Bell Gardens Motorcycle Officer Injured In Car Collision In Montebello | 11-10-2017

Early, Friday morning, a Bell Gardens motorcycle officer was left injured in a crash in Montebello. According to a report from Police Department Lt. Jackson, the crash occurred around 7 a.m. near the 1200 block of Greenwood Avenue, Montebello. Reports showed that the officer was traveling south on Greenwood when a four-door sedan pulled out and crossed multiple lanes of traffic. Overhead footage from Sky5 showed the damaged motorcycle in the street next to the car responsible for the accident. Emergency services arrived at the site and were seen treating the injured officer before later placing him in an ambulance. According to a news release made by the Bell Gardens Police Department, the officer was conscious and talking. A report, regarding the officer’s injuries, hasn’t been made public yet. The name and identity of the driver that caused the accident are still being withheld, as Montebello police continue to investigate the crash.

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