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At one point or another, mostly everyone will step foot in a hotel or a motel. Motels are common stops for people on road trips—as they offer a decent place to sleep at a reasonable price. Hotels, on the other hand, are not just places to stop to sleep. Many hotels now contain halls that can be rented out for private parties, like weddings. In private events like weddings, it is common that guests spend the entire weekend at the hotels. Why would wedding guests spend the entire weekend at hotels? In reality, they might not spend every second of the weekend in the hotel; however, they will always come back to it. For example, for a wedding that required all guests to travel, guests would likely attend the wedding and then come back to the hotel to relax and unwind. Most hotels now have pools, spas, restaurants, and even bars. Some guests might not be interested in venturing out into an unfamiliar city. Therefore, they spend time in the hotel using the different amenities available to guests.

So, where might guests feel safer? Motels seem to be more geared towards one-night stays and usually are right off of busy roads. Additionally, motel rooms are directly accessible from parking lots. Since many motels are open 24 hours, gated parking lots might remain opened an unlocked during the whole night. Also, motels offer a small office, usually separate from all rooms, where there might be only one staff member. Here, there might be a security guard, although it is unlikely. Hotels, on the other hand, appear to offer a safer atmosphere. Hotel rooms are not accessible from the street level like motel rooms. Any visitors must check in at reception before going into rooms. Reception usually consists of more than one hotel staff member, and there is a presence of hotel security.

With this contrasting description of motels and hotels, one seems safer than the other. However, in both motels and hotels, employees have access to all rooms. Do you feel safe knowing that an employee can access your room at any time? Of course, room access is necessary for employees to clean the room and provide guests with extra amenities like clean towels or extra pillows. However, what happens when employees overstep their boundaries and enter your room while you are sleeping with the intention of hurting you?

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Example of Incident in a Hotel
In 2008, a woman visited Las Vegas for business. When she arrived, she checked in, took care of some aspects of her business, and then proceeded to go to dinner with coworkers. When she returned to the hotel at 2 a.m., she was intoxicated. However, she was well enough to take the elevator up to her floor, enter her room, and lock the door behind her. She had shared the elevator with a hotel employee. This same employee later entered her room while she was asleep and raped her.

The accused employee had come up clean on background checks; however, he had been previously disciplined for sexually harassing a female coworker. Regardless of this previous incident, the employee continued to work in a position where he was under no close supervision and had direct access to guest rooms.

Initially, the court decided that the hotel could not be held liable for the employee’s actions. However, after reviewing information about the employee’s past discipline for sexual harassment, and reviewing general misuse of keycards for unauthorized access to guest rooms, the court decided that the hotel was liable because the attack was foreseeable. For this specific case, the victim was able to sue the hotel for rape.

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Motel and Hotel Duty to Guests
Motels and hotels are responsible for their guests’ wellbeing. Motels and hotels have a general duty to ensure the safety and security of all guests through reasonable care. That is, they must correct hazards or issue appropriate warnings to prevent guest injury. Motels and hotels are not liable for open and obvious hazards; however, the harassment or assault hazard that an employee might pose is not open and obvious. In the previous example, the accused employee had previously been disciplined for sexual misconduct. Therefore, the hotel should have foreseen that the employee could be a danger to guests. However, the hotel did not exercise reasonable care to prevent the employee from having unlimited access to guest rooms. Therefore, the hotel was negligent and held accountable for the employee’s actions.

Although motel and hotel employees can pose a threat to guests, it is possible that other guests can become the source of danger. Are motels and hotels still responsible for the safety and security of guests if their employees are not the source of the threat? Motels and hotels must always implement reasonable care to promote the safety and security of their guests. Yes, this includes potentially going against other guests. Motels and hotels might have to evict or restrain any disorderly guests that might cause harm to other guests. A motel or hotel might escort a guest back to his or her room if it’s decided that the guest will no longer cause problems once he or she is in the room. More severe actions include calling the police to remove the disorderly guest. There is another dilemma, however. The hotel must not cause predictable injury or harm to the disorderly guest after removal of the property. For example, if a guest complains about a drunken guest soliciting a minor in the lobby, staff would have to act to prevent something more serious from happening. However, if the guest causing problems is drunk, he or she might be in danger if the hotel evicts him or her. A drunken person wandering the streets might be hit by a car or robbed. To prevent liability for any harm to the disorderly guest as a result of his or her eviction, the hotel must take measure to ensure that the guest is safe. Such measures might include calling the police or arranging a ride to another location.

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