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Car Accident Lawyer Modesto CA

A qualified Modesto car accident lawyer is needed if you have been involved in a car accident in Modesto and need an attorney to protect your rights. Modesto encompasses a diverse population of residents from across the racial, ethnic, and economic spectrum. Residents of our city feel proud to be members of this community. Unfortunately for some of our residents tragedy can strike due to an auto accident resulting in severe injuries, damage to property and loss of much needed income. In a time of need our experienced attorneys will be able to guide you and provide you with the legal representations needed to make sure you receive the compensation deserved. Our top law firm is uniquely qualified in assisting victims of auto accidents because injury cases are all we do.


Below you will find important information regarding auto accidents and how to maximize the financial recovery you are entitled to. If you have been involved in an auto accident and have any legal questions or if you would like to speak with an experienced attorney feel free to contact our law firm.  You can speak with an accomplished attorney with expertise in car accident injury lawsuits regarding your case free of charge.

What to Do – 7 Steps to Protecting Your Right to Recovery

The steps you take immediately following an auto accident can play a significant role in determining the viability of your case and the amount of compensation you are able to receive. Below you will find seven steps that should be taken if you have been involved in an auto accident. Please note that these seven steps should be taken in an ideal situation, but if you failed to take some of these steps, that does not mean that your case is ruined. You may still have a viable case. Contact our law firm to find out more. Below you will find the seven steps:

  1. If injured or hurt in any way seek medical attention right away.
  2. Contact the local police agency; make sure they arrive at the location of the accident and fill out a traffic accident report (TCR).
  3. DO NOT speak with the other party regarding who was at fault. Only speak with the police officer and make sure they take down your account of the facts surrounding the accident.
  4. Gather information: Take down the drivers license, insurance information and registration information of the at fault party.
  5. Witness information / Evidence: If there are any witnesses take down their contact information including their name and phone number. Take pictures of the accident including any roadway defects, stop signs, intersections, and pictures of other vehicles involved in the accident.
  6. DO NOT speak with any insurance adjusters or representatives regarding the accident. Any comments you make to them will only be used against you to reduce or eliminate your chances of recovery.
  7. Get legal help: Contact a skilled car accident attorney in Modesto with experience handling auto accident claims so that you can learn about your legal rights.

10 Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents on Modesto Roads

Some of the most common causes of auto accidents include the following.

  • Failure to stop at a stop sign or red light at an intersection.
  • Driving while distracted, or driving while using a mobile device.
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant of alcohol.
  • Driving at an excessive rate of speed.
  • Tailgating – or driving too close to the vehicle in front / failure to maintain proper distance.
  • Failure to properly inspect and maintain a vehicle.
  • Defective roadway conditions.
  • Construction on the road – failure to reduce speed in construction zones.
  • Defective roadway designs and conditions.

Dangerous Intersections in the City of Modesto

A large proportion of accidents on our roads take place on major intersections. Below is a list of some of the most accident prone intersections in Modesto.

  • Intersection of 6th and 1st Street: According to data from the Modesto Police Department there were approximately 15 accidents in 2016 resulting in 19 injury claims.
  • Intersection of Coffee Road and Floyd Avenue: In 2015 this intersection witnessed 14 accidents resulting in 16 personal injury claims.
  • Intersection of Pelandale and Sisk: According to recent data there were 13 accidents resulting in 10 injury claims.
  • Intersection of Coldwell and Tully: In 2015 there were 13 accidents resulting in 13 injury claims.

Knowing When to File a Lawsuit – Statute of Limitations for Auto Accidents in California

California state law affords a specific time period for a person who wishes to file a lawsuit in the court of law. The specific time period with which to file a lawsuit in dependent on the type of claim that is being presented to the court. Auto accidents, like most personal injury claims require a claimant to file a civil lawsuit within 2 years from the date of loss. Persons under the age of 18 have two years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a lawsuit in the court of law. If you feel you may be eligible for any exceptions to the statute of limitations, consult with an expert attorney who has experience in car accident cases.

  • Bus and other public transportation claims: Claims against public entities are a different story. Victims must first file an administrative review claim within six months from the date of the accident. In most cases administrative claims are denied however. Once there is a denial or rejection of the claim a victim will have another 6 months from the date of the denial to file a lawsuit in civil court.

Recovery Available – What is the Value of an Auto Accident Case

Once of the most often asked questions asked by our clients concerns the potential settlement value of their case. There are various factors which can play a role in establishing the amount of compensation you are able to receive. For more information, call a lawyer experienced in car accident cases in Modesto. We have a detailed list of the most significant factors here.

  • The specific diagnosis of the injuries suffered.
  • Present and future medical costs associated with your injuries.
  • Losses of income and future earning losses and reductions in income caused by the long term consequences of the injuries you have suffered.
  • Level of pain and suffering experienced by the victim.
  • The percentage of liability which can be placed on the at fault party.
  • Where punitive damages will be available; in the state of California courts have often granted the issuance of punitive damages in cases where the at fault party acted in extreme disregard for the life and health of others while operating a motor vehicle.
  • The coverage limits of the insurance company: In California motorists on the road are required to purchase liability insurance with a minimum coverage limit of 15 thousand dollars for each person injured and 30 thousand dollars for all injured parties. However many purchase insurance policies greater than that amount. Commercial vehicles often carry insurance policies in excess of one million dollars. Public entity vehicles carry a virtually unlimited insurance policy limit.

Common Injuries Suffered by our Clients

Based on year of data collected from the thousands of clients we have helped our offices have compiled a list of the most common injuries resulting from car accidents. Below is a list of the top 10 most common injuries resulting from auto accidents.

  • Whiplash injury – Insurance companies will often argue that a whiplash is soft tissue and not a major injury. However whiplash injuries often result in serious long term or permanent spinal cord damage.
  • Lower back – lumbar injuries: Victims that are suffering from lower back pain may also experience severe nerve pain rung into their legs. Diagnosed as radiculopathy, this injury stems from damage to the nerves in the spinal canal that extend into the leg.
  • Orthopedic injuries: Broken bones are common injuries resulting from accidents on the roads. Common areas of broken bones include ankle fractures, fracture to the hand and wrist, cracked ribs, and broke fibula.
  • Torn ligaments and joints: Usually rotator cuff tears, and tears to the knees ACL and MLC.
  • Facial injuries: Including facial lacerations from broken glass, facial palsy, broken nose, damage to the ear resulting in tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ear), jaw pain often diagnosed as TMJ injury.

Attorney Consultation Available Free of Charge

Our top-rated attorneys with experience in car accident cases in Modesto are available to assist you in your auto accident claim any time of day or night including weekends and major holidays. Unlike most other law firms we are uniquely equipped with the experience, knowledge and resources to make sure your claim receives the utmost level of attention. Feel free to reach out to us by calling our offices or filling out our online free case evaluation form. All legal consultations and case reviews are provided by our experienced lawyers free of charge.



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Client Testimonials

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