Lawsuit for CRPS Due to Dog Bite

Every year approximately 4.7 million Americans suffer personal injury as a result of dog attacks each year. Amongst this vast number of children are considered the most vulnerable group of individuals to be seriously injured by dogs. Personal injury caused by dog attacks on their own can be a traumatic experience on its own. On top of the physical stress a victim can experience, the emotional stress can also be worth compensation. However, in cases where Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRSP) is diagnosed as a result of a dog attack, the victim of said attack is eligible for a sizeable compensation. CRSP is a disorder that can not only cause residual chronic, physical pain but also result in exuberant medical expenses as treatment requires multiple hospital visits. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with CRPS as a consequence of a dog bite, you may want to retain legal assistance in pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party, or in this case dog owner. At Normandie Law Firm, our team of legal experts can walk you through the process of pursuing proper compensation. Please, don’t hesitate to call our law offices.

What is CRPS
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRSP is a neuroinflammatory disorder that causes a severe chronic pain that currently has no cure. CRSP is developed through direct or indirect injury of a nerve. Usually, the pain caused by CRSP is far more intense than what was caused by the original wound, and can often lead to extensive medical care and debilitating pain that can completely alter a victim’s life. Early diagnoses can help in lessening the severity of CRSP however, diagnosing the disorder can often be difficult as the symptoms between each case are not always the same and do not always occur at the same rate of affliction. Some symptoms of CRSP are listed below:

  • The Abnormal growth of hair or nails
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic pain of the affected area
  • Abnormal swelling of the affected area
  • Limited range of motion
  • General muscle weakness

The exact cause of CRSP is unknown to the medical community, which can prove to be a significant hurdle in claiming compensation for damages caused by CRSP. However, two types of causes bring on CRSP. Type 1, which follows an injury that doesn’t directly damage a nerve, and type 2 which is caused by direct damage to a nerve. Type 1 is far more common than Type 2 as it occurs in about 90% of CRSP cases. Meanwhile, Type 2 is far rarer and typically involves a wide variety of factors from amputations to sprained ankles.

The wide range surrounding CRPS diagnoses is one of the main reasons why medical opinion on the legitimacy of CRSP cases is so controversial. Therefore, pursuing a lawsuit of CRPS can be particularly challenging. To pursue any case of CRPS, it is recommended that a victim retains the legal expertise of a well versed personal injury attorney.

Dog Bites
If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, there are certain steps that need to be taken to protect your legal rights. Below is a list of these vital steps:

  1. Immediately identify the dog that bit/attacked you
  2. Locate the dog’s owner.
  3. Record the owner’s information. This includes name, address, and telephone number.
  4. Locate witnesses of the attack and get the witnesses’ information.
  5. File an incident report with Animal Services or local Law Enforcement
  6. Take photographs of your injuries and any damaged assets
  7. Seek out appropriate medical treatment

If a dog has bitten you or a loved one, the owner is strictly liable for any sustained injuries or damages. Even if the owner was not aware of their dog’s propensity to attack, they are still held responsible for the dog’s actions. Dog bites and attacks can be physical, emotionally, and at time financially intensive on the victim. If the victim has also been diagnosed with CRSP as a result of the dog bite, then this is made doubly so. CRSP is a severe disease that has no cure, and the compensation that comes with the infliction of this disorder can be quite significant for the victim.

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