Statute of Limitations to File a Lawsuit Against a Chiropractor

To be injured by a member of medical personnel or a healthcare professional is a frustrating and scary experience. You are expected to place your trust in the people in these professions and allow them to make judgment calls on your health, including telling you how it should be preserved and even taking initiative to attempt to fix you by hand. Chiropractors are some of the medical professionals who are on the receiving end of medical malpractice lawsuits due to their errors. They may cause further problems with your neck and spine or be unable to recognize symptoms of worse conditions. At our top Los Angeles law group, Normandie Law Firm, we believe that all healthcare providers, regardless of field or practice, should be held responsible for their mistakes and pay damages to anyone they harm. An expert attorney who has experience in chiropractor injury cases can help you move forward with a claim. Our clients deserve fair compensation if they have been injured by chiropractors. When looking for legal representation, clients will ask us questions like:

  • What is the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against a chiropractor?
  • What is the time deadline to sue for chiropractic malpractice in California?
  • What is an example of chiropractor medical malpractice?

How a Chiropractor Can Harm You
Chiropractors are health care professionals who focus on the neck and spine. They attempt to treat neuromuscular disorders and similar conditions by manually adjusting or manipulating the back. These adjustments are meant to bring the spine back into alignment in order to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as increase mobility and flexibility. The spine is the largest part of the central nervous system, and improving the condition of the spine builds the nervous system back up, ultimately benefitting the overall health of the individual.

These manual adjustments can be very favorable if performed properly and by an adequate chiropractor; however, sometimes chiropractors can cause more damage than they fix. They may cause herniated discs, nerve damage, further stiffness, neck damage, and general discomfort. Perhaps the most debilitating is a chiropractic-induced stroke, which occurs when manipulation of the neck causes a blocked artery to the brain, resulting in a blood clot that prevents the brain from receiving blood and oxygen.

Beyond directly causing injuries to patients, chiropractors may also contribute in other ways, as in the case of diagnosing conditions. A chiropractor is generally licensed to administer treatment to and diagnose muscular conditions of the spine and neck, but he may not be familiar with the internal workings like an oncologist may. A misdiagnosis or error from a chiropractor can lead to poor decision-making on the patient’s end; for example, if the chiropractor were unable to correctly identify a tumor present on the patient’s spine but continued treatment anyway, the patient may have believed that the pain and sickness he felt could be attributed to some other unrelated condition.

Although chiropractors are not expected to know the ins and outs of the body and be able to recognize every symptom of every condition, they are expected to provide reasonable care to their patients. A simple way of providing this care is referring the patient to a medical doctor at the first sign of trouble. If a chiropractor’s actions caused you injury, an experienced attorney can help you receive compensation.

Deciding on a Lawsuit
If a chiropractor’s treatment caused you direct injury or you were misdiagnosed and suffered further pain and a worsened condition after the fact, you may be able to file a claim against the responsible party. The question becomes: which claim do you file, a personal injury lawsuit or a medical malpractice lawsuit? If you are uncertain, contact a lawyer experienced in chiropractor injury cases for more help.

Most often, negligence claims are filed to seek compensation for damages whose causes can be attributed to another responsible party. However, in the case of the medical field, you may choose to seek a medical malpractice lawsuit instead.

A personal injury claim based on negligence must show a direct chain of events (presence of duty of care, breach of that duty, incident resulting from that breach, actual physical harm occurring from the incident). Medical malpractice is much more well-defined, and contains an initial element of a standard of care; that is, the majorly agreed-upon care that should be afforded to a patient in that particular circumstance. There must usually be a qualified expert medical witness present at a case to give his or her input on the standard of care to be given to a patient.

Notably, if a chiropractor overstepped his boundaries and administered treatment to a patient, then the chiropractor will be held to the standard of the professional whose field he essentially invaded and acted in. That is, if he made a judgment call on a patient’s brain injury, he would be held to the same standard as a neurosurgeon when brought to court.

For assistance in deciding what kind lawsuit you should file, you should contact one of our qualified attorneys with expertise in chiropractor injury lawsuits. A skilled attorney will be able to take your call and give you adequate advice.

Why You Should Choose Normandie Law Firm
Whether you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit or medical malpractice claim, you should be aware of the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations to sue a chiropractor is one year from the date of injury. Medical malpractice claims in California must be filed within one year of the damages occurring; it is for this reason that you should hire an attorney as soon as you discover you have been hurt as a result of the negligence of a healthcare professional. The more time you let go by, the more difficult it will be to prove your case and fewer attorneys are willing to take a case that’s nearing its statute of limitations.

The top-rated Normandie Law Firm practices in the field of medical malpractice on a regular basis. Our team of attorneys with experience in chiropractor injury cases will ensure that all of your documents are filed ahead of schedule and are being reviewed by the right parties. We will aggressively fight the insurance agencies who will try to dismiss your claim or give you a meager sum to shoo you away.

Free Consultation and Zero Upfront Fees
Contact us to receive a free consultation on your case. An attorney with experience handling chiropractor injury claims will take your call. We will discuss whether it constitutes medical malpractice or basic negligence, what you can receive in a settlement, and how to proceed. Our team of attorneys is well-versed in personal injury suits and would be proud to represent you.

Additionally, we provide you with a zero-fee guarantee that promises you do not pay for our services or representation with any out-of-pocket expenses. You only owe us after we win your case and bring you a settlement. Paying for legal fees should be the last thing on your mind if you are attempting to recover from an injury caused by a healthcare professional.

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