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Pelvic and vaginal mesh surgical implants been linked to dangerous health effects. Individuals who have undertaken vaginal mesh implant procedures and have developed post surgical side effects have the right to compensation under federal and state product liability laws.

Common Complications and serious side effects which may arise following Transvaginal Mesh surgical implantation include, perforation of the vaginal wall, perforation of the bladder, increase in infections, urinary tract infections, vaginal prolapse, and vaginal bleeding.

About Our Law Firm: Our attorney have year of knowledge and experience in handling some of the most challenging injury and defective product lawsuits in the country. Our goal is to make sure all of our clients receive the maximum financial recovery available for harm suffered due to a defective medical implant.

Wining Your Case in the Court of Law – TVM Lawsuit Guide:

Transvaginal mesh injury claims are based on a product liability cause of action. Generally there are three ways in which you can prove the presence of a defect in medical implant. (1) Defect in the original research and design of the medical device. (2) Defect in the manufacturing process resulting in the distributed medical device that poses a significantly greater risk or dangerous side effects than the original intended design. (3) Defect in the labeling of the product. Take place when manufacturers fail to place warning labels on the product of fail to properly warn the medical community and or patient of the dangers associated with the implantation of the device.

Vaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuit Information Should I Join?

Class action lawsuits take place when there are a large numbers of claimants with an identical or nearly identical cause of action against an at fault party. Class action claims require certification by way of showing the presence of four distinct elements present in the case…

1. Numerosity: The significant number of individual who have suffered harm due the use of the product.

2. Commonality: There is a common issue of fact or law present in the claims of all the class members.

3. Typicality: The claims of the class members correspond or are in line with those of the class representative.

4. Adequacy: The class representative has the legal and financial resources to take on the defendant.

Statute of Limitations – Mesh Lawsuit Filing Deadline: In the state of California that statute of Limitations for filling a product liability based lawsuit in the court of law is two years from the date of loss or the date of knowledge that the injury was the result of the use of the defective product.

List of Potential Defective Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers and Products:

1. American Medical Systems (AMS) – Apogee, Elvate, SPARC, and others.

2. CR Bard – Avualta Mesh Products

3. Boston Scientific – Pinnacle pelvic mesh

4. Ethicon / J&J – Gynecare

5. Other Smaller Producers Include – Covidien, Sofradim, Caldera, Mentor Corp.

Estimated Case Value – Mesh Lawsuit Injury Claims: One of the most common questions asked by our clients is “how much will I receive in for my case,” or “what is the average case value of a transvaginal mesh lawsuit”. Every case is unique with a differing set of factors which play a significant role a final settlement amount. Some of the most important factors are as follows..

• The severity of the injuries suffered by the patient implanted by the defective transvaginal mesh device.

• Requirement for future medical and rehabilitation care including further TVM takedown surgeries.

• Pain and suffering associated with the loss including emotional trauma and PTSD.

• Loss of wages and loss of future income capacity due to disabilities suffered.

• Availability of Punitive damage compensation.

Spousal Claims For Compensation Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers:

Cost of Hiring an Attorney to Represent You in the Court of Law: All transvaginal mesh injury cases are handled by our law firm based on a contingency fee basis meaning that our clients do not have to pay any out of pocket expenses. Our fees will be taken out only if and when there is a successful monetary resolution of your claim.

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