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When people go to hospitals and seek medical attention, they expect to receive the care they need to quickly return to their normal life and normal activities. Patients might expect to undergo a quick surgery with little to no risk of complications but come out to find that something has gone wrong. In some instances, neither the patient nor the doctors know that there has been a mistake until the patient begins to demonstrate negative symptoms. If you were the victim of medical malpractice, a doctor or nurse might have been negligent while treating you. If so, you have the right to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for your injuries. If you are in the Sacramento area, you must contact a Sacramento medical malpractice law firm—Normandie Law Firm. Normandie Law Firm is an experienced law firm in Sacramento that has handled many medical malpractice lawsuits in the past.

The following sections contain general information regarding medical malpractice lawsuits. Although you should find the following sections informative, you should not use the information below to substitute the information that could be provided by a medical malpractice lawyer in Sacramento during a consultation. Experienced attorneys will evaluate your case and give you case-specific details. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation or free second opinion and start the legal process against the doctor or hospital that caused your injuries.

Establishing Liability and Negligence
For a successful lawsuit in nearly all personal injury claims, there must be negligence on the part of the accused party. In other words, the victim’s injuries must have been caused by someone else’s negligence. Negligence consists of four elements: duty, breach, cause, and harm. In essence, the harm or injuries experienced by the victim must have been directly caused by the accused party’s breach of duty. Can a doctor or hospital be accused of negligence and found liable for a patient’s injuries? Yes; the first step is identifying the doctor or hospital’s duty to the patient. In the medical field, doctors, nurses, and entire hospitals owe patients a duty of care to treat all patients with skill, care, and diligence. When this duty of care is breached, the doctor or hospital creates the risk of harming the patient. Some examples of breaches of duty include: giving a patient the wrong medication, not updating medical charts with relevant information, performing the wrong procedure, or performing a procedure unskillfully. The doctor or hospital’s breach of duty must have caused the victim to experience harm; subsequently, the victim must have caused injuries to the affected victim, like nerve or brain damage. Why is establishing negligence important? Establishing medical negligence gives a patient ground to sue the doctor, sue the hospital, or sue the clinic in which he or she experienced medical malpractice. For more information on establishing liability and negligence in your medical malpractice case, contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible. s

Type of Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice consists of many different forms of medical mistakes. You can find a list of the different types of medical malpractice in the list below:

  • Surgery error—this is a surgery mistake that can cause both temporary and permanent injuries. In many cases, surgical mistakes require further surgery to correct. Severe errors can cause the victim to lose his or her life. A few examples of surgical errors include performing the surgery on the wrong body part or patient, leaving foreign objects in the patient’s body, and performing the wrong procedure. In general, surgical errors are not visible to plain sight; x-rays or ultrasounds might identify the problem.
  • Botched surgery—a blotched operation is a surgical mistake that is visible. Some examples of botched operations include cosmetic surgeries in which nerves are affected leaving the patient with loss of mobility in the face, or another surgery where the incision left a scar that never healed properly.
  • Emergency room malpractice—because emergency rooms deal with hundreds of patients at all times of the day, mistakes are very likely. A simple confusion at reception or failing to properly identify a patient can have devastating results. Nurses and doctors often switch shifts in the middle of a patient’s treatment; if communication is inefficient, the patient might be the victim of hospital malpractice and receive the incorrect treatment.

For more information on the different types of medical malpractice, contact Normandie Law Firm and speak with a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. You must not allow the hospital error or doctor error to go without consequences. Doctors and nurses must always provide the best care to their patients.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice Cases
Before you decide to file a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital, you might be interested in learning more about the type of compensation that you might be eligible to receive. It is not possible to give you an estimated value of your case without first extensively evaluating your situation. Why? The amount of compensation a victim is eligible to receive largely depends on the severity and permanence of the injuries suffered, the injury’s effect on the victim’s ability to work, and the injury’s effect on the victim’s emotional and mental wellbeing. However, we can offer an overview of the type of compensation you might be eligible to receive. Below, you will find a detailed list of some of the compensation available to victims of medical malpractice:

  • Medical expenses—the effects of medical errors can leave victims with the need for further medical assistance. Often, surgical errors need to be corrected by more surgeries that can prove to be expensive. You might be eligible to receive compensation for any medical procedures or treatments you might have needed to correct your injuries. In some unfortunate instances, the surgical errors create permanent injuries that require long-term medical care. You will be compensated for any future medical expenses as well.
  • Lost income—medical malpractice often leaves victim’s unable to work for some time. In some cases, the injuries are so severe that the victim is permanently unable to return to work. The victim might be eligible to receive compensation for the income that was lost or will be lost because of the injuries suffered. This amount will be based on the victim’s wage history and prospective wages.
  • Pain and suffering—injuries caused by medical malpractice undeniably cause physical pain, as well as mental and emotional distress.

For more information on the compensation available for victims of medical malpractice, contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible. Normandie Law Firm’s surgical error malpractice lawyer’s in Sacramento will evaluate your case and explain what compensation you might be eligible to receive. Upon evaluation of your case, our attorneys will also be able to give you an estimated case value.

Normandie Law Firm—Ready to Help You
Normandie Law Firm is a personal injury law firm with experience handling medical malpractice cases. When people seek medical attention, it is to receive treatment and feel better. People undergo surgical procedures to correct injuries; however, a surgical error can not only affect the outcome of the surgery but also affect the patient’s life by causing extensive injuries. Patients trust medical staff to have the expertise necessary to offer the proper treatment and make no mistakes. But medical staff is human, they work long hours and treat hundreds of patients per day—they can make mistakes. If you were the victim of a medical error that was caused by medical negligence, you need legal help to file a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital responsible for your injuries. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible and speak with an attorney in Sacramento with experience in medical malpractice cases. The medical staff is responsible for giving you the best treatment available; they should not make mistakes. The attorneys at Normandie Law Firm will do everything necessary to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

We understand the mental and emotional distress that victims of medical malpractice face on a daily basis. Many victims might not want to take legal action because they do not feel prepared to face the stress that is commonly associated with lawsuits. Normandie Law Firm wants to eliminate as much of your distress. Because of this, we aim to facilitate your access to legal services. Normandie Law Firm provides free consultations and free second opinions—so you can speak with a medical malpractice attorney without having to worry about any upfront fees. During your free consultation, you can expect our attorneys to answer all of your questions, address all of your concerns, and leave you with confidence about filing a lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might still be interested in a free second opinion with the attorneys at Normandie Law Firm. Reflect on your experience with your current attorney. Do you have questions that were not answered during your consultation? Did you ever feel like your attorney was rushing? If you still have questions about your situation, it might be because your attorney was rushing. Unfortunately, many attorneys prioritize the number of cases they see per day, so they rush through consultations. This leads to attorneys sometimes overlooking and neglecting important information that can affect the outcome of a lawsuit. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Any reasonable person would not risk the outcome of their case because of the incompetence of their attorney. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible and schedule a free second opinion; our attorneys will get your case back on the right track.

Normandie Law Firm’s dedication to clients is demonstrated through our Zero-Fee guarantee that ensures that clients will never have to worry about paying any upfront fees. Additionally, since our law firm is strictly based on contingency, clients will not have to pay anything until our medical malpractice attorneys win the medical malpractice case. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible to file your lawsuit against the doctor or hospital that harmed you.

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