages – Your laceration may have forced you to miss work. If you missed any work because of your injury, you can receive the wages you lost if you had worked during that time, at the same rate as your regular rate of pay.

Free Consultation and Zero Fee Guarantee
Our lawyers can help you get the necessary compensation for the injuries you received from the malfunctioning furniture. We offer free consultation and the zero-fee guarantee, which means there’s no financial obligation or financial risk on your part. Contact the Normandie Law Firm today to find out what we can do for you!

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