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Veteran Assistance Hospitals (VA hospitals) are just like ordinary hospitals in that they are held up to the same standards and code of ethics that they are required to offer each one of their patients. However, VA hospitals are often overwhelmed, understaffed, and unable to address all of the varying needs of their patients efficiently. This is due to a large number of veterans who require medical treatment. For this reason, mistakes tend to occur within VA Hospitals that may not typically happen within an adequately staffed and supplied hospital. If you or a loved one has experienced damages as the result of VA Hospital Malpractice, negligence, or misconduct you may be eligible for significant compensation. At the top-rated Normandie Law Firm, our team of top legal experts can walk you through the process of suing the doctor or hospital for the damages you have endured. Considered one of the best medical law firms in California, our Los Angeles native attorneys with experience in VA hospital medical malpractice will fight for you and your case, so you don’t have to. Contact our accomplished law offices today for a free consultation.

VA Hospitals
Under US law, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs is required to provide proper health care for the United States military veterans. This health plan includes things like regular doctors visits to intensive outpatient procedures. These treatments, however, are only performed ‘as needed.’ The Department of Veteran’s Affairs defines ‘as needed’ as the care or service of an individual that will promote, preserve, and restore the health of said individual. Below is a list of treatments commonly covered by VA hospital care:

  • Rehabilitation From Blindness
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Exposure to Agent Orange
  • Gulf War Syndrome and any Illnesses that could be related
  • Exposure to Radiation
  • Treatment of HIV/AIDS

There are a variety of factors that go into what makes a Veteran eligible for VA Programs, but basic eligibility requires having served in active military service and was separated from the militarily honorably. In many cases, the dependents of a veteran can also fall under VA health care eligibility. A detailed overview of Veterans Health Care Eligibility requirements can be given to you by an experienced attorney to help solve any further questions you may have. Below is a list of all of the VA Hospitals in California:

  • San Francisco VA Health Care System
  • Central California VA Health Care System
  • Livermore
  • VA Loma Linda Healthcare System
  • VA Long Beach Healthcare System
  • VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA)
  • VA Northern California Healthcare System
  • Menlo Park
  • VA Palo Alto Health Care System
  • VA San Diego Healthcare System
  • ASPIRE Center
  • Sierra Foothills Outpatient Clinic
  • Blythe Rural Health Clinic
  • Capitola Clinic
  • Chico Outpatient Clinic
  • Fairfield Outpatient Clinic
  • Stockton Clinic
  • Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center
  • VA West Los Angeles Healthcare Center
  • Martinez Outpatient Clinic and Community Living Center
  • Sacramento Mental Health Clinic at Mather
  • McClellan Dental Clinic-Sacramento
  • McClellan Outpatient Clinic-Sacramento
  • Modesto Clinic
  • Sepulveda OPC and Nursing Home
  • Oakland Behavioral Health Clinic
  • Oakland Outpatient Clinic
  • Redding Outpatient Clinic
  • VA Loma Linda Ambulatory Care Center
  • Rio Clinic
  • San Jose Clinic
  • Monterey Clinic
  • Sonora Clinic
  • Mare Island Outpatient Clinic
  • Yreka
  • Anaheim
  • Bakersfield Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Chula Vista Clinic
  • East Los Angeles Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Clearlake VA Outpatient Clinic
  • Corona
  • Imperial Valley
  • Escondido
  • Eureka VA Outpatient Clinic
  • Fremont Clinic
  • Gardena Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Laguna Hills
  • Lancaster Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Villages at Cabrillo
  • Merced Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Murrieta
  • Oakhurst Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Oceanside Clinic
  • Oxnard Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Palm Desert
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • San Bruno VA Outpatient Clinic
  • Mission Valley Clinic
  • Sorrento Valley Clinic
  • SFVA Downtown Clinic
  • San Luis Obispo Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Santa Ana
  • Santa Barbara Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Whittier/Santa Fe Springs Clinic
  • Santa Maria Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Santa Rosa VA Outpatient Clinic
  • VA Diamond View Outpatient Clinic
  • Tulare Community Based Outpatient Clinic
  • Ukiah VA Outpatient Clinic
  • Victorville
  • Yuba City Outpatient Clinic
  • Bakersfield Vet Center
  • Chula Vista Vet Center
  • Santa Cruz County Vet Center
  • Chatsworth Vet Center
  • Chico Vet Center
  • Citrus Heights Vet Center
  • San Bernardino Vet Center
  • East Los Angeles Vet Center
  • Concord Vet Center
  • Corona Vet Center
  • Culver City Vet Center
  • Eureka Vet Center
  • RCS Pacific District 5 District Office
  • Fresno Vet Center
  • North Orange County Vet Center
  • Los Angeles Vet Center
  • Peninsula Vet Center
  • South Orange County Vet Center
  • Modesto Vet Center
  • Oakland Vet Center
  • Antelope Valley Vet Center
  • Northbay Vet Center
  • Sacramento Vet Center
  • San Diego Vet Center
  • San Francisco Vet Center
  • San Jose Vet Center
  • San Luis Obispo Vet Center
  • San Marcos Vet Center
  • Temecula Vet Center
  • Ventura Vet Center
  • High Desert Vet Center
  • Community Resources and Referral Center

VA Hospital Malpractice
Veterans are known to suffer from a variety of ailments, injuries, and mental or emotional damages. If these illnesses are not treated properly, the victim can suffer debilitating and sometimes incurable injuries that may make the victim in need of a qualified attorney with expertise in VA Hospital malpractice injury lawsuits. Errors at VA Hospitals can include errors like wrongful amputation, amputation of the wrong limb, a failure to diagnose (including cancer and DVT), pharmaceutical prescription errors, emergency room and surgical mistakes, operation errors, or ER errors. Any and all of these mistakes made by medical professionals can result in significant damages that can make the victim eligible for compensation. A lawyer experienced in VA hospital malpractice cases can help.

VA Hospital Staff is held up to the same standards of care to be expected of regular hospital staff. When this care is neglected, or the professional lacks the proper training, the patient can experience significant damages that can, at times, be far worse than the originally treated ailment. These doctors should be held accountable in these cases of malpractice. However, filing a case of medical malpractice requires that the plaintiff (victim or patient) can prove the medical professional acted in negligence and did not perform within the standard of care expected.

First and foremost, you must be able to show that a doctor-patient relationship existed. This can be simply defined as you agreed to hire the doctor, and the doctor agreed to be hired. Secondly, you must be able to prove that the doctor acted negligently. Mistakes do happen. However, not all procedures end in the desired outcome. You must be able to prove, that the doctor you hired caused you harm in a way that a competent doctor would not have. Thirdly, you must be able to prove that the doctor’s negligence caused the injury. This means that you must show that the doctor’s negligence directly caused you said damages. To prove this, it is best to rely on the knowledge of another medical expert, who will be able to discern whether the doctor’s negligence caused your damages. Lastly, you must be able to prove that you have sustained damages. These damages can be accounted through medical bills and records, which show the extent of harm of you have endured.

All of these factors play into the nature of any one medical malpractice case. To determine whether or not you have a successful case worth fighting, you must first compare your situation and damages against these previous factors. An accomplished attorney who has experience handling VA hospital malpractice claims can help you prove negligence.

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