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Truck Accident Lawyer Tulare CA

A Tulare truck accident lawyer can help you get the maximum compensation for any injuries that you have sustained in a truck accident in the Tulare, Southern California region. Our attorneys also serve Tulare City, Hanford, Visalia, and Porterville.

The South San Joaquin Valley contains one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country; furthermore the region is a main transportation route from manufacturing and agricultural products in the State. As such our roads, highways and freeways are rife with many trucks, agricultural and commercial vehicles. The result is a significantly higher proportion of trucking accidents on our roads in comparison to most other regions in the state. 18-wheeler trucking accidents result in greatly increased probability of significant injuries for other motorists on the road. Our law firm is dedicated to the pursuit of justice on behalf of individuals who have suffered significant harm in truck and 18-wheeler accidents in the Southern San Joaquin Valley including the cities of Tulare, Visalia, Hanford, and Porterville. Below you will find important information regarding truck accidents injury claims and lawsuits. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our law offices; all legal consultations and case reviews are conducted by our lawyers free of charge.

 California Trucking Accident Statistics

At any given time there are approximately 8 million commercial truck and trailers registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In fact California has a larger number of trucks and commercial vehicles on its roads than any other state in the country. As a result California and the South San Joaquin Valley in particular have experienced a high number of truck accidents. In 2015 more than 6,000 individuals suffered injuries from truck and commercial vehicle accidents in the state of California. If you are one of those who have been hurt in a crash, call one of our truck accident attorneys in Tulare City, Hanford, Porterville, and Visalia.

How to Protect Your Rights After A Truck Accident

(1) If you are hurt in any way seek medical attention immediately:  It is important that your injuries are well documented in order to maximize your recovery.

(2) Contact Law Enforcement: Make sure the law enforcement personnel who are at the location of the accident take down a traffic accident report (TCR). Make sure they take down your testimony as to the version of event leading up to the collision.

(3) Witness Information: If there were any individuals who witnessed the accident ask for their contact information including their name, phone number and email address.

(4) Collect Evidence of the Accident: Take pictures of the accident scene including the damage to all vehicle involved, roadway conditions, intersection lights.

(5) Collect Personal Information of the Other Driver: Ask for the individual’s Drivers License, registration, insurance information and his employer. The reason you want to ask for their employer’s information is that many trucks are company trucks and we might end up suing the employer. Make sure not to speak with the other party regarding the facts of the accident.

(6) DO NOT speak with any insurance adjusters who contact you regarding the accident. Any comment you make to them can be used in the future to reduce or eliminate your ability to seek financial recovery for the accident.

(7) Seek legal help from a Visalia, Hanford, or Tulare personal injury attorney with experience in truck related accidents.

Financial Compensation Available for Victims of Semi-Truck Accidents

Individuals who have suffered injuries due to truck accidents have the right to seek compensation for any damages suffered. A common question asked by our clients concerns the amount of recovery they are able to receive once there has been a settlement of their case. It is difficult to assess the potential value of a case without knowing the details of the case because every case is different comprising of a unique set of factors and circumstances which can play an important role in determining its value. The best way to determine the value of a truck or motor vehicle accident is by receiving a detailed case evaluation from an experienced truck accident attorney. There are several factors a Visalia truck accident attorney will evaluate in order to present you with an estimate of your case’s value. Those factors are presented below.

Factors in a Case Which Play a Role in Determining its Potential Settlement Value

  • What injuries were suffered by the party bringing forth the claim: Because of their large size and weight disparity accidents involving trucks often result in serious life threatening injuries. Common injuries include traumatic brain injury, paralysis, spinal cord damage, broken bones, facial injuries including broken orbital sockets lacerations broken teeth, and tinnitus.
  • Current and future medical costs associated with treating the injuries suffered. Higher medical costs mean the person received more medical care, which means the person was more severely injured.
  • The force of the impact to the vehicle evidence via the vehicle’s property damage.
  • The level of economic damages – including loss of pay and future loss of earning associated with the accident.
  • Level of pain and suffering and emotional distress associated with the injuries suffered due to the accident.
  • Whether punitive damages recovery is available: Punitive damages are awarded in certain cases where the at fault driver acted with reckless disregard for the life and health of other motorists on the road. Examples of cases where punitive damage have been awarded include drunk driving, driving under the influence of a controlled substance, driving at an excessive rate of speed, hit and run accidents, and falling asleep at the wheel.
  • The amount of insurance coverage available: In the state of California commercial vehicles including trucks and farming machinery must carry high insurance policy limits upwards of a million dollars.
  • The percentage of fault attributed in the accident: California is a pure comparative fault state. This means that any individual can receive compensation for their injuries even if they are partly or even mostly at fault for an accident. For example: based on the evidence at hand, you have been placed 90% at fault and the other party has been placed 10% at fault. If your total damages are $100,000 you are still able to receive $10,000 (or 10% of the $100,000) from the other party involved on the accident.

Truck Accident Wrongful Death Claims – Recovery for the Loss of a Loved One

The untimely preventable death of a family member is a tragedy for all involved. Family members are often left unable to pay for funeral costs and suffer from mounting bills and debt. Our legal system allows for certain family members the right to pursue a wrongful death cause of action against any at fault party. If you need further information, reach out to a truck accident lawyer in Visalia.

  • Who Can Sue in a Wrongful Death Claim? (1) Children of the deceased (2) Spouses and putative spouse of the deceased.  (3) Parents of the deceased if there are no heirs and no spouses who can bring forth a cause of action and the claimants were in some way financially dependent on the child. (4) Domestic partners. (5) Those who can recover under intestate succession.
  • What Damages are Recoverable in a Wrongful Death Claim: Wrongful death claimants are able to receive recovery for certain economic damages including the deceased individual’s financial contribution to the family, funeral expenses, the gifts and services. Non-economic damages recoverable in wrongful death claims include loss of sexual relations, love, companionship, care, and assistance provided by the deceased victim.

Lawsuit Filing Deadline – Statute of Limitations for Truck Accidents in California

Statute of limitations is the time period in which an individual has to file a civil lawsuit against an at fault party in the court of law. With respect to auto accidents the state of California places a two year limitation on a claimant’s right to file a lawsuit. Failure to file a claim in the court of law will result in the elimination of your right to recovery for the damage you have suffered.

  • Accidents Involving Government Trucks: Claims against government entities must first pass through an administrative hearing process.  In the state of California an administrative agency claim must be filed within six months from the date of loss. In most cases administrative claims are rejected by the agency in question. At that point you will have 6 months from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit in the court of law. If you have more questions about this deadline, please contact our truck accident lawyer in Tulare, CA.

Establishing Liability in the Court of Law – Winning a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Under the common laws system of jurisprudence individuals who suffer harm are able to seek recovery for any damages suffered from the at fault party.  The negligence theory of liability is the most common cause of action implemented in order to establish liability on the part of the at fault party. Four basic elements are required in order to establish the presence of negligence in a personal injury case.

(1) Did the at fault party owe a duty of care to the injured party: Under common law every motorists on the road owes a general duty to act in a fashion so as to reduce the incidence of harm towards others.

(2) Did the at fault party breach the duty of care owed to the injured party: Example of a breach of a general duty of care can include, driving at an unsafe rate of speed, failure to stop at a stop sign, tailgating or driving too close to the vehicle in front, inattentive driving, distracted driving including the use of cellular device while driving on the road, and driving while under the influence of an intoxicant.

(3) Causation – The breach of the duty of care needs to have been a cause of the accident.

(4) The accident resulting in harm, economic or physical, to the person bringing forth the claim.

Attorney Case Review Available Free of Charge

Our Tulare truck accident attorneys are here to assist persons who have suffered grievous injuries due to a truck related traffic collision. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you can contact us today. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and resources to make sure every claim receives the full attention required so that a maximum level of recovery is achieved. If you have any questions feel free to contact our law offices. Any questions you have regarding your case will be answered by our truck accident lawyer at no charge.



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