Ventamatic Recall Mist Fan Electrical Shock Hazard Recall

Ventamatic misting fans are used to disperse a cool mist to customers or passerbys at an establishment. In many cases they are used in outdoor settings so that customers at an establishment or venue can keep cool. Our firm is currently investigating the use of this product and the electrical shock caused to consumers. In such cases injured parties will have a claim against both the manufacturer and the potential establishment for the injuries sustained. If you have been hurt, contact our office for a free consultation.

Electrical Shock Injuries

Electrical shock can cause a host of different injuries. The correct term is electrical shock and not electrocution, as the latter refers to fatal accident. However, a electrical shock can cause burns, scarring and other bodily injuries. In certain cases it can cause heart issues, skin swelling, orbital or ocular/eye injuries and nerve damage.

We generally see cardiovascular injuries as a result of a electrical shock, which can cause permanent injuries. In other cases we see nerve damage to the hand, which can result in loss of use or serious injuries to the individuals hand and or body. Electrical shock injuries need to be properly evaluated by a number of different doctors to determine what types of injuries you have sustained.

Manufacturer Liability

A manufacturer will be strictly liable when their product causes harm to another party. In such cases an injured party can pursue a claim for damages against the manufacturer. Manufacturers who put a potentially dangerous or harmful product in the stream of commerce will be liable if someone is injured. In the cases we are investigating patrons were electrocuted after coming in contact with the product.

In such cases a manufacturer will be held accountable when they cause harm or injury to the user of their product. Here, the wiring of the fan is not properly grounded, which poses a shock and or fire hazard. At this time we are considering both fire and electrocution cases.

Manufacturers have a duty to make sure the products they produce are not defective. A product, which his deemed defective, can hold the manufacturer liable for the injuries they ultimately sustained. Generally a product can be defective either by design, manufacturing or failure to warn. Here, you have a clear design defect with the improper wiring, which poses the electrocution hazard. To learn more about the different types of liability feel free to call our office and speak to our attorneys.

Establishment Liability

An establishment can potentially be held liable when their clients are injured. In such cases they are liable when a defective product causes injury to their customers. Venues such as restaurants, night clubs and other commercial businesses owe their clients a high duty of care. When a defective product causes injury they will be liable for the harm suffered to them.

In most cases you need to determine what the damages are before you determine which party to pursue. An explanation of electrical shock injuries are included above. Make sure to consider all your injuries before signing any release presented by either the manufacturer or establishment.

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