Route 91 Mass Shooting Liability for the Las Vegas Shooting

Sunday night, October 1, 2017, the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history occurred at the Las Vegas strip during a country concert at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. At least 58 people were killed and over 500 people were injured by the mass shooting. In light of the tragedy which happened on that fateful day, our law firm is investigating whether the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas ­– the hotel from which the shooter set up and launched his attack on the concert goers – has any liability, or responsibility for the shooting during the Route 91 concert. Based on our preliminary investigations and the theory of liability, it appears that the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino should have had the proper security measures in place to best protect its customers and the civilians in the city of Las Vegas. In fact, it appears that under specific threat assessment reports, the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert promoters and directors were aware of such scenario, and thus makes it possible to file a Route 91 musical festival wrongful death lawsuit.

We at the Normandie Law Firm are here to assist you if you or a loved one were affected by the Las Vegas shooting. We have received questions regarding the shooting from victims which range from what their options are to what lawsuit they can file in order to receive compensation from the traumatic mass shooting which took place at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, NV. The most common questions we have received are listed below:

  • Are Route 91 concert promoters liable for the shooting in Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip?
  • Is Route 91 festival venue responsible for the shooting at the Route 91 concert?
  • What kind of lawyer do I need to best represent me for the Las Vegas mass shooting?

If you were affected and need a lawyer to help explain all the rights you have regarding this tragic situation, the Normandie Law Firm is the law firm you need to call today.

Route 91 Harvest Festival
Typically, a hotel or any business or venue is not responsible for the independent acts of a third party perpetrated against guests. In other words, a business is not usually held accountable for the violent actions of a person whom is within the premise of the company and does bodily harm to clients, guests, or others on the property.  In the case of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, we believe that liability lies in part because of the festival and its lack of security measures it could have taken in order to assure the maximum safety of the concert goers.

1) You have to consider the security measures that the Route 91 Harvest Festival for emergency situations. The vast majority of music festivals are enclosed spaced so as to keep the event exclusive only to those who paid their ticket. The concert-goers enter through the secure front entrance and they must also leave through that same gateway. The fence around the festival keeps random civilians from entering the concert, but it also has an inadvertent effect: it keeps those in the festival in. If there is an emergency, all of the thousands of people must evacuate through the one exit, which may be thousands of feet from where the attendees are, depending on their location. The lack of emergency exits forced all of the attendees to funnel into one exit which essentially trapped them for the shooter. It would be safe to assume that emergency exits for the concert goers would help the dilution and evacuation of the attendees in order to save as many lives as possible.

Another source of liability which the concert must be held accountable for is the lack of protection or spots in which the concert-goers could have sought protection from the incoming bullets which were fired from the 32nd floor. Outdoor festivals are known for their open spaces and flat planes in order to ease getting from one point to another – there are no major obstacles which impede the walking of concert goers. This would be seen as a convenience, but given the nature and incredibly alarming rate of mass shooting in the U.S., one would expect a music festival with over 20,000 attendees to have obstacles behind which the concert-goers could hide if the emergency exits were simply too far for them to cross. If the emergency exits are too far, they can seek refuge behind one of these structures and get protection from the terrorist who is shooting hundreds of bullets per minute and possibly save many lives.

With the atmosphere in which the U.S.A. finds itself ­wherein mass shootings are particularly common at venues like concerts, theaters, schools, and other public scenes, it would be safe to assume that a concert venue would have measures of security that would facilitate the evacuation of concert-goers should there be a mass shooting at one of the venues.

What the Normandie Law Firm Can Do
The Normandie Law Firm understands that this travesty has affected either you or a loved one. If you lost a loved one, we know that no amount of money can substitute the love of a family member, but we at the Normandie Law Firm are here for you, and want to seek justice. Those held accountable for the acts committed on that day must pay a sum of money to help in the non-economic damages that you have suffered as the result of a wrongful death.

We can help you file a lawsuit against the Route 91 Harvest Festival for a wrongful death lawsuit, and a mass shooting class action lawsuit because, as we proved above with the argument on liability, they would be partly responsible, and, therefore, liable for the deaths in Las Vegas during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Our wrongful death attorneys have experience in cases of wrongful death and liability and will use every available resource to prove liability and win your case; we can get you the maximum amount of compensation available to you which can help you with expenses such as: funeral and burial costs, psychological trauma therapy, and other such costs to help your recovery process of your loved one.

Likewise, if you were injured by the event and required medical treatment for your injuries, our attorneys are well equipped to provide the necessary legal representation to get you the compensation required to take care of the medical costs associated with your injury. The most common injuries from the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert come in two forms: bullet wounds and physical trauma from the panic, like trampling, for example.

FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: Our law firm offers free legal consultation for all of our clients. Free consultation gives you the opportunity to sit with one of our attorneys and explain your case to our attorney. They will give you their initial thoughts regarding your case and explain all of your rights and answer any questions you may have regarding the facts. We want to provide you all of the information required so that you can make an informed decision on how you want to continue. There is no financial obligation by speaking with one of our attorneys: it will be completely up to you if you want to contract our services or not.

Apart from free legal consultation, we also offer the zero-fee guarantee. It is our promise to you that we will not charge you a penny for our services unless we are able to do our job. We will not charge you unless we are able to prove your case, prove liability of the 91 Route Harvest Festival, and get you the compensation for the damages you may have suffered, whether it be for the wrongful death of a loved one or an injury you received. This is our promise to you that we will use every available resource to help prove your case and to show that we are here for you, not the quick reward of money.


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