What Is the Average Trigeminal Neuralgia Lawsuit Settlement Amount?

Trigeminal Neuralgia is a debilitating, and damaging nerve disorder for those unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, and as a result victims of Trigeminal Neuralgia or TGN must rely on extensive medical treatment to mitigate the day-to-day pain this disorder can cause. This treatment can be quite expensive over a long period, leaving victims with a mountain of debt that they often have to contend alone with. Fortunately, if you or a loved one were diagnosed with TGN after suffering injury as a result of the negligence or misconduct of another, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation for your trigeminal neuralgia. Many who file these claims are unsure of how much their trigeminal neuralgia case is worth; with the help of our skilled personal injury attorneys, we can help you estimate the value of your case. At Normandie Law Firm our well-versed TGN accident injury attorneys are well-versed in the subject of estimating trigeminal neuralgia lawsuit settlement amounts and are committed to ensuring all of our clients receive the resources they require to earn the compensation they deserve. If you have any questions after reading this article, please feel free to reach out to our law offices for a free consultation from one of our many top-rated legal advisors.

Trigeminal Neuralgia: The Chronic Condition
Trigeminal Neuralgia or TGN is a chronic condition that affects the trigeminal nerve in the body. Damage or pressure applied to this nerve can cause devastating and incurable pain to a victim. As mentioned prior there currently is no cure for TGN, and the best way to mitigate the pain this condition causes is through extensive medical treatment. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you seek medical treatment from a physician that specializes in nerve pain, and is experienced in handling conditions like TGN. TGN can be caused by anything from old age, to having a tumor put pressure on this sensitive nerve. TGN can also arise as a result of severe head trauma. Some of the common symptoms of TGN are listed as follows:

  • Episodes which grow in intensity and frequency as time goes on
  • A continuous spasm-like pain that is characterized by aching, or burning.
  • Pain that is focused in the areas related to the trigeminal nerve. This includes the check, jaw, teeth, gums, lips, or even the eyes and forehead.
  • Pain that lasts for a few seconds to many minutes that comes and goes over a period
  • Pain that lasts for several days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes in severe cases, TGN can cause pain that never fades.
  • Pain that is felt on one side of the face, or both sides of the face.
  • Pain that is described an electric shock
  • Pain that is triggered by any actions involving the face. This can include brushing teeth or even speaking.

Physicians and medical experts have identified two different forms of TGN. Victims diagnosed with TGN can experience one or both of these forms intermittently. These forms are bulleted below for your reference:

  • TN1: Often referred to as the ‘classic’ form of Trigeminal neuralgia, TN1 is described as a periodic or episodic pain. Victims often describe this pain as being sporadic, burning, or even shock-like.
  • TN2: TN2 is a form of TGN that is termed as ‘atypical’ as the pain it causes is constant, and can have long periods of non-stop affliction. This pain is described as a burning or stabbing pain. While less severe than TN1, TN2 can last for days, weeks, months or even years.

As mentioned prior there is no cure for TGN, and the best way to mitigate the constant reoccurring pain is through the repeated medical treatment. Unfortunately, this medical treatment can put a significant financial burden on victims after an extended period. However, if you were diagnosed with TGN after an accident or injury caused by the negligence or misconduct of another party you may be able to sue that party for the damages. The compensation you receive after a TGN accident injury lawsuit can help cover damages like medical expenses, a loss of wages, a loss of future wages, and even pain and suffering. Filing these claims can be incredibly challenging alone, but with the help of an experienced attorney you can not only better fight for your case, but you can estimate the potential value of your trigeminal neuralgia accident injury lawsuit.

Average Value Of A Trigeminal Neuralgia Injury Lawsuit
When clients with trigeminal neuralgia come into our law firm seeking assistance for their case, they often ask our attorneys what the average value of a trigeminal neuralgia case is. It is important to note that those who ask for the potential value of their case or the average value of a case often already have an attorney, however, are unsatisfied with the service they have been given thus far. Fortunately, our attorneys and legal advisors at Normandie Law Firm are committed to ensuring all of our clients receive the resources they need regardless if they have already consulted an attorney or not.

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions surrounding case value, and average payouts for trigeminal neuralgia cases can be somewhat complicated. This is the case, as there are some factors involved in determining the value of any one case, let alone an overall average. While our attorneys could calculate a potential average payout for a trigeminal neuralgia case, there is no guarantee that this achieved value will accurately represent you or your case. For this reason, we always recommend that victims of TGN consult a skilled attorney to help them calculate a personalized case value estimate.

When a client sits down with one of our attorneys, they will more than likely start by calculating the damages in your case. Often the degree or amount of damages you suffered as a result of your injuries can make a massive difference in a settlement amount. The damages of a trigeminal neuralgia injury lawsuit are usually divided into three different categories: Economic damages, noneconomic damages, and punitive damages. These damages vary in difficulty regarding reaching an accurate estimate, but with the help of a skilled attorney, you could reach a satisfactory estimate before taking your case to court.

Economic damages often make up a more substantial portion of any personal injury case. Regarding trigeminal neuralgia cases, economic damages will make up the bulk of your case, as often victims file a lawsuit to cover the financial damages caused by the extensive medical treatment required to mitigate the pain TGN inflicts. Economic damages typically have discernable monetary values and as such is far easier to calculate than other damages. The components of economic damages are bulleted below for your reference:

  • Medical Expenses: These are the costs that a victim must endure for the hospitalization of the initial injury and any further treatment needed in the future because of this injury. These expenses often make up a significant portion of a settlement value.
  • Loss of Wages: These compensatory damages meant to reimburse the victim for any wages lost from the injuries. This amount can be determined through a thorough examination of the victim’s salary history and often includes sick and vacation time.
  • Loss of Potential Future Wages: Sometimes injuries can be so severe that the victim may lose the ability to perform at the same level they had before their injuries. To determine this amount, a complicated formula is used that involves the examination of the victim’s projected earnings and the impact that the damages may have had on the victim’s ability to find and perform future work.

Noneconomic damages are a little more challenging to calculate as they are made up of damages that often don’t have a universal monetary value. The value of noneconomic damages can change dramatically when they reach a court, as the jury or judge may evaluate your noneconomic damages differently. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you seek assistance from an attorney when trying to calculate the noneconomic damages in your case. Listed below are the components involved in calculating noneconomic damages:

  • Pain and Suffering: This damage is compensated to a victim based on the pain and suffering they endured from their injuries. This amount is often calculated by the use of a pain multiplier that has the victim identify their level of pain on a scale of one to ten.
  • Emotional Distress: This form of compensation is offered to victims that have experienced any emotional trauma suffered due to the injuries. The compensable amount of emotional distress often varies from state to state.
  • Loss of Consortium: Loss of consortium is often added to the value of your case when the injuries are so severe that the victim’s loved ones are deprived of a normal loving relationship and companionship

Besides, Economic, and noneconomic damages, there are also the punitive damages. Punitive damages are applied to the value of a case, to punish the defendant for their actions and to deter them from engaging in similar conduct in the future. For example, if you were diagnosed with TGN after a property owner failed to remedy a trip and fall hazard and it is found that others were injured by this same hazard, you may be able to sue the property owner for punitive damages. Unfortunately, many attorneys will settle a case without fighting for punitive damages. This is because punitive damages are often challenging to argue for as they require a higher burden of proof. However, our attorneys at Normandie Law Firm are committed to fighting and arguing for all of the damages you demand, punitive damages included.

Regardless of the specific aspects of your case, it is highly recommended that you seek legal representation from an attorney well-versed in the subject of TGN accident injury lawsuits. While you have every right to represent yourself in court, the best way to guarantee a positive outcome to your case is through the consultation of a skilled attorney.

How Normandie Law Firm Can Help
Having the right attorney for your Trigeminal Neuralgia Lawsuit can make the difference between earning substantial monetary compensation and having your case dismissed from court. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a devastating condition and can require extensive treatment to just mitigate the pain. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with TGN after an accident, you deserve all the compensation you require to receive adequate pain treatment and management. At Normandie Law Firm our Los Angeles trigeminal neuralgia lawyers can help you determine the potential value of your case and can represent you and your case in court. If you file a claim with our law firm, you may find some if not all of the following damages compensable to you:

  • All of you medical and hospitalization costs
  • All of your future medical care and treatment
  • A loss of income and loss of future earnings due to long-term recovery or permanent disability due to the accident
  • Compensable economic damages include loss of property or damaged property.
  • Compensable non-economic damages include emotional distress, trauma, PTSD resulting from the accident, pain and suffering and anxiety.

Victims of trigeminal neuralgia can contact our law offices to learn more about how to receive compensation. While our law firm is based in Los Angeles, our attorneys also practice in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Orange County, Riverside, Fresno, and throughout the state of California.

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