Sue Uber for Sexual Assault? Uber Drivers and Sexual Battery

Can You Sue Uber for Sexual Assault by its Drivers?
Ride-hailing company Uber has recently come under scrutiny in the wake of two negligence lawsuits. Two separate women have claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Uber drivers, and they claim that Uber has been historically negligent in its hiring process. They are asking for reform as well as damages.

Los Angeles resident Erica Holland claims that her driver battered her and sexually assaulted her; he grabbed her by her hair and put his hand up her skirt after picking her up for a ride. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, has filed a lawsuit on Holland’s behalf, blaming Uber’s negligence in its hiring process in part for the sexual assault of Holland and multiple other women.

Similarly, the unnamed woman in the other lawsuit, this one based in Kansas City, has said that her driver, Yakhahnahn Ammi, returned to her home after dropping her off in order to use her bathroom. The victim was intoxicated and taken advantage of throughout the night, not being immediately driven to her home. After entering her home to use her bathroom, Ammi was asked to leave, but refused. He then raped her.

It was later revealed that the driver was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for attempted murder and had a history of violent crime.

Uber has been accused of performing negligent background checks since its inception; the bar to enter the company as a driver is low, requiring a background check of only 7 years as well as not requiring fingerprints to be taken. The process itself is speedy and designed to hire as many drivers as efficiently as possible; the app and business are extremely popular, and not having enough workers harms its revenue. It has to compete with conventional taxi services, Lyft, and public transportation.

Additionally, Uber has come under fire for not taking initiative in dealing with drivers who have been accused of sexual assault. The drivers are merely blocked from using the app and accepting rides, but their information is not turned over to police; they are essentially fired without any legal repercussions for their alleged crimes. The customer support system seems to exist merely to extend revenue and not to actually help its customers, whether they are dissatisfied riders or victims of crimes.

According to Bloom, Uber’s only response to Holland’s plea was to offer her reimbursement for her ride. Bloom wishes to get as many women on board her lawsuit as she can in the hope of effecting a change in the policies and hiring process of Uber.

Claiming Negligence and Sexual Assault
Our law firm has experienced cases like this before, and we know how to handle them. Whether you want to move forward with a lawsuit claiming negligence by Uber or sexual assault by an individual driver, our team of attorneys is here to help you.

Negligence is the process of finding who is at fault for an incident. There are four elements that are crucial to winning a negligence case, and they are as follows:

Duty: You were owed a legal duty by the defendant. In this case, Uber owed you, its customer, the legal duty of protection while using its services. Its drivers are an extension of the company.

Breach: That legal duty was breached by the defendant by acting or failing to act in a way that would support it. Uber willingly allowed a driver to work for the company, despite the driver having an extensive criminal record or a history of sexual assault.

Causation: The defendant’s actions or inaction caused your injury. Here, Uber’s inaction to perform better screening for its drivers has placed hundreds of women in potential danger.

Damages: As a result of these actions, you were harmed. All of these actions by Uber contributed to your injuries and suffering.

In addition to a negligence claim against the company, you may also want to put forth a sexual assault or rape lawsuit. As a victim of sexual assault, you are entitled to compensation for injuries and damages sustained in the attack. You may desire to sue Uber for rape, or sue an Uber driver for raping you. Our law firm is empathetic to your troubles and sickened by the fact that these crimes happen, and we promise you that we will do everything we can to bring you justice.

Taking Steps to Prevent Further Crimes
The sexual assault lawsuits against Uber and its drivers have spurred a desire for there to be more safety measurements taken by the company. Fingerprinting and extensive background checks are among the requests, but there have also been shouts of cameras installed in cars, in-app panic buttons that alert police and the company to a crime or potential assault situation, and the ability to pick certain gendered drivers.

With every lawsuit, our law firm strives to not only win the case, but also change the environment and positively alter similar situations. If you contact us to help you sue Uber for sexual assault, our primary goal is to win your case and bring you the compensation you deserve. Our secondary goal is to do what we can to prevent these cases from happening again. We want our clients and everyone who uses Uber and similar companies to be safe in their travels and daily lives.

How We Can Help
Our law firm is here to help you deal with sexual assault and negligence cases relating to Uber. No company should place its customers in a path of danger, and Uber is no exception. We believe that your safety is of paramount importance and that all businesses should feel the same.

Our goal is to get you the proper compensation you need and the necessary justice against those who have committed a crime against you. Sexual assault victims are entitled to restitution for pain and suffering, abuse charges, medical treatment coverage, and lasting emotional and psychological traumas, amongst others.

We have a team of attorneys ready to fight for you in the court of law and ready to prove that no company nor individual should be allowed to get away with negligence in its practices or sexual assault.

Any legal consultation you contact us for is 100% free. We will discuss your case with you and walk you through the process. We want justice for you.

Contact us today to enact a sexual assault or negligence claim against Uber.

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