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Car accidents can have some truly damaging consequences. Not only can they result in significant property damage to your vehicle, but they can also inflict any number of physical injuries that can be difficult to recover from fully. Those who experience severe physical injury as a result of a car accident also have to deal with the financial damages that medical treatment can cause. Fortunately, victims of car accidents may be eligible to either file a claim for compensation from an insurance provider or file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the accident. However, if you or a loved one have experienced a car accident in the Riverside area, it may be in your best interest to seek legal guidance from an attorney in Riverside with experience in auto accident cases. At Normandie law Firm our Riverside car accident attorneys can guide you through the often difficult process of building your case, filing a claim, and reaching a satisfactory settlement for your damages. If you have any questions once you read the article, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer free consultation and answer your questions regarding your case.

Car Accidents and Riverside County
Riverside County is located in Southern California and is home to over 2,000,000 people, making it the 4th most populated county in the state. Riverside stretches over a vast distance, incorporating areas like Temecula, Palm Springs, Lake Perris, the North face of the San Jacinto Mountains, and Ontario. Unfortunately, car accidents can occur anywhere within this vast distance and can threaten Riverside citizens and visitors alike. Fortunately, if you experience a car accident in Riverside County, you may be able to file a claim for compensation with the help of an experienced Riverside lawyer.

When seeking compensation for a car accident you can either file a claim with an insurance provider or file a lawsuit against a driver that may have been acting negligently behind the wheel. Regardless of the specifics surrounding your accident, when filing a claim for compensation, it is crucial that you can identify the cause of your accident and the damages that you suffered as a result of the accident.

Car accidents can be caused by any number of factors from simple mistakes, to a driver being reckless behind the wheel. For your reference we’ve included a list of some of the common causes of car accidents in Riverside:

  • Going over the speed limit
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Distracted while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle
  • Driving recklessly on the road
  • Rain and other weather conditions
  • Ignoring and running red lights
  • Ignoring and running stop signs
  • Inexperienced or young drivers
  • Driving after dark which can hinder driving ability
  • A defect in the design of the car
  • Poor or dangerous lane changing
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Making an improper turn
  • Following another car too closely (tailgating)
  • Ice on the road
  • Snow on the road
  • Potholes or other defects in the road
  • Driving while drowsy
  • Having a tire blowout
  • Animals on the road, or crossing the road.

Being able to identify the cause of your accident can make all the difference in the eventual outcome of your case. For example, if it is found that the other driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, that driver can be found solely guilty of the damages. As well as the cause of the accident, it is also important that you can identify the specific damages the accident caused. Accurately defining your injuries, for instance, can drastically affect the monetary outcome of your case. As mentioned prior, car accidents can cause any number of injuries from minor bumps and bruises to severe spinal cord damage. Listed below are some of the common injuries that car accident victims endure:

  • Back and Neck Injuries: When you injure your back and neck in a car accident, the results of the injury can vary wildly from minor neck pain to severe damage such as dislocated spinal discs. In their more severe instances, back and neck injuries can prevent victims from returning to work and performing daily activities.
  • Broken Bones: The force behind a collision with another automobile or object on the road can be catastrophic. The forces involved with a car collision can be so immense they can easily break bones. Broken bones take a long time to mend, especially broken pelvises, ribcages, femurs, or even hips. These injuries could prevent a victim from returning to work and their previous state of life immediately.
  • Head Injuries: Head injuries that result from car accidents may be severe. They can result in prolonged seizures, and other life-threatening traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. In the most extreme cases, victims never recover from their permanent brain damages.
  • Internal Injuries: Internal bleeding is incredibly dangerous because, unless diagnosed by a physician, the victim may not be aware of any bleeding until it’s too late. Car crashes can damage vital internal organs necessary for the proper function of a healthy body.
  • Lacerations: Broken glass and shards of metal can easily pierce and cut into the human body. They can leave permanent scars that may never heal properly.
  • Rib and Torso Injuries: Rib cage fractures take a very long time to heal. Additionally, rib cages protect vital organs; a compromised rib cage can expose those organs to future injuries.
  • Seat Belt Injuries: While seatbelts are put in place for protection, seat belts can still cause severe injury in the event of a severe accident. They can cause whiplash and other such injuries.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis: When your spine is damaged, it can cause nerve damage. More dangerously, it can cause temporary and even permanent paralysis.

While identifying the cause and damages involved in your accident can be important, it is just one part of a far greater legal puzzle. For this reason, when filing a car accident claim in Riverside County, it is in your best interest that you seek legal guidance from a Riverside auto accident law firm that has experience in representing car accident victims. With an experienced attorney by your side, you can negotiate with an insurance claim’s adjuster or better fight for your claims in court.

How Can I File A Car Accident Claim In Riverside?
Car accidents can be quite sudden, and can in a matter of seconds result in some truly traumatic damages. Victims of car accidents are usually left dazed after their crash and are unsure of what the best course of action should be in ensuring compensation for their damages later down the line. Often, we recommend that our clients in Riverside with car accident cases retrieve as much evidence to support their claims as possible, as soon as possible. The sooner you collect evidence for your case, the less likely the defendant will be able to dispute your claims. This evidence can include the following:

  • Photographs that detail the damages in the accident
  • A photograph or photocopy of the other driver’s information
  • A photograph of the driver’s license plate
  • Video footage from a nearby security cam that details the accident
  • Eyewitness testimonies from others at the scene
  • Police or emergency services reports

In most cases, victims of car accidents in Riverside will file a claim with their insurance provider. This is usually the case in accidents that result in very minimal damages, and no singular driver is at fault for the accident. Often small claims with your insurance provider will provide compensation for things like property damage, and a small portion of the medical expenses. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and accidents can result in severe damages which require more substantial claims of compensation.

For example, if your accident were caused by another driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol that driver would be found the sole person at fault. In these instances, you can receive compensation from that driver’s insurance provider, or if the damages are especially severe, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the insurance provider of the other driver involved. When suing another driver for negligence, it is crucial that you can prove their negligent actions and that their actions directly led to your injuries. Using the evidence gathered after your accident, and with the help of a Riverside car accident attorney you must be able to prove the following:

  • Duty: The plaintiff (injured or damaged party) must be able to show that the defendant (other driver involved) owed a legal obligation to the plaintiff under the particular circumstances of the case.
  • Breach: The plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that the defendant did not hold his end of the contractual bargain. In other words, they allowed a risk to linger longer than any reasonable person would.
  • Causation: The plaintiff must show that the defendant’s actions, or inactions, caused the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Damages: The plaintiff must be able to show that they endured bodily injury. This is usually be shown through the presentation of medical records, a loss of wages, or a loss of potential income.

While a claim of negligence can play a crucial role in the outcome of your case, the statute of limitations can make all the difference. The statute of limitations is the state enforced period in which an injured party has to bring their case to court. The statute of limitations can vary dramatically depending on the specific aspects of your case, however, in the state of California, victims of car accidents have two years from the day of the accident to bring their case to court. It is important to note that there are some exceptions to the statute of limitations which you might want to take into account before filing your claim. Listed below are some of the common exceptions to the statute of limitations in California:

  • The defendant was out of state for some time: If a defendant was physically not in the state, the statute of limitations will until the defendant returns. So if the person who hit you left the state, the statute of limitation will pause until the perpetrator’s return.
  • The plaintiff is a minor: If the injured party is a minor, the statute of limitations does not commence until the victim turns of age.
  • Mental incompetence of the plaintiff: If a plaintiff is deemed mentally incompetent while they treat their injuries or the actions of the defendant, then the statute of limitations pauses.
  • Death of the plaintiff: Even if a plaintiff dies before the statute of limitations expires, a lawsuit can still be filed within the statute of limitations period. However, the statute of limitations continues to run. The suit must be filed before the expiration date.
  • Plaintiff’s prison sentence: If a plaintiff is imprisoned, California law dictates that the statute of limitations pauses until the plaintiff is released.
  • Plaintiff’s military service: If a plaintiff is in the military and requires them to leave in order to serve their time, the statute of limitations will pause and continue upon the plaintiff’s return.

The statute of limitations and their exceptions can be incredibly complicated, as can filing a lawsuit against another driver. Because of the complexities, it is important that you get legal representation from an attorney in Riverside with experience in car accident cases. Having a skilled auto accident attorney in Riverside by your side can make the difference between earning a suitable settlement and having your case dismissed from court entirely.

How Normandie Law Firm Can Help
If you or a family member has suffered damages as a result of a car accident in Riverside you may be eligible to file a claim for significant monetary compensation. It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from an attorney in Riverside that is an expert in car accident cases. At Normandie Law Firm, our attorneys with experience in handling car accident cases will commit to ensuring that all of our clients receive the resources they require to claim the compensation they deserve for their damages. The following damages are available to those who file a lawsuit with our law firm:

  • Hospitalization and medical treatment costs, including any future medical operations you may need as a result of your accidents.
  • The lost wages you were not able to earn at work due to your accident-related hospitalization, or disability. Additionally, any potential lost wages as a result of your injuries.
  • Compensable economic damages include loss of property or damaged property.
  • Compensable non-economic damages include emotional distress, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and additional pain and suffering.

While our law firm is based near Riverside, our attorneys also practice in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Orange County, Riverside, Fresno, and throughout the state of California.

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