Whole Foods Cheese Listeria Class Action Lawsuit

The cheese, “Pecorino Aged Cheese in Walnut Leaves,” has been pulled from the shelves at Whole Foods locations in Florida and New York. The cheese was found to have traces of Listeria in it, which can lead to deadly food poisoning. Listeria is a type of bacteria found in contaminated foods and can lead to fatal infections in children, adults, and the elderly. In some people, traces of listeria will only present with mild-symptoms but can lead to death in others. Those with weakened immune systems like infants and the elderly are at a heightened risk of catching this deadly infection.

urlIf you have purchased this cheese at a Whole Foods location near you, it is recommended that you immediately throw it away and bring your receipt back to Whole Foods so they can issue you a refund. Symptoms of listeria include, vomiting, nausea, fever, aches and pains, abdominal pain, and death. Additionally, pregnant women who come into contact with the virus have a higher risk of either a still-birth or miscarriage. If you are pregnant and are experiencing symptoms of listeria food poisoning, you should seek medical attention immediately.

The Listeria Virus was found during a routine inspection conducted by the supplier, who then notified those stores that currently stock the cheese on their shelves. Any Whole Foods location that carries the cheese has been notified of the outbreak, and been instructed to take the cheese off their shelves as a result of this potentially fatal virus. Whole foods spokesperson advises customers who have purchased the cheese to immediately bring it back to the store it was purchased from (along with the receipt) to receive a full refund.

Compensation for Victims

If you have purchased “Pecorino Aged Cheese in Walnut Leaves” from whole foods and are currently experiencing symptoms of severe food poisoning, please contact our offices immediately for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our offices will provide you with compensatory relief as a result of the infection that Whole Foods has caused you. Our experienced and aggressive personal injury attorneys have dealt with hundreds of food poisoning cases in the past, and are familiar with the claims process. Additionally, our lawyers will always maximize the value of every case in order to get our client’s the largest settlement possible.

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