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There are few activities that we participate in daily that are as dangerous and likely to result in injuries as driving. The laws of the road are easy to follow, but you cannot expect everyone to adhere to them: many drivers are guilty of breaking the law while behind the wheel, and thousands of accidents occur each day. The majority of these accidents happen at traffic lights where drivers have been careless or reckless, and the rate of injury is very high. Our experienced lawyers at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm have argued many cases that stem from red light accidents; as such, we are experts on the subject. Our clients will call us with questions about the laws of the road and how to file a claim against a driver who ran a red light and hit them. Examples of these questions include:

  • I need an attorney to show me how to prove red light accident was not my fault. Who can I call?
  • I need information on how to prove red traffic light accident was not my fault. Who is the best lawyer?
  • Who is at fault in a red light accident?
  • Who is at fault in a traffic light accident?

Laws of a Red Light Intersection
California’s red light laws are very simple. To summarize, a driver who is facing a red light must stop at a marked limit line, before the crosswalk, or before the intersection altogether; only when the signal permits him may he proceed into the intersection. In the absence of a No Turn On Red sign, a driver may turn right onto a street provided he has obeyed all right of way laws regarding other vehicles and pedestrians. These laws also apply to turn arrows.

An important note is that it is only illegal to enter the intersection if the arrow or stoplight is red. If you entered the intersection when the arrow was green or yellow, you are legally allowed to continue through the next red light. However, you should be warned that blocking an intersection may yield fines and moving violations; California’s heavy traffic can cause intense blockages on the roads, and many drivers try to make it through the intersection. They may be unsuccessful and wind up blocking opposing traffic from the crossing, raising the potential for accidents. Some streets and districts have strict laws pertaining to blocked intersections and crosswalks, and you should take care to obey those laws wherever you encounter them.

Running a red light can bring you a heavy fine if a police officer catches you, but more than that, it poses a huge risk to other drivers traveling through the intersection. Although it is recommended for everyone to practice defensive driving, drivers do not reasonably expect someone to speed through a red light when they have the right of way and a green signal. The results can be much more devastating than merely paying a fine. Take care to obey all traffic light laws to prevent accidents.

For more information on these laws and what is illegal, feel free to talk to one of our skilled attorneys with experience in red light accident cases.

Potential Injuries
Entering an intersection when a light has turned red can result in the car getting t-boned, which can be especially lethal if the driver’s side were the main point of impact. The car can also be struck and sent careening into other traffic or nearby objects. It is not uncommon to see cars get totaled from crashes happening at controlled intersections, even if the cars were traveling at moderate speeds of 25 to 35 mph.

People who have been struck by other negligent drivers who have run red lights have seen debilitating injuries, such as broken bones, brain injuries, lacerations, amputations, internal bleeding, organ damage, and more. Recovery time on these injuries may take weeks or even months, and there may be lingering psychological effects at well. In the worst of cases, if the accident were particularly violent, those involved may even die from their injuries or be permanently injured. To file a lawsuit, contact an experienced attorney today.

Determining Fault
In many cases, the driver who was at fault in an accident was the one who illegally entered the intersection after the signal had turned red. He may have done this because of a lack of attention, was distracted by his phone, was speeding through to not catch the light, or was making a premature or misguided turn when he thought the road was clear enough.

Often, there will be witnesses who saw the crash happen; they may be other drivers, pedestrians, or civilians in stores and businesses. These witnesses can assist you in providing testimony and evidence that will accurately point out the responsible driver and circumstances surrounding the accident. Police officers can also provide reports, but it is not a guarantee that they will show up; generally, police officers only head to the scene of an accident in the event of an injury. You should still take care to get your hands on the police report if they did show up, as it will come in handy in a lawsuit.

However, there are times when there are no witnesses and no police show up to the location, and all you have is the driver’s contact information and insurance details. If you choose to pursue a claim against the responsible driver, you should undoubtedly hire legal assistance to help you, as a case with no witnesses boils down to two contradictory statements. An accomplished attorney with expertise in car accident injury lawsuits can help you determine liability.

Legal Information
Drivers who cause accidents as a result of their negligence with respect to red lights can be sued for damages resulting from injuries sustained in those crashes. All drivers have a care of duty they must provide to other people on the road; if they breach that care of duty and cause an accident and an injury, they are liable for the ensuing damages and can be held legally responsible for providing compensation.

If you have been harmed by a driver who ran a red light or was illegal moving through a controlled intersection, you may be entitled to the following damages:

  • Medical Expenses: Any and all medical fees associated with your injury, including the cost of the ambulance ride, hospitalization fees, medication, surgery costs, physical therapy, and more. Also, medical expenses are not a single cost; the responsible party can also be held responsible for any future medical treatments that you must receive on your doctor’s recommendations. For example, some surgeries may need to be performed one after another to give the best chance of recovery, but also to not totally incapacitate you while you heal.
  • Property Damage: If your car was damaged or totaled, you can collect restitution for the repair costs or have enough to put towards a new vehicle. You may also be able to use the damages to temporarily rent a vehicle from a company. Additionally, any of the belongings you had in your car that were lost, broken, or otherwise damaged can be listed as compensable. This includes laptops, cell phones, jewelry, CDs, and other personal items that may have been in the car at the time of the accident.
  • Punitive Damages: In the event that the at-fault driver was grossly negligent in his actions, he can be ordered to pay punitive damages on top of his other payments. These damages are awarded to serve as punishment and to try and prevent the driver from committing similar acts in the future; they are handed out in the absence of criminal charges, as civil claims cannot result in jail time. However, only an expert attorney who has experience in car accident cases can effectively argue for punitive damages, as many jurors and judges may see them as too extensive.

How Our Law Firm Helps
Normandie Law Firm boasts a top team of qualified lawyers with experience handling car accident claims that has been practicing law for many years. We are well versed in personal injury claims and automobile accident lawsuits, and we have encountered red light accident lawsuits numerous times. We also take pride in representing all of California: we have represented clients from Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside and Riverside County, San Diego and San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Kern County, Fresno, and Bakersfield. You are never too far to get legal assistance from Normandie Law Firm.

FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: We give all of our clients free legal consultations on their cases. One of our attorneys will gladly sit down with you and give you information on your claim and what you can expect to happen in the following months if it goes to court, as well as explain the ins and outs of determining fault in a traffic light accident. Further, we provide a zero fee guarantee when you select us to represent you: you pay no out of pocket expenses for our services. Our fees are only paid when we win your case, and they are only taken out of the settlement we have earned for you, not your own personal savings.

Reach out to Normandie Law Firm today to start filing a red light intersection accident lawsuit. A lawyer experienced in red light accident cases will be available to take your call.

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