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Our Hanford law firm routinely deals with motorcycle accident lawsuits filed by victims of crashes. We know that people who get into these accidents are usually afraid and confused as to what to do next. Many instances lead to destroyed motorcycles and an inability to travel, while others result in debilitating injuries that greatly reduce the quality of life of the victims. Under California state law, you can sue for damages if you were harmed in a motorcycle accident as a result of the negligent actions of another driver. Our experienced Hanford lawyers want to help you receive the fairest compensation possible under the law, and we will do everything we can to bring you a settlement you’re proud of. Filing a lawsuit can be tricky, but you should not worry – we are here for you. Our clients often call us with questions about the legal process after a motorcycle accident; some examples of these questions include:

  • Where can I find a motorcycle accident lawyer in Hanford?
  • I need a motorcycle accident attorney in Hanford. Who should I call?
  • Who are the best California motorcycle accident attorneys?

The Dangers of Motorcycles
Motorcycles are some of the most dangerous vehicles you can drive on the road. They are much more dangerous for the individuals on the bikes than they are for the surrounding drivers. In many cases, people who strike motorcycles when they are out driving will not sustain extremely serious injuries. Car crashes usually lead to heavy damages if two cars collided or if one car were considerably larger than the other. The impact of a car accident will trigger the air bags in the car, which can save your neck from whiplash, as well as prevent your head from being thrown through the windshield. You also are held in the safe of your seat by a seatbelt; if the car rolls, you would not be thrown around inside the car or trapped under it.

A motorcycle, on the other hand, does not have these inherent safety features that a car has. There is no seatbelt present due to the fact that if an accident were to occur, you would need to exit the bike or be thrown from it to avoid being crushed or dragged along. Additionally, with how small many motorcycles are, there simply is not enough room to install other safety features.

Pair this lack of safety features with the fact that motorcycles are hard to see on the road, especially at night. Many people are accustomed to driving around other cars, and the sudden appearance of a motorcycle can jar their reflexes and mess with their actions. Many people may look only halfheartedly when examining the presence of another car in a lane, but a motorcycle takes up less space in a blind spot, so it is more likely to be struck by a vehicle changing lanes.

Further, in California, lane splitting is legal. This is the ability to travel between the narrow gaps cars leave while in traffic. Many individuals do not look behind them when they open their doors or switch lanes in slow moving traffic, which can lead to motorcycle riders getting doored or speeding into a car that has effectively taken away all space.

Fortunately, if you are involved in a motorcycle crash, an attorney in Hanford can help you receive compensation.

What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident
Immediately after you are embroiled in a motorcycle accident, you should seek medical assistance. If there were paramedics called to the scene, you can be checked on by them. For more severe injuries, you will likely need to go to the hospital. Regardless, you will need to be evaluated by someone to determine if you are healthy or if you have any hidden or unknown injuries. Some people may not be aware that they have internal bleeding or are suffering from a concussion until a test confirms it.

Next, obtain all the necessary information from the involved parties. If the police were called, you can use the police report to bolster your claim, but you should make an effort to collect insurance information from the driver who hit you, as well as his name and contact details.

It is also crucial that you compile as much evidence as you can while at the scene before any clean up happens. You should take photographs of the section of the road that you were hit on, the aftermath of the accident, the state of both your motorcycle and the opposing vehicle, witness reports and testimony, and your own injuries. Video evidence can also come in handy.

Finally, it is important that you seek the assistance of a Hanford attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents. Navigating a personal injury claim can be daunting and you may not have the time, patience, or experience needed to successfully win a settlement for yourself. Our experienced lawyers are here to help.

Proving Negligence
In order for you to successfully file a personal injury case in a motorcycle accident lawsuit, you must be able to show four points of negligence occurred. All of these points must have happened; each one is important in and of itself, but they also follow a sequential order. They are as follows:

  • You were owed a duty of care. This is universally true for all those who travel on the road. As drivers, we are bound to care for the other individuals on the street by not placing anyone in dangerous situations and by doing our best to keep everyone safe.
  • The duty was breached. This safety can be compromised in a breach of duty of care if another driver were driving recklessly. He may not have been paying attention or was using his phone, he may have been under the influence of alcohol, or he may have just ignored basic laws of the road. Actions like this place everyone else on the road in danger.
  • The breach caused an accident. By driving carelessly, the driver increased his chances of getting into an accident; a crash could have occurred merely from him speeding and not paying adequate attention to the road. This is a common cause of rear-end accidents – drivers who look down at their phones while stopping, but in the end, they misjudge the distance or speed and wind up crashing into the cars in front of them.
  • The accident resulted in actual physical injuries. It is crucial that this point is fulfilled if you want to successfully file a lawsuit based on negligence. If you were injured but no physical injuries happened, you likely won’t be able to sue. In court, photographs of your injuries and medical records by your doctor or hospital can showcase these injuries.

We recommend reaching out to one of our Hanford motorcycle accident attorneys for assistance in proving these points.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims
Our lawyers can help you earn a settlement for your injuries from a motorcycle accident. There are numerous types of compensation you can earn, including:

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage of surgery, hospitalization, ambulatory transportation, physical therapy, medication, and more. Additionally, future medical treatments that are required because of lasting or complicated injuries can be covered.
  • Lost Wages: You may need to take extended time off work if your injury were particularly severe. You can be reimbursed for missed wages during this time. If your injury requires you to be treated in the future as well, you’ll be reimbursed for those missed earnings, too.
  • Property Damage: Your personal belongings that were damaged in the accident can be repaired or replaced, monetarily. Your motorcycle may have been mangled and other items may have been broken.
  • Pain and Suffering: These noneconomic damages do not have exact dollar amounts attached to them, so they are harder to calculate and award. However, you can be given compensation for your emotional and mental damages, including PTSD, psychological trauma, fear, anxiety, and more.

Don’t hesitate to call a Hanford lawyer today. We can help you earn the maximum settlement under the law for your motorcycle accident.

Normandie’s Role in Your Case
Our team of empathetic lawyers at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm is here to make sure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries in a motorcycle accident. We will aggressively pursue the fairest restitution for you and will not stop until you are satisfied with the result. Call us today for a free legal consultation with an experienced attorney and you can get answers to all of your questions.

By choosing us to represent you, you also receive a zero fee guarantee on your case. You will not be required to pay any out of pocket expenses throughout the whole litigation process. Our fees are taken out of the settlement we earn for you if we win – and if we lose, we eat all the costs of the case ourselves, and you owe us nothing at all.

Contact the Normandie Law Firm today to speak to a Hanford lawyer with experience in motorcycle accident cases.

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