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Purple is a gas delivery service which may make trips to the gas station a thing of the past. Gas stations are institutions which have remained largely unchanged and unchallenged for over 50 years. Bruno Uzzan, cofounder of the successful ride-sharing app, Uber, steps into the ring to challenge the notion of pumping gas at the station.

His newest company, “Purple”, available on iOS and Android, gives you the ability to order gas and have it delivered straight to your location. The app is currently limited to the city of Los Angeles, CA. The app functions on an on-demand notice, giving you the option to have it delivered to your location in either one or three hours. Since its launch in May, the app has gained 15,000 users.

Purple announced that in a few weeks, it will launch its most attractive feature: overnight filling. You will tell the app the exact location of your car (along with other descriptors in order to reduce the confusion that may arise), and when you wake up in the morning, you will have a full tank of gas.

This app is purely for convenience. Uzzan understands that for most, taking the trip to the gas station may not be worth the added cost of delivery. So it comes as no surprise that 80% of early adopters and users of Purple live in extremely wealthy areas of LA like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood.

Purple wants to expand up the coast of California to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Uzzan isn’t just considering gas, he believes that Purple can grow into an on-demand energy company which supplies fuel to not only gas-powered cars but electric-powered cars as well! This technology would be especially useful in areas that do not yet have good charging infrastructure.

But for the time being, Uzzan’s focus is to capture a piece of the gas station market. “40 million people stop into a gas station every day,” says he. “Even if we have only 0.1% of them, that would be 40,000 users per day.”

But as well know, gas is an extremely reactive substance and can combust with the simplest of sparks. To err is human, and so accidents may arise. The top-rated Normandie Law Firm, one of the top legal groups in Los Angeles, is here to ensure that you understand your rights and get what you are merited if your vehicle suffers damage like auto accidents and gas explosions. one of our skilled attorneys with experience in automobile injury cases will be able to assist you.

The Normandie Law Firm
The Normandie Law Firm is your Los Angeles law firm to help you deal with any accidents that may arise from the use of this app. Our Los Angeles attorneys can help you anywhere in the state of California. Car accidents and gas explosions are real possibilities when it comes to Purple. Delivery persons who work for Purple and carry the gas occupy the same roads as everyone else. This means that there is a chance that you may get into a car accident with them. Likewise, because fuel is involved there is always the risk that gas will explode and cause serious damage. Our expert lawyers with experience handling automobile injury cases at Normandie Law Firm are here to ensure that you get the necessary representation in order to get the maximum amount of damages to which you are entitled. “Damages” is the amount of money that is awarded to the plaintiff for the negligence or wrongdoing of the defendant. In this case, you’d be awarded damages because of the negligence of Purple. An attorney who has experience in automobile injuries can give you further information.

Damages Which Are Available to You
Car accidents are often very light and may not even leave a scratch on the bumper, let alone any of the drivers or passengers in the car. But there are still many accidents which cause bodily injuries which require immediate medical attention. Because of these injuries, you can be a victim of a disability which changes your lifestyle or forced to miss work and lose your wages. Since gasoline is incredibly flammable, it could catch on fire and explode – damaging your property. There are plenty of damages for which you can be compensated, and an experience attorney can help.

There is so much potential for all of these costs to add up and that is why you need a team of competent lawyers by your side – to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to cover all of the costs you are left with after the accident. An accomplished attorney with expertise in automobile injury lawsuits will be able to bring you a fair settlement. Here are the forms of compensation you can recover after an accident:

  • Bodily Injury – The accident may leave you with bodily injuries which require immediate medical treatment. Medical bills in the U.S. are incredibly high, and so you can get compensation to help cover the medical bills associated with the injuries that resulted from the crash. Injuries that can result from this are things like a severe burn injury.
  • Changes to Lifestyle – The injuries you receive from the accident may leave you with a disability which requires a lifestyle change. The compensation you recover can help cover the costs of the change required for your new lifestyle. For example, the injuries you received may have left you paralyzed from the waist down, and now you require a ramp to get in and out of your house. The compensation you receive can help pay for the purchase and installation of such a ramp.
  • Loss of Wages – If you required medical attention to deal with your injuries after the accident, you may be forced to miss work. You can get compensated for the hours you missed at your regular rate of pay.
  • Property Damage – Gas explosions can lead to a multitude of damage. Your property can be affected by the explosion of gasoline: property like your car, garage, house, or other structure which belongs to you. You can receive compensation to cover the costs or rebuilding or replacing the damaged property.

The Normandie Law Firm can help get you the maximum compensation for your troubles. Our qualified and experienced lawyers are here to bring you the compensation you deserve in the case of an accident. If you were involved in any sort of accident with Purple and require a Purple Gas accident lawyer, we can help you sue Purple for your accident, and you receive the damages to which you are rightfully entitled. We offer free consultations and a zero-fee guarantee, so there is no financial obligation or financial risk on your part. Contact a lawyer experienced in automobile injury cases today.

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