Panasonic 55” Inch Television Recall Due to Unexpected Tip Over Risk

Panasonic, the technology giant, has recalled its 55-inch flat screen LED/LCD television. The television features tabletop swivel stands and mounting capabilities. However, the screws that stand to the television are faulty; they can loosen, allowing the television to unexpectedly tip over. This is a serious hazard to small children, who may unknowingly play near the televisions or try to turn them on, only for the televisions to fall from their stands and gravely injure or entrap the children.

The televisions were called January 19th, 2018. Thankfully, only 755 were recalled (with 150 more recalled from Canada), and no injuries were reported throughout its distribution, which was from July 2012 to March 2014. The televisions were manufactured in Mexico and sold out of Panasonic’s Newark, New Jersey, centers, as well as online. The primary customers who bought these televisions were schools, government buildings, and hotels. Families who purchased the televisions should contact Panasonic for more information, as well as disassemble the television from its stand and store it somewhere away from children to prevent possible injuries from occurring.

Panasonic’s televisions are black with the name of the company on the front, while the swivel stands the televisions balance on are glossy black and a few inches shorter than the televisions themselves.

The recall does not include a rebate or a trade in. Contact Panasonic and provide the model number, which is TH055LRU50, for a repair kit. The repair kit will prevent the screws from prematurely loosening and causing the television to tip over.

Injuries from Falling Televisions
The primary risk of falling televisions lies in damage that can happen to young children. Children may try to turn on the televisions, climb on furniture, play near the stands, or else be near the entertainment center in which the televisions are mounted. Adults may also be injured by these televisions, but to a lesser extent. Children are likely to be underneath the televisions, and they can suffer head injuries if the objects come loose. Adults, on the other hand, may only suffer cuts and bruises or fractured or broken feet due to not being below the stands.

If your child suffers a head injury from a falling television, you should seek emergency help immediately. There is a chance that brain hemorrhaging can occur, as well as internal bleeding, concussion, brain damage, and more. The televisions are not light, and even a fall of a few feet can be severely damaging to a child.

Other injuries, such as broken bones from the weight of the falling object or cuts and lacerations from the broken glass, can be treated by a doctor as well, but they may not be as serious.

Similarly, adults who are injured may be able to forego medical treatment for a few hours in order to clean up the area and prevent the television from causing further damage. However, waiting can be detrimental to your claim.

Important Details about Recalled Products
When a company recalls a product, it may occasionally request that you return the item. Do not do this! If you return the product, you will have lost the most important piece of evidence in your claim if you choose to pursue a product liability lawsuit. You should take a replacement if possible, but hold on to the item you have.

You should not try to fix the item yourself or mess with it in any way. The company may send you a repair kit, but if you try to fix the item, the company can claim that you caused the damages because you were tinkering with it, and there is no way of knowing when the injuries occurred or whose fault it could be.

It is important that you seek medical treatment as quickly as possible so there are no gaps in time between treatment and the injury. The longer you wait, the more it will appear that you were healthy enough to continue living and the product’s malfunction had a negligible effect on your physical well-being.

Of course, you should hold on to any receipts that came with the purchase of the product, whether in paper form or in email form. This will show that you are the rightful owner of the item and that you did in fact buy it.

Who to Blame?
Generally, defective products malfunction due to the negligent actions of someone at the company. There may be a design flaw that was not addressed or fixed in the conceptualization process, which could lead to various malfunctions and injuries; a manufacturing defect, which would happen if equipment temporarily stops working or if there were issues with the creation of the product, all of which went unobserved; or a failure to include warning labels on the product, which could be true if the company did not think to affix any stickers that claim the item is dangerous or could cause harm.

Our attorneys can help you sue the responsible party for your product liability claim. You can earn coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

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