Roommate argument police shooting – one shot dead – 8-5-2017

Police officers are not to use excessive force when handling domestic disturbance matters. If a police officer shoots and kills someone when it was unreasonable to shoot, you can sue the police agency for wrongful death. Our aggressive personal injury attorneys are always ready to file such lawsuits and get you the maximum compensation allowed under the law.

Over the weekend, a Venice resident was shot and killed at his home by police after an altercation with his roommate.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated that the man and his roommate were involved in an argument that consisted of belongings being thrown around and broken. At 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, August 5th, police journeyed to the location, the 800 block on Venice Road, and were slated to perform a “civil standby.”

They did not, however, get to do so.

Not long after arriving and without even entering the apartment, a shooting occurred, involving one of the officers and the victim. According to a witness, there were two shots fired; there is currently no information if both shots were fired from the officer or from the victim, or if the two fired one apiece.

Lt. Stevens did note that a weapon was found at the scene, but there has been no further clarification on what kind of weapon and its role in the incident.

The man later died from his injuries after being transported to a local hospital.

Personal Injury Lawsuit from an Altercation
If you have been the victim in a situation that resulted in bodily harm or placed you in harm’s way, you are encouraged to pursue legal action to seek restitution for your suffering.

There are times when an argument with a roommate, significant other, or friend gets out of control and you are injured in the altercation, or you are exposed to a mentally scarring event resulting from the incident. Pressing charges and holding the correct people responsible is the recommended course of action, as you can be covered for your damages.

Possible damages you can receive restitution for include, but are not limited to:

Medical bills – Any medical treatment you receive as a result of an assault may be eligible to be covered under the defendant’s insurance agency. This includes ambulance rides, medication, hospitalization, x-rays, surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and the like.

Loss of Income – In the event that your injury prevents you from returning to work for a period of time, you may pursue reimbursement for lost wages. If you are unable to work due to physical harm, temporary relocation, inability to travel to work, or you must take time to deal with legal and medical issues, those responsible should pay for your loss.

Property Loss – Any number of belongings can be destroyed, lost, or damaged in an altercation, and our law firm can help bring you the closest property value reimbursement for your damaged goods.

Emotional Distress – When an altercation is so impactful that you are left with psychological troubles like fear, anxiety, stress, sleep loss, and similar conditions, you may be further entitled to additional compensation for emotional damages. These damages can last long after a physical injury and may require extensive treatment thereafter.

However, not all injuries occur at the hands of a roommate or stranger. In the event that a situation is hard to control or out of hand, a police officer may feel threatened and act in such a way that he inflicts harm or even death on those involved. With use of unreasonable force or excessive force, whether by beating or shooting, the police officer may be held responsible for an unwarranted death, and be subjected to a wrongful death claim.

Excessive force by way of self defense is the leading cause of deaths at the hands of police officers. If a law enforcement officer oversteps his boundaries and does not protect the citizens, he is to be held responsible, and the department can be sued for damages. A wrongful death claim against law enforcement is necessary in order to preserve justice and fairness for the victim and the victim’s family, as well as to prevent similar incidents from happening.

If an altercation has resulted in an injury – regardless of whether the incident involved you and a roommate, a police officer, or a family member – call us at Normandie Law Firm today, and we will proudly represent you in a personal injury lawsuit.

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