How to Negotiate Accident Settlement with Geico – Negotiating Tips

If you have been injured in an accident and need to contact GEICO to file a claim, you should make sure that you are adequately prepared for what will likely be a long drawn-out process. Insurance agencies are not keen to pay out any restitution if they can help, but if they are clearly in the wrong and are forced to, they will lowball you an offer and attempt to bully you into taking it. It can be very difficult to negotiate with insurance agencies, especially because they have no legal obligation to pay you unless a court forces them to; they can legally deflect your claim, deny you, hang up on you, and more. In their eyes, they are saving themselves and their business partners money; the truth of the matter is they are lowering the quality of life of everyone involved, as the lack of proper compensation can cause additional problems and further harm the lives of individuals. Here at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm, our clients will call our experienced lawyers asking for help in negotiating with GEICO insurance agents in an attempt to receive their fair compensation. They ask us what the best negotiation tactics against GEICO Insurance are and how to negotiate an injury settlement claim with GEICO Insurance. Other examples of questions include:

  • I need tips on how to negotiate an accident claim with GEICO. Who can I call?
  • I need information on how to settle an accident injury claim with GEICO. What do I do?
  • I need help on how to negotiate with an insurance adjuster. Where can I get a free consultation?

Why Negotiate on Behalf of Yourself?
Insurance agencies like GEICO represent millions of customers and businesses. When an accident happens, they are the point of contact between involved parties. Their goal is to save money and not give any up, so naturally, they will do everything in their power to deny you compensation. There are some instances where it would be in your favor to avoid a lawyer and fight for your own compensation.

For instance, if you have previous legal experience or have negotiated with insurance companies before, you may find it more beneficial to use your own skills. This comes in handy if you do not want to pay a lawyer any fees or if you are confident in your own abilities. However, this route takes time and money; there are sometimes many extra costs and people to hire, and you may need to miss work for court dates or sit-downs with the insurance agency. If self-representation would be a large financial burden on you, you may want to consider an attorney with experience in negotiating with GEICO.

If you are involved in a small accident, such as a car accident, that only results in damaged property or such, you may find it easier to negotiate with GEICO yourself. Similarly, in cases where you believe the defendant is clearly at fault and you have more than enough evidence to prove this, you may wonder why you need a lawyer at all. Additionally, in cases where you have suffered small injuries, as in minor slip and fall accidents or fender benders, self-representation is a good option. However, if you sustained severe injuries that limit your mobility, it will be difficult for you to pull off all the negotiating, and you may further worsen your condition by adding stress to your life. Contact an expert attorney who has experience in GEICO insurance claims for tips.

The Keys to Self-Representation
The best negotiation tactics to use against GEICO insurance for a car accident or similar claim are essentially the tactics a lawyer with experience in fighting GEICO insurance company would use. You should make sure to have:

  • Amply documented evidence of your injuries, the damaged property, and the accident scene. You will need to have all of the information you can.
  • Corroborating reports. If you can get your hands on a police report, any medical records and doctor’s notes, eyewitness testimonies, and others, you will have a stronger case, and GEICO will have a harder time denying your claim.
  • An estimation of compensation. You should have done some calculating and determined the costs of your damages, including medical expenses, property damage, and non-economic suffering. This is so that you have an offer to give to GEICO, forcing them to make a counteroffer.

If you have all of these things, you can send a demand letter to GEICO explaining why they are liable for your damages, the extent of said damages, and what you are seeking. You can provide them with a number to reach you at and start the negotiation process. The most important part of negotiating with GEICO yourself is not giving up.

GEICO and other insurance agencies will, of course, lowball you and try to get you to accept a ridiculously low or unfair offer, but they will also avoid negotiation at all costs. The more persistent and adamant you are about speaking to an agent or to a manager, the more likely it is for you to get a fair settlement.

Keep in mind that, if all else fails, you are able to take the company to court to fight for your compensation. However, you should pay attention to the statute of limitation laws (2 years for personal injury claims, for instance) for one, and take note that there is a huge risk in going to court. If you elect to settle out of court, you are guaranteed compensation; going to trial means leaving the verdict up to a jury, and there is the chance they will side with GEICO and leave you with a total loss. For more information that you may require, reach out to a skilled attorney with expertise in GEICO injury lawsuits.

The Upside of Legal Help
If you are persistent about representing yourself when negotiating with GEICO, it is still recommended that you contact a qualified lawyer who has experience handling GEICO claims for a consultation to make sure all of your bases are covered. It will be devastating to your case if a piece of evidence can be used against you or if you are missing an integral aspect of the argument. Find an attorney with an expertise in GEICO insurance company negotiation before you attempt to file a claim yourself.

There are some upsides to finding a lawyer, however. Self-representation takes a lot of time, money, and energy, and if you were injured, your time should be spent healing and recovering, not stressing yourself out trying to win compensation. If you have been injured to such an extent that you cannot work or need to visit the doctor often, it would be wise to find an attorney.

With regards to auto accidents, it may be wise to hire a lawyer if you have sustained injuries. Lawyers do not need tips for negotiating with an insurance adjuster; their jobs are predicated on earning settlements. They are experienced in every kind of truck accident claim, can help you file a car accident lawsuit, have taken on numerous motorcycle accident injury cases, and more. Sometimes, the best route to getting compensation out of a car accident settlement is to find an accomplished lawyer experienced in GEICO cases.

Picking an Attorney
Unfortunately, insurance companies are not fair and if you try to fight them alone, you will end up with the short end of the stick because of the difference in experience and expenses. You will need the skills of an experienced attorney who has strategies to negotiate with and fight GEICO to get the maximum amount of money. Our top attorneys with experience in GEICO cases have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies, and we are willing to take your case to court if we need to.

FREE CONSULTATION AVAILABLE FOR YOU: If you already have made a decision and want to take on your claim yourself, we implore you to come to us for a second opinion. We will give you our honest outlook on what we believe you can earn and how strong your case is. If you waver on your decision, you can receive a free consultation and hear our side. Our attorneys will be glad to tell you what we believe we can bring you in a settlement and why you should let us do the legwork, especially if you’ve sustained an injury. Further, we will not ask you for any money throughout the litigation process. Our zero fee guarantee is in place to guarantee that you do not pay any funds out of pocket for our services; our payment comes from the settlement itself. GEICO essentially pays for your attorney fees. If we lose your case, we eat all the costs ourselves, and you owe us nothing whatsoever. Contact Normandie Law Firm today to speak to an experienced attorney who is an expert at handling GEICO insurance agents.

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