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Dog bites are some of the most debilitating injuries that can happen to you due to the nature of our relationship with dogs. Many times, the default thought that runs through your mind is not that the dog has the ability to latch on to you and cause great damage, but that it is a nice creature and likes to be pet and caressed. Not all dogs are like this, however, and some are extremely wary of strangers and protective of their owners. As a result, sometimes, bites can happen. Our experienced Bakersfield dog attack attorneys at Normandie Law Firm know how hard it can be to move forward after an injury like a dog bite, and we are here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our clients will often call us with questions about their dog bite injuries, some of which include:

  • Where can I find a dog bite lawyer in Bakersfield?
  • I need a Bakersfield dog bite law firm. Who should I call?
  • What Bakersfield law firm can help me sue for dog bite injuries?

What Prompts Dog Bites?
Dogs that are well trained will not usually bite humans unless there is a very apparent threat. Some dogs function as guard dogs on property, while others are simple house pets. The type of dog has a small bearing on its propensity to bite (for example, some people believe Pit Bulls and Dalmatians are more prone to violent outbursts than other dogs). If you are approaching a dog, you should be aware of the dog’s body language. If its hackles are raised and it sinks into a low stance, it may be very wary and ready to attack. Repeated barking and growling can also indicate that you should step back. Some dogs enter these states upon seeing any stranger, while others only bite if someone approaches their owners or themselves without permission or with a sudden motion.

You should always take caution when approaching a dog, but there are times when you have done nothing to provoke the animal, and it attacks anyway. A Bakersfield lawyer with experience in dog bite lawsuits can help you receive a settlement in these instances.

Laws Regarding Dog Bites
California is a state with strict liability laws when it comes to dog bites. This means that the owners are completely responsible for the actions of their dogs, and the animals do not get a “one bite rule;” this rule was put into place elsewhere to allow dogs a single bite, assuming there were certain circumstances present. In California and in Bakersfield, this is not the case. It can be interpreted as it does not matter if the owner was unaware of whether or not the dog was liable to attack; the fact that an attack occurred is enough to hold the owner responsible.

There are exceptions to this rule, however.

  • For one, any dogs that are involved in military or police operations as drug dogs, attack dogs, or guard dogs cannot be privy to the law.
  • If the dog were heavily provoked in some way, whether attacked or goaded, the owner likewise cannot be held responsible.
  • A dog walker or dog sitter cannot be held liable for the actions of one of the dogs he is watching. The liability can only be applied to the owner of the dog itself.
  • A victim of a dog bite that was not lawfully allowed to be on the property on which he was bitten cannot file a lawsuit and sue the owner for damages. This is because he is considered a trespasser, and the dog was acting in protective manners. Of course, this does not apply if both the victim and the owner and dog were concurrently trespassing together.
  • Lastly, a dog owner cannot be held responsible if his dog did not actually bite the victim. If all the dog did were push the victim down and scratch him, there would be no opportunity to invoke the laws regarding dog bites.

In order for you to have the most accurate information possible regarding dog bites, our experienced Bakersfield dog bite lawyers encourage to reach out to our Bakersfield law firm. You should act before it is too late; dog bite injuries and claims only have a statute of limitations of 2 years. There are some exceptions, such as bites caused to a minor, but for the most part, tolling does not occur.

Proving Responsibility
As with many types of cases that revolve around the negligence of another party, you must be able to prove that the dog bit you and that you were lawfully located in a public place. All dog owners have a duty of care that they must provide to other people; if their dogs harm others, they are said to have breached this duty of care. A simple breach of duty may be brought on by allowing the dog to roam without a leash or by not disciplining the dog or calling it back when it displays aggressive behavior. If this breach leads to an incident that causes actual physical harm, you can file a lawsuit against the owner.

Our Bakersfield attorneys who have experience in dog bite claims can help you prove all of these points of negligence.

In order for you to file a claim, you should make sure that you have evidence of the encounter. Photographs or video evidence of your wounds will come in handy, as will photos of the dog and owner, statements from any witnesses or the owner, and more. As long as you can prove that the dog harmed you by biting you, you have the foundation for a case.

Types of Injuries from Dog Bites
People often seem to forget how strong dogs are. They are very powerful creatures, and bigger dogs have a combination of speed and size that can be devastating in an altercation. Thus, they can cause devastating injuries. Many dogs will bite down and rapidly shake their heads, which can bring about irreparable damage in the bitten body part, while others can penetrate deep into the flesh.

Some injures that come about from dog bites are:

  • Skin lacerations
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Broken or sprained bones
  • Torn muscles
  • Bruising

These damages can compound and lead to months of recovery, if recovery is even possible at all. It is wise to seek the attention of a doctor as soon as possible and to pursue a dog bite lawsuit against the responsible party.

Compensation for your Injuries
If you have been injured by dog bites, you can receive a settlement from the responsible owner for your damages. It is not fair that you should shoulder the responsibility of your pain and expenses when you were not at fault at all. Our Bakersfield dog bite attorneys can help you earn:

  • Covered medical expenses, which can include fees from hospitalization, surgery, medication, ambulatory transportation, and physical therapy. You can also be reimbursed for both past and future expenses if a doctor claims that you will need additional procedures.
  • Lost wages, which can also be covered from both the past and future. You may miss days of work because of your injuries or because of the time spent recovering; you can be reimbursed for these missed days at your job.
  • Property damage, which covers anything you owned that was broken or damaged in the incident.
  • Pain and suffering, which are emotional damages that do not have exact monetary values attached to them. These noneconomic damages include psychological pain, mental scarring, fear, anxiety, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). You can suffer a dog phobia or feel constant unease after a dog attack.

A Bakersfield lawyer can help you receive a settlement.

Normandie: Here for You
At Normandie Law Firm, our team of expert attorneys is here to bring you fair compensation under the law. You should not have to worry about expenses if a dog has bitten you due to the negligence of the owner We will tirelessly work to get you a settlement, and we will go so far as to take your case to court if necessary. We believe that all of our clients deserve justice and compensation in the aftermath of a dog bite injury.

Call us today for a free consultation with an accomplished lawyer. You can learn more about the legal process behind dog bites and what your rights are, as well as what kind of compensation you may earn. Also, learn more about our zero fee guarantee, which promises that our clients will owe no payment to us out of their own pockets. Our fees are taken from the settlement we win for you; if we lose, you don’t owe us anything at all.

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