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The effects of car accidents can be quite debilitating. Even minor accidents such as rear-end collisions that happen at low speeds can lead to people in the cars getting injured by whiplash or similar conditions. The damages that can arise out of a pedestrian accident, therefore, are much more severe. The lack of protection that pedestrians have greatly increases the chances that they would be terribly hurt if they were struck by a vehicle. Fortunately, if a driver crashed into a pedestrian, the pedestrian can sue for damages. A lawsuit may take a long time and be filled with many setbacks and be dragged out by stubborn insurance agents, however, and for this reason, we feel that victims of pedestrian accidents should enlist the services of our Visalia law firm, Normandie Law Firm. We can help you receive fair compensation for damages coming from a pedestrian accident. Clients often call us with questions of how to proceed after being struck by a vehicle; some common questions they ask us include:

  • Who is the best Visalia pedestrian accident lawyer?
  • I need a Pedestrian accident attorney in Visalia. Who should I call?
  • Where can I find a Visalia car accident lawyer?

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
The majority of pedestrian accidents occur around crosswalks. People cross the street when the light turns red for perpendicular traffic or when the sign shows that it is safe to walk. At busy intersections, these stoplights may change rapidly, leaving people less time than they thought to cross. Cars may try to rush through the intersection through a yellow light or a red light, resulting in them hitting pedestrians who have entered the crosswalk.

Similarly, cars that are planning on turn onto another street should be aware that the pedestrians crossing have the right of way. This is true whether the car is turning on a green light or a red light, barring a sign that dictates when to cross.

In almost all cases pedestrian accidents are caused by negligent drivers. It is the duty of all drivers on the road to be aware of their surroundings and to keep everyone else safe through whatever methods they can. This includes safety maneuvering down streets and always stopping to allow pedestrians to rightfully cross the street. Even in instances where it may be difficult to avoid a pedestrian – for example, a child that ran into the middle of the street after chasing a ball or a person who hurriedly exited his vehicle after parking – much of the responsibility lies on the driver.

To combat the rise in pedestrian accidents and deaths that have occurred over the past few years, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has released numerous pamphlets of information. These pamphlets help parents, the elderly, drivers, and neighborhood residents stay safe by providing various tips and notes about pedestrians and traffic.

For additional information how to avoid getting in pedestrian accidents whether you are a driver or an innocent pedestrian, reach out to our Visalia pedestrian crash law firm today.

Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents
Those who have been involved in pedestrian accidents may see that they have suffered debilitating injuries. This is because the size difference and power difference between a car and a person is vast – being struck by a vehicle that is traveling at even 15 mph can be enough to cause fatal injuries to an individual, and many people are lucky to be alive if they are struck outright. The injuries may take months to heal, and you may not ever return to the same quality of life you once had. Examples of these injuries include:

  • Fractured bones and skull
  • Broken bones and crushing injuries
  • Lacerations and deep wounds
  • Amputated digits or limbs
  • Disfigurement and heavy scarring
  • Nerve damage and loss of motion
  • Coma and paralysis
  • Concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Spinal cord damage

It is crucial that you seek medical treatment if you have been struck by a vehicle. You may be in grave danger without fully realizing the seriousness of the situation. To earn a settlement for reimbursement of your medical bills, call an attorney in Visalia at Normandie Law Firm.

Starting Your Claim
As a victim of a pedestrian accident, you should outright seek compensation for your damages. You can do this by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. Before you do anything at an accident scene, however, you should make sure that you are safe and not severely injured. Emergency help is available, and your primary concern should not be the lawsuit – it should be your life. Less severe wounds may be treated by paramedics at the scene of the auto accident, but you should still follow up with a doctor regardless – there may be damages unknown to you that tests will reveal.

Following the confirmation of your safety, you should collect necessary information evidence. Gather the insurance information from the responsible driver and take down all of his personal details. You may request a copy of the police report and the medical report from the paramedics. Take photographs of everything relevant: your injuries, the car that struck you, the individual responsible, the scene of the accident, and more. You may even find it helpful to videotape the accident scene or to interview witnesses who saw the event transpire, if there were any present.

Lastly, you should seek out the help of a Visalia lawyer who has experience in pedestrian accident cases. Filing a lawsuit with an insurance company for damages from an auto accident will almost always result in a battle filled with stubborn negotiations. You should not have to raise your stress levels after suffering injuries – let our lawyers with experience in pedestrian accident cases handle your case for you so you can focus on what is important: recovery.

Pedestrian Injury Compensation from a Claim
You should not expect to walk away from a pedestrian accident empty-handed. The responsible driver should be held accountable for his actions and made to pay for your expenses resulting from the incident. By filing a lawsuit with the help of Normandie Law Firm, you can earn compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication, and more, as well as the costs of any future medical treatments.
  • Property damage, for any items or belongings of or broken in the accident; these items can be fully replaced or repaired.
  • Lost wages from the days you missed work because of your injury, as well as future lost earnings from future days of leave because of recovery time or additional medical procedures.
  • Pain and suffering, which are noneconomic damages that deal with the emotional issues arising from the accident; these problems include anxiety, PTSD, fear, psychological trauma, and mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages, which are additional forms of monetary compensation paid out in the event that the responsible driver acted with gross negligence or intent to cause harm. They are meant to punish the individual and dissuade him from committing the action again. Many courts view these damages are excessive; thus, only a skilled lawyer will be able to win them for your case.

In the event that a loved one passed away from his injuries due to a pedestrian accident, a family member of the victim can sue for a wrongful death. These damages include funeral expenses, loss of consortium, loss of inheritance, and more.

Talk to a Visalia attorney with experience in pedestrian accidents today for more help.

Normandie’s Role
Our team of expert attorneys at Normandie Law Firm in Visalia will be there every step of the way to help you receive a fair settlement from your pedestrian accident lawsuit. We promise to aggressively fight for your compensation and we will not stop until the insurance agency has paid out. If we need to, we will take your case all the way to court. You deserve the utmost restitution if you were struck by a car while walking in the road.

Call us today to receive a free legal consultation with an accomplished attorney. You can discuss your case and your injuries, and we will tell you what we believe we can earn for you. All consultations are totally confidential. We recommend always reaching out to an attorney before making any legal decisions, and we will give you our honest advice and input on your situation.

If you hire us to represent you and handle your case, you will also receive a zero fee guarantee on your claim. This means that you will pay no out of pocket expenses at all throughout the entire litigation process. Our attorneys will cover the costs ourselves, and at the end of your case, our payment comes from the settlement we win for you – essentially, the defendant will pay your legal fees. If we lose your case, you do not owe us a dime. We operate like this to ensure that your savings are always stable and never used on legal services.

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