Average Case Value of Genital Injuries Lawsuit

The health of reproductive organs is understandably important. It is easy to see why any injury regarding the genitals can have very serious consequences, especially if this means that a person can no longer reproduce. While there is a vast difference in the details regarding men and women, the impact of a genital injury can be significant for parties of any gender. The residual effects of a genital injury can result in further emotional distress that can remain long after the pain is gone. If you have suffered a genital injury as a fault of another, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Contact our top-rated law firm to speak to one of our accomplished attorneys with experience in genital injury cases for more information.

What Is My Case Worth
Often, it is a challenge to determine the value of any one personal injury case.  Genital injuries function the same way. Determining the value of any specific claim depends on the severity of the injury, and whether a person has been deemed sterile or infertile. The severity of any specific injury depends on the injury itself. For instance, compensation for crushed testicles can vary greatly from urinary incontinence, which is the inability to properly hold urine in the bladder. The value of your claim also varies on the implications of the injury. For example, a case of sterility caused by crushed testicles will accrue a different case value than a deformity in a genital area that does not hinder the reproductive system. To put it simply, the value of a case depends greatly on whether or not an individual has sustained damage to their reproductive system. An expert lawyer experienced in genital injury cases can help you with an estimate for your case value.

Forms of Compensation
If you have suffered damage to your genitals, you will be able to access two forms of compensation. The first is for the pain and suffering you sustained from the injury. Determining the value of this form of compensation depends on the individual injury and the extent of said injury. The second can cover financial losses and expenses you have endured. This can include income loss, medical expenses, travel expenses, and a loss of future income. Just as the pain of every individual injury is different, the length of time needed for recovery differs between every injury. A qualified attorney who has experience in genital injury cases can help bring you the maximum compensation available under the law.

Permanence Of Injury
In some cases, genital damage doesn’t recover completely. Even after rehabilitation or medical surgeries, a victim can still suffer from a lifetime of pain, discomfort, numbness, loss of function, sterility, or infertility. Victims who have suffered permanent damage to their reproductive organs as a result of a personal injury are entitled to receive monetary compensation based on the cost of the extended medical expenses. In cases of sterility and infertility, victims who have endured this form of genital damage may require a lifetime of assistance in dealing with the residual trauma of the incident which, in turn, requires greater compensation. Speak to an experienced attorney to learn more about what can net you larger settlements.

Our Team And You
Determining the value of a genital injury lawsuit can be a complicated process that you shouldn’t have to endure alone after sustaining such a traumatic injury. The residual effects of a genital injury can be a lot to handle both physically and emotionally. You should not have to add to that stress by worrying about how to generate an income comparable to your losses. When you choose Normandie Law Firm, you will get a top team of skilled and passionate attorneys who are willing to fight tooth and nail for your case. Our experienced lawyers negotiate the fairest terms and keep you up to date with the process.

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