Restoration Hardware Table Recall – Lead Poisoning Lawsuit

UPDATE:  Multiple victims across the county have retained our law firm to represent them for injuries and damages suffered from Restoration Hardware tables containing elevated levels of lead. Our investigation of the tables revealed elevated levels of lead present on the table. As a result children ingested lead, with pronounced and long term health issues. If you have purchased such a table you may have a claim for damages against Restoration Hardware for the injuries sustained by your children. Please feel free to contact our office in order to discuss the details of your case.

Elevated Lead Levels in Furniture Sold by Restoration Hardware

According to our investigation of the facts the top of the table is laced with lead. As a result children who were served food or played on the table had an increased chance of suffering from the incident. In certain cases parents were likely confused about what caused the actual lead ingestion. Since certain Chinese products are laced with lead, it can be confusing to determine the root cause of the problem.

In most cases you will find that the top coat of paint carries the lead particles. As a result when you have any long term use of the table, it will result in the lead particles becoming dislodged. If the paint is dislodged it will result in lose particles being ingested.

Once the lead is ingested you will have elevated levels, which will appear in the blood levels. Unlike most toxins, lead does not leave the body. Thus, any elevated levels of lead in the blood will not easily dissipate. Instead lead will stay in the system causing long term health complications. Often times the damage is far greater in children under the age of 6 years old. In such cases you may find long term cognitive deficits and potential for cancer.

Steps to Take If you or a Loved Have Suffered Lead Poising From Restoration Hardware Tables

If you have purchased this table from Restoration Hardware you may have a claim for damages. First, determine that you have actually purchased the recalled product. The exact table is the Restoration Hardware Railroad Tie and the Parsons Railroad Tie models. Each of these contained lead based paint. Below is a full list of the model numbers and products recalled.


Railroad 72 Inch Rectangle Table in Zinc




Railroad 84 Inch Rectangle Table in Zinc




Railroad 96 Inch Rectangle Table in Zinc




Railroad 108 Inch Rectangle Table in Zinc




Railroad 120 Inch Rectangle Table in Zinc




Railroad 48 Inch Round Table in Zinc




Railroad 60 Inch Round Table in Zinc




Railroad 72 Inch Round Table in Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 60 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 72 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 84 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 96 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 108 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Parsons Railroad Tie 120 Inch Rectangle Table Zinc




Even though the item is recalled, you should still maintain possession of the product. Why? Because independent testing will show and demonstrate evidence, which will only add to your case. If you happened to have returned the product, you will be unable to properly identify the lead intake.

It is also important to have the item tested. Our office will dispatch an expert to have the table tested. They will use a specific machine to test for lead samples. Additionally, they will scrape lead from the top of the table to have it sent out for testing to a lab. In such a case you will be able to lock down the liability element and the damages component.

What is my case worth – Potential Value of a Lead Poisoning Case

I think this is the most difficult question to answer. Unlike a lot of other cases the damage caused by lead is not immediately known. However, if the levels found in the blood stream are low you may not have long term health complications. Obviously a lot of other factors apply, such as the family’s history of health complications and likelihood for cancer.

To truly put a value on the case a lot of testing needs to be conducted. Testing, which will show the degree of the damage and the amount of lead ingested. In children you may find cognitive issues, behavioral problems and other related problems. If the lead levels are very high some of these issues can manifest themselves immediately.

In order to know for certain a lot testing needs to be performed. These tests will help identify the degree of damage caused. They will also help establish the extent of the injury. In cases such as lead the injury is not always visible. It will require a lot of testing to determine the extent of the damage. However, only upon making this determination can we truly evaluate the case value.

if you have purchased the above product, you may have a remedy for the injuries you sustained. You can contact our office direct in order to evaluate the claim and determine whether we have a cause to pursue. All calls are 100% confidential and free of charge. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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