What Should I Do If Something Fell On Me From a Store Shelf

Every year thousands of individuals suffer severe injuries caused my falling merchandise stocked on store shelves in supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, retail stores like Walmart and Target, restaurants and shopping malls across the county. One of the most often asked a question regarding such incidences is what steps should a person take if injured in such a case. Below is a list of steps one should take if injured due to falling produce or product.

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Steps to Take Following an Injury Caused by Falling Products from Store Shelves:

  1. Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Possible: Falling merchandise often results in severe injuries particularity trauma to the head which can lead t concussions and worst yet a traumatic brain injury. Victims should seek medical attention immediately so as to rule out any potentially deadly injuries. Furthermore, for the purposes of settlement against any at fault parties there should not be a significant gap in medical treatment. In many instances however victims do not have insurance and thus cannot seek medical attention. Many law firms can provide you with doctors that will provide medical treatment on a medical lien so that you won’t have to pay for any medical expenses out of pocket unless your case is settled.
  2. File an Incident Report: Ask for store security and or managers and have them file an incident report. Explain to the briefly what took place. Make sure the write down your version of the story and provide you with a copy of the incident report or a reference number.
  3. Send over a preservation of Evidence Letter: Otherwise regarded as a spoliation letter, a preservation letter will prevent any defendant of others from destroying evidence which may be beneficial in establishing liability on the part of the at fault parties.
  4. Witnesses – If possible ask witnesses for their information including their names, numbers and a description of what they may have seen.
  5. DO NOT speak with any insurance adjuster or agent of the business regarding the incident that took place. Any words and statement you make to them can and will be used against you in order to destroy or eliminate any chances you may have of recovery.
  6. Seek legal assistance – speak with an attorney who can assist you in this matter. Legal help may be an essential factor in your ability to receive compensation for the injuries you may have suffered.

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