Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Misconduct Lawsuit Info

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Claims of Deputy Misconduct July 25, 2017
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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating allegations that were brought up which involves a deputy and members of the Department’s youth mentoring program, known as “cadets.”

The Department discovered the alarming and disturbing claims while they conducted a countywide review of the agency’s Explorer program and, according to the Department in a statement released on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, appear to be isolated.

Officials said that the Department has opened administrative and criminal investigations into the alleged misconduct by the deputy.

The misconduct was towards the Sheriff’s Explorer program, which is a volunteer opportunity for about 400 people. The age of those volunteers ranges from 14 through 20, and it a program that is meant to build confidence and maturity while also learning about law enforcement and how it works as a profession. It is meant to take these kids without troubled youths and lives, and help make them whole people and positive contributors to society.

The investigation follows a scandal in which a Los Angeles Police Department’s officer was charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old member of the Sheriff’s Explorer program. The entire ordeal only discovered after three of the cadets were caught riding in stolen police vehicles. It appears that the perpetrator, one of the deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had sex with one of the cadets, and then helped them steal a few police cars in order them to go joy-riding.

“While the alleged involved employee was not directly assigned to the oversight or management of the Explorer program, any proven criminal or other acts of misconduct that violate public trust, and that of our Explorer program, and which jeopardize the hard work and years of service that have been put into building our revered Explorer program, will not be tolerated,” said the official statement of the Sheriff’s Department.

The disturbing allegations have brought to light what does and does not work in the Sheriff’s Explorer program and how the LAPD keeps track of its cars and other police equipment.

LAPD officials, who are still in the midst of investigating the incident, do not believe that any other deputies were involved and have not taken any action to discipline the supervisors who oversaw Cain or the cadet program.

The program is meant to help kids become better, whole people, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. “We’re not just going to pick perfect children that come from solid upbringings with no baggage, no history.” The program stated that the large majority of the cadets are good kids and hopes to make amends for the incidents which occurred.

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