What Is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident Whiplash Injury?

Car accidents can lead to some of the most painful, long-lasting injuries we can experience. Even small, insignificant crashes at low speeds can cause severe damages due to the sheer amount of force that goes through two heavy vehicles colliding with one another. This is why a simple rear-end auto accident can cause such a problematic injury as whiplash. Many times, a seemingly ineffectual injury like whiplash is brushed off in the immediate aftermath of an accident due to the high presence of adrenaline; this may actually be harmful, as it dissuades people from going to the doctor to check if there are any problems with the neck. Our clients often call us at Normandie Law Firm to speak with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles regarding a car accident whiplash injury, and they may need assistance dealing with the injury through an insurance claim with Nationwide. They have various types of questions regarding their cases and the insurance company; examples of these questions include:

  • How much is the average Nationwide settlement offer for a whiplash injury?
  • What are the average Nationwide Insurance settlements for a whiplash injury?
  • How much does Nationwide pay for whiplash after a car accident?
  • How much does Nationwide insurance settle a car accident claim for a whiplash injury?
  • Where can I find an attorney with experience in fighting whiplash claims against Nationwide?

Basic Car Accident Liability
If you are involved in a truck accident, car accident, motorcycle accident, or other type of car crash, you should be aware of your rights. As it stands, every motorist on the road has a duty to other individuals. Accidents come about due to this duty of care being violated. In order for you to pursue legal action against another vehicle, you must establish these four points:

  • The driver owed a duty of care to you.
  • That duty of care was breached (whether by the driver not paying attention to the road, running a stop light, or driving recklessly).
  • The breach of duty caused an accident (such as a rear-end, t-bone, or head-on crash).
  • The accident caused actual physical harm to you (in this case, a whiplash injury or other neck injury).

A negligent driver can be held responsible for his actions, but if his insurance carrier is Nationwide, it may be a difficult process to get compensation for your injuries. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you prove all these points.

Whiplash from a Car Accident
Whiplash is the term for a neck injury that comes about from a sudden motion of the neck wherein it moves back and forth against your will. It is often brought about by sudden force and can cause numerous complications later on after the accident. If your neck is in pain after a car crash, you should consult a doctor to determine whether or not you are suffering from whiplash.

Some symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Pain or tenderness in upper arms, shoulders, and back
  • Reduction of range of motion in neck
  • Numbness in the arms
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Blurry vision
  • Tinnitus
  • Sleeplessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression

These symptoms sometimes indicate other problems, such as concussions, mild traumatic brain injuries, or mental issues. This is why it is important to see a doctor; you both can determine your next steps, as well as discuss potential treatments. Some treatments for whiplash include ice and heat, bed rest, a neck pillow, painkillers, acupuncture, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, and more.

Some of these healing methods may not last forever, though, and others require a fair amount of money. Acupuncture, for instance, is not cheap, and not every location works with insurance agencies. For this reason, when pursuing a claim against Nationwide, you should make sure that you have retained the assistance of a skilled Los Angeles attorney to sue Nationwide who has ample experience in personal injury cases.

Nationwide Information
Unfortunately, Nationwide is an insurance company like any other – meaning it does not place its customers or those searching for compensation at the forefront of its responsibilities. Nationwide wants to retain as many profits as possible, and in order to do this, many people will have their claims rejected or denied. Those who suffered whiplash injuries will have to suffer even longer due to the unsavory business practices of Nationwide.

Car accidents that involve injury often feature this back and forth between insurance companies and claimants or attorneys. Nationwide is likely to deny your claim and state that your injuries are not as severe as you are making them out to be, or you are pursuing the wrong type of medical procedures. They may even state that the accident was your fault and because of this liability placed on your shoulders, they are not responsible for any damages you suffered.

Our lawyers have years of experience negotiating with Nationwide. We know that the insurance agents will often receive a claim and ignore it for weeks at a time, and upon giving it a cursory review will likely deny it without a second look. They will also argue endlessly; our attorneys are always willing to go all the way to court if necessary, and we won’t stop until Nationwide pays you for your whiplash claim.

Whiplash Injury Nationwide Insurance Settlement Amounts
Whiplash injuries can set you back weeks of your life and cost you thousands of dollars in bills. Unfortunately, there is no settlement calculator that insurance agents and attorneys have on hand that can spit out the average compensation or payout after inputting a bunch of damages and injuries. Each case is different, and it would be unfair to everyone to give all whiplash injuries the same level of treatment. Some victims are more gravely wounded than others and have additional injuries, while others only have a mild case of whiplash and make a full recovery within a few weeks. As a result, you cannot merely look at the settlement value of a particular case and assume that is what your claim is worth. You should ask your attorney for similar cases, but use them as an indicator of the earning potential of a whiplash injury – not the benchmark for your compensation.

Negotiating with Nationwide may very well end in a settlement larger than normal. Let our experienced attorneys help you, and we promise we will bring you the fairest maximum compensation under the law.

Second Opinion
In many instances, clients come to us with questions of average settlement values because they already have an attorney and want to know if their current offers are less than what other victims have earned. They may also be concerned that their attorneys are not helping them to the best of their abilities. Sadly, this may very well be true, as many lawyers are concerned only with earning a fast paycheck and moving on to the next case. They often sign up many clients at once and speed through the cases, negotiating small settlements with Nationwide and other insurance companies. The only parties who win are the lawyers and the insurance companies, while the client is left with a meager sum and no coverage for his whiplash injury.

Our attorneys at Normandie Law Firm are here to offer you a free second opinion on your case. We will discuss your current legal representation and give you our opinion on whether or not you would be better off switching to a different law firm. We can also give you a free legal consultation regarding the way forward and the litigation process behind your claim.

All of our consultations are completely confidential as well.

Further, if you select us for legal representation, we offer you a zero fee guarantee on your claim. You are not expected nor asked to pay for any legal services while we work on your case. Our fees only come from your settlement; thus, we only receive a payment if we win, and Nationwide is the one paying your fees. If we lose, you do not owe us anything. We do this to make sure that your financial integrity is kept intact.

Contact an expert lawyer at Normandie Law Firm today for help in filing a whiplash injury claim with Nationwide Insurance.

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