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If you ever notice certain vehicles have what is called a roll cage. A roll cage is designed to prevent the roof of the vehicle from collapsing. A roll cage is outfitted to the desired vehicle in the event of rollover to prevent the roof being crushed. However, in multiple situations, we have seen the roll cage fail. This happens for two reasons, either incorrect installation or a defective roll cage. in such cases the injured party suffers often catastrophic injuries. If you have been hurt as a result of a failed roll cage, call our office in order to discuss your case.

Improper Roll Cage Installation Resulting in Serious Injuries

A roll cage is supposed to be fastened to the frame of the vehicle. Typically, the fabricator who does the installation will fasten the roll cage to the frame of the vehicle. It is important that you have the proper type of screw and bolts to keep the cage in place.

Since roll cages are installed in all types of vehicles, it is important to make sure that they are properly installed in each. For example in a off road vehicle, the type of roll cage is generally different than in a racing vehicle. Typically, each vehicle will require modifications in order to properly install it to the frame of the vehicle. In such cases you need to make sure that whoever is performing the work is qualified to install the cage to the frame of the vehicle. This will prevent detachment of the roll cage. if the roll cage is not properly attached, either to the frame or if the proper equipment is not used the roll cage will detach.

In such cases a detached roll cage will not help the roof of the vehicle from caving in. As a result the occupants will suffer serious to fatal injuries.

Roll Cage Design Defect – Product Liability Lawsuit Information

A design defect has more to do with the design of the actual roll cage. This is not as common as you would think. If the roll cage was properly installed and still failed, it is likely due to a defect in the design. This can be due to the type of metal used or the actual design of the product. In such cases you would have a direct claim against the manufacturer for the design flaw.

While this is harder to prove, it does happen when the manufacturer fails to do everything appropriately and the party is injured. In such cases a design expert will need to be consulted in order to determine what caused the product to fail. Often times you can look at the way the product was designed to test whether it can withstand the crushing force from a rollover accident.

Common Injuries Due to Accident Where the Roll Cage Failed to Protect

Injuries with crushing injuries vary. In some cases you will see serious spinal cord injuries and in other cases you will see serious brain injuries caused as a result of the accident. If the roll cage fails you will see the occupants suffer injuries, which are concentrated to the neck and brain. In such cases you will need consult with a number of different neurologist and with a group of different spinal specialist in order to identify the extent of the damage caused.

If believe that the roll cage in your vehicle failed make sure you keep evidence of the incident. DO NOT dispose of the roll cage. If you do not have the actual roll cage it will be very difficult to test whether it was defective. In such cases the most important piece of evidence is the actual roll cage and the vehicle. That way we can have our experts look over and test the product.

If you have been injured from a defective roll cage we would like to hear from you. Please contact my office for a free confidential consultation about your case.

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