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It is widely known that nerve damage causes some of the worst physical pain an individual can suffer, often disabling the person afflicted with the injury. If you experienced nerve damage as a result of medical malpractice, you shouldn’t have to suffer alone without the possibility of compensation. While the existence of nerve damage may be challenging to prove that is not to say that you will not be able to file a claim. Permanent nerve damage caused by a medical mistake is more common than one might think. Surgery often involves numerous risks, nerve damage being a frequently occurring one across the board of possible medical operations. If you have suffered from nerve damage from medical malpractice, and are looking to sue the hospital for surgery error, contact our top legal team at Normandie Law Firm, and you can get a team of experienced lawyers who are passionate about seeing you resolve your case and get the compensation that you deserve. Our top-rated law firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, so if you are in LA and need a lawyer in Los Angeles, you have found the right law firm. If you’re outside of Los Angeles, our expert attorneys could travel to your location and meet with you.

The Forms of Nerve Damage
Nerve damage comes in a variety of ways that afflict victims differently. These forms are all varied depending on the severity of nerve injury:

Neuropraxia (Class I)
Neuropraxia is a lesser form of nerve damage that includes a temporary interruption of conduction without total loss of axonal continuity. Usually, victims who suffer from Neuropraxia can recover within a span of a few weeks to a month as long as they receive the proper treatment.

Axonotmesis (Class II)
This form of nerve injury is more severe than class I nerve damage. It includes a loss of the relative continuity of myelin. However, the connective tissue framework of the nerve is left intact. This form of nerve damage often results in paralysis and a loss of sensory and motor functions. While proper treatment can help a victim deal with the pain of axonotmesis nerve damage, the symptoms can never heal entirely.

Neurotmesis (Class III)
This is the most severe form of nerve injury. Neurotmesis results in a total severance or disruption of the nerve fiber. A victim of Nerotmesis will be left with permanent disabilities that include a loss of movement in the limbs, numbness and irrecoverable paralysis.

If you are suffering from any of these forms of nerve damage because of a medical mistake, then you are entitled to compensation. Individuals who suffer from nerve damage require lengthy procedures that extend medical expenses that you should not have to pay out of pocket. An accomplished attorney with expertise in nerve damage injury lawsuits can help bring you a settlement.

Surgeon’s Error
Surgical mistakes are rare, but they do occur, and when they do, the medical professional in charge must be held liable. If you have suffered a botched operation that has caused you nerve damage, you will need a medical malpractice attorney so that you may sue the doctor for medical error and receive the restitution you deserve. There are two kinds of surgical mistakes that can cause nerve damage: One being a surgeon’s physical error, an error that occurs during the administration of anesthesia.

Typically, when a surgeon operates on a patient, they have to be constantly aware of how close they are to the nerves. If a surgeon’s instruments make contact with a patient’s nerves, mild to severe nerve injury can occur. For instance, a surgeon could accidentally slice a nerve, most likely cause Neurotmesis, or Class III nerve damage. If a surgeon’s instrument bumps against a nerve, inflammation can occur.

Often, surgeons must administer anesthesia to operate on a patient successfully. There are three basic forms of anesthesia: local, regional, and general. Local anesthesia is administered to a patient via a syringe. The doctor or nurse must be wary of making direct contact with the syringe and a nerve; any accidental contact could cause nerve injury. Regional anesthesia involves the injection of anesthetic into the spinal column. The vertebral column is a sensitive concentration of nerves that if interrupted could cause severe and often debilitating nerve damage. Mistakes made in administering general anesthesia often cause nerve damage as a result of the patient losing their ability to sense discomfort. Usually, the body can subconsciously detect if a particular position could lead to nerve damage but due to the anesthetic is unable to shift position. Therein, nerve damage can result if a doctor leaves an anesthetized patient in a position that pinches a nerve. If a mistake is made in the administration of any of these three forms of anesthesia, nerve damage is likely to occur.

Your Case
In a surgical malpractice case, the patient must be able to prove certain facts to win their case. Those being: the existence of a doctor-patient relationship, a medical professional’s negligence, and the harm caused to the patient by said negligence.

Proving a doctor-patient relationship in a surgical malpractice case is usually the easiest hurdle to overcome in earning your compensation. If surgery was performed, the doctor-patient relationship was likely to exist, and it can be proven by the medical records all physicians are required to keep on their patients.

Proving negligence is a little more challenging. Usually, a surgeon is determined to be acting negligently if they fail to provide the standard of care that other practicing doctors would have provided under similar circumstances. In surgical malpractice lawsuits, a patient must establish: that there was a failure in the proper medical standard of care under the treatment scenario and that the doctor did not extend the level of care expected.

A victim who is suffering from nerve damage as a result of surgical malpractice must also be able to prove that the surgeon’s negligence caused harm. The following forms of proof are usually accepted:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future income
  • Loss of mobility

Determining the characteristics of your particular case can help our attorneys distinguish what kind of compensation you should expect to receive. For instance, an individual suffering from permanent nerve damage will want to seek out a permanent nerve damage malpractice lawyer rather than a legal expert who specializes in minor or temporary nerve damage. Call us today to speak with a qualified attorney who has experience in nerve damage cases.

The Value Of Your Case
Determining the value of your nerve damage case relies on a set of particular factors. For one, what form of nerve damage do you have? An individual filing a case for reparation for permanent nerve damage is typically going to receive a higher claim amount than someone who suffers from minor nerve damage. Secondly, how has your nerve damage affected you financially? If your nerve damage, caused by surgical malpractice, has hindered your ability to work or the treatment of your nerve damage has amounted to skyrocketing medical expenses then that will significantly increase your claim for compensation. Lastly, to what extent has your nerve damage, caused by surgical malpractice, harmed your emotional well being. While calculating compensation for pain and suffering can vary from person to person, it can be done, and you deserve reasonable compensation.

While it may be challenging to determine the average value of a case for nerve damage caused by surgical malpractice you are entitled to an amount that is comparable to the pain, suffering, and difficulty you have experienced. Individuals who suffer minor forms of nerve damage can be debilitating and depend on the person it could take months to recover. For others, who suffer from permanent nerve damage, will never be able to have the same mobility and comfort as they had before. Anyone who has suffered from either form of surgical malpractice nerve damage can recover significant compensation.

An experienced attorney can give you an estimate on the value of your case.

Our Team And You
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