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Thousands of car accidents happen every day in all types of traffic – the morning crawl of rush hour, the afternoon lull, the evening bustle home, and the late night empty travels. Unfortunately, drivers on all roads still drive recklessly and can cause debilitating injuries to other people on the road. It does not take much in the way of impact to severely damage someone, as people in cars are surrounded by a few thousand pounds of heavy metal and hard plastic. Even relatively slow-moving cars involved in accidents can crash into the driver’s side of the vehicle and cause a debilitating injury like a traumatic brain injury. At one of the top legal groups in Los Angeles, Normandie Law Firm, our top-rated lawyers take on clients who have suffered these head injuries as a result of car crashes. Our experienced lawyers make it our duty to care for our clients and fight for their rights as victims in court and to negotiate the fairest settlement from insurance agencies. Often, those who use our legal services have questions concerning the legal process and their brain injuries. Examples of these questions include:

  • Where can I find a qualified attorney to take my brain injury case?
  • I need a lawyer with experience handling car accident brain injury claims. Who can I call?
  • What kind of brain injury can I get in a car crash?

Causes of Car Accidents
Car crashes most often occur due to the negligence of one or more drivers on the road. Usually, a driver may not be paying attention due to checking his phone, calling other people, looking elsewhere on the road, or fiddling with devices in the car. By doing so, he places himself and those around him in danger, as he will not be able to react quick enough to avoid causing an accident, as in the case of someone merging into his lane or stopping short at a red light.

Reckless driving in the manner of speeding and driving dangerously can also cause car accidents. It is common for drivers to speed on the road, even if they are not on any freeways or highways. Residential streets often have a speed limit of 25 to 35 mph, and many people exceed these limits, raising the chances of accidents. They may also carelessly switch lanes, turn without using signals, swerve around disabled or stopped vehicles, and ignore basic rules of the road. Being struck by a vehicle that is traveling nearly 35 mph can be very dangerous; even with a seatbelt, you may be flung against the door and hit your head, causing an injury.

Less often, problems with the road or car itself or weather issues will cause an accident. For example, a street may be riddled with potholes and bumps and make it difficult to stop, or a turn may be dangerous to make due to its intense curvature and sudden appearance on the road. In these cases, drivers should be sure to take extra caution when traveling. Additionally, if a vehicle stops working in some way – the brake lines cease to operate or the engine dies – it can cause accidents due to the lack of control the driver has over the car.

All of these causes can lead to accidents that can damage your head or brain. If you have sustained a brain injury due to a car crash, let our accomplished attorneys with experience in brain injury cases help you move forward with legal proceedings.

Types of Brain Injuries
A brain injury occurs in a car crash when your head is slammed into the window, steering wheel, door, or other part of the car. A head injury can also happen if you are ejected from the vehicle or struck by one as a pedestrian. Even a low impact can cause a traumatic brain injury, and you should make sure to immediately seek medical assistance after a car accident, as adrenaline and other pain-blocking endorphins course through your body to help you deal with the situation. Once everything has settled down, you may discover that you have injuries that went unnoticed at the scene. Medical personnel can properly examine you and determine if you have any external or internal injuries, and you should also make it a point to report any symptoms thereafter to your doctor as well.

The most common type of brain injury from a car accident is a concussion. Concussions are sustained after receiving blunt force trauma to the head, bouncing your brain around inside your skull. Some symptoms of a concussion include dizziness, loss of consciousness, loss of memory, trouble concentrating, sensitivity to light and sound, and headaches. Although the effects usually recede on their own after a few weeks, it is still advised to see a doctor immediately, as you may be concussed for the duration of the recovery process. This can pose many dangers to those around you, especially if you are driving on the road. Although concussions are also the least debilitating brain injury, repeated concussions or a few severe ones can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which is a degenerative brain disease that corrodes thought, reason, and other brain functions, including those in both the physical and mental realms.

Other brain injuries can result in the brain swelling or bleeding, losing its functions and preventing motor skills from being carried out, and may even shut down enough to that point that the victim enters a coma. A car crash is usually enough impact to send a person into a coma.

Because of this, it is crucial that you seek out a skilled lawyer experienced in brain injury cases caused by a car accident.

The Claim Process
In order to have enough grounds to file a personal injury claim against a responsible driver, you must be able to prove negligence. While driving, all people owe other drivers and individuals a duty of care; that is, they must do their best to not cause any damage or harm to anyone else. If they breach that duty, whether by speeding, driving dangerously, or acting in a dangerous manner, they can cause an accident. If an accident is caused and injury is brought upon as a result of that accident, then all four elements of negligence have been met, and a lawsuit can be filed. It is a long chain of cause and effect, and each factor is dependent on the previous one.

An expert lawyer with experience handling brain injury claims can help file a lawsuit on your behalf if you require assistance. Brain injuries may leave you incapacitated, hospitalized, or otherwise unable to take any legal action due to health reasons or physical complications.

By filing a personal injury claim for a brain injury, you can expect to potentially receive a few different forms of compensation. The most likely form of restitution is coverage for medical expenses, including hospitalization fees, surgery costs, ambulatory transportation fees, medication, and physical therapy. You may also earn coverage for future medical costs if you are required to continue returning to the hospital for treatment.

You can also recover non-economic damages, also known as pain and suffering, which covers emotional distress and psychological problems stemming from the accident and the injury. Conditions like constant fear, anxiety disorder, PTSD, and other mental stresses can be covered.

If your car were damaged in the accident, or if you lost any property, you can seek compensation for property damage as well. This would allow you to repair or replace any belongings or items that were somehow harmed in the accident.

Lastly, you can collect punitive damages from a responsible driver. Punitive damages are awarded instead of criminal charges, and they are meant to punish the defendant on a severe monetary level to dissuade him from committing the act again. Punitive damages are difficult to win, however, and only an attorney with expertise in brain injury lawsuits will be able to net them in negotiations.

Normandie: Here to Help
Normandie Law Firm, one of Los Angeles’s top legal groups, is here to help you get compensation for a brain injury you have sustained in a car crash. Our skilled attorneys are here to bring you what you deserve and fight for your rights in court. We are an empathetic team that puts your health first, and we do not want you to stress out or worry about your case while you recover. Let an experienced attorney with expertise in handling traumatic brain injury cases due to auto accident take care of your case for you.

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