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Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) is a company that has fulfilled Riverside’s shipping and delivering needs for many years. More than 90,000 motorized vehicles take part in ensuring packages reach their destinations on time. Riverside has a population of nearly 325,000—the majority of adults in the city drive. With so many vehicles and drivers on the road, it is likely to be involved in a car accident. FedEx vehicles are not an exception; all vehicles can be involved in serious accidents. If a FedEx vehicle crashed into you, would you know what to do? Who do you sue? Do you sue the company? Or, do you sue the FedEx driver? Can you file a lawsuit against FedEx for your injuries? How much would you receive in compensation? These are just some of the questions a victim of a collision with a FedEx truck might be having.

The following sections address the questions mentioned above. Although you should expect to get some clarification, you should not use the information provided to substitute a consultation with a Riverside lawyer who has experience with FedEx truck accidents. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible to schedule a consultation or a second opinion at your earliest convenience.

FedEx Liability for Accidents
All drivers have the duty to drive with reasonable care to prevent harm to other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. What is reasonable care? For drivers, exercising reasonable care is as simple as following traffic signals and traffic rules, yielding, granting the right of way, driving focused on the road, and avoiding the distraction of cell phones. As soon as drivers breach this duty of driving with reasonable care, they create the risk of causing an accident and harming someone. If a breach of duty leads to a victim’s injuries, the driver can be accused of being negligent. Negligence consists of four elements: duty, breach, cause, and harm. To establish negligence, there must first be a duty owed to someone; like previously mentioned, all drivers owe a duty to other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

How does this apply to FedEx drivers? Many drivers for delivery companies work as independent contractors, which removes nearly all liability from the company and places it on the driver. FedEx, however, directly hires their drivers. The company is responsible for providing drivers with the necessary training before allowing them to start working. Additionally, many companies require their drivers to routinely complete these training sessions to ensure that they are always up to date on the latest regulations, or simply that they refresh on past training sessions. Therefore, if a FedEx driver causes a collision, the liability will likely transfer to the company. How is the company liable? Did FedEx provide the driver with the proper training before allowing him or her to drive? Was the driver answering a company phone call when the collision occurred? Was the driver speeding to meet delivery deadlines?

For more information on FedEx’s negligence and liability in your case, contact Normandie Law Firm to speak with a Riverside attorney who can explain how you can sue FedEx for your injuries.

Common Injuries Sustained in FedEx Incidents
If you experienced an accident involving a FedEx vehicle, you might have realized that your injuries are similar to the injuries sustained in any other car accident. In the usual car accidents, the severity of the injuries tends to depend on the type of collision, its force, and the speed of travel. However, FedEx vehicles range in size from medium-sized vans to trailers, and the size of the vehicle involved can affect the severity of the injuries sustained. Below, you will find a list of the most common injuries suffered in motorized vehicle accidents:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Shoulder injuries and hip injuries
  • Back injuries and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones, fractures, sprains, and strains
  • Cuts, scrapes, bruises

Some of these injuries appear to be more severe than others. However, all of these injuries can become severe if not properly treated. For example, head injuries that are left untreated can become traumatic brain injuries that cause permanent brain damage. Untreated or improperly treated spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis. Shoulder and hip injuries, along with broken bones, and fractures can cause debilitating and sometimes permanent pain and discomfort. Regardless of your injuries, it is important that you seek medical attention and keep track of all the medical expenses associated with your injuries. If you were injured in a collision with a FedEx vehicle and were left with expensive and unforeseen medical bills, contact a Riverside FedEx accident attorney to learn about how you can file a FedEx truck accident lawsuit and receive compensation.

Past FedEx Settlements and Verdicts
If you have considered filing a lawsuit against FedEx, you might have wondered about the amount of compensation you might be eligible to receive. There is no average value attached to FedEx collision cases; however, based on the facts of your case, a skilled FedEx attorney should be able to give you an estimated value. Below you will find a few examples of past settlements and verdicts:

  • $2.1 million—the victim suffered from a ruptured spleen, fractured femur, injured knee, injured back and surface injuries all over her body. The victim was subjected to many surgeries to correct her injuries.
  • $653,000—the victim suffered severe back and neck injuries that require long-term treatment.
  • $125,000—the victim suffered injuries to his back, hip, and neck. Treatment included a few months of chiropractic care.

As you can see, the settlements and verdicts of past FedEx cases vary. To get an estimated value of your case, speak with a FedEx accident attorney at Normandie Law Firm.

Normandie Law Firm is here to Help
Normandie Law Firm is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping the victims of FedEx-involved accidents in Riverside, CA. Our legal team understands the confusion that FedEx accidents can cause. Victims are left wondering about their legal options. Can they sue? Who do they sue—the company or the driver? After reviewing the information provided above, you should contact our Riverside lawyers to begin your legal process against FedEx. Do you have the information necessary to come to our firm? Although it is not required, it is recommended that you are prepared to have your situation evaluated. How should you prepare? Immediately after your accident, you should do the following to ensure you have enough evidence to file a claim. Even if you do not immediately think about filing a lawsuit for your injuries, you should do the following. Ensure there is a police report about the incident. Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage visible on the vehicles involved. Ask any witnesses to provide you with their contact information. If you require medical attention, keep a record of all the expenses acquired. When you have a consultation with a FedEx truck accident lawyer, providing the mentioned information will allow the Riverside attorney to give you a thorough evaluation.

Normandie Law Firm offers free consultations and free second opinions, so victims of FedEx accidents can speak with our FedEx truck accident lawyers without worrying about expensive legal fees. If you are a member of Riverside’s Spanish speaking community, do not worry. Our Spanish speaking attorneys will provide legal services in Spanish. During your free consultation, you can expect an attorney experienced in FedEx truck accident lawsuits to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. Our attorneys will give you the confidence you need to begin the legal process against FedEx. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might need a free second opinion. Do you feel like your attorney rushed through your consultation, leaving you with unanswered questions? Unfortunately, many attorneys rush through cases and consultation to increase their numbers. This is counterproductive because the quality of the service they provide is decreased. In rushing, your attorney might have missed, overlooked, or neglected important details vital to the outcome of the case. Do not risk your lawsuit over the incompetence of your current attorney. Contact Normandie Law Firm and get a free second opinion from a FedEx accident lawyer in Riverside.

Normandie Law Firm offers clients a Zero-Fee guarantee. A lawyer to sue FedEx for accident with a FedEx truck will provide you with the legal services you need at no charge. You will not speak to just any common attorney; you will be helped by experienced attorneys in Riverside to sue FedEx for FedEx truck accident injuries—and you will never have to worry about paying upfront fees. Additionally, our law firm is strictly based on contingency, so you will not pay anything until our expert FedEx attorneys win your lawsuit. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible to begin your claim against FedEx.

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