Infiniti caught on video causing a crash – BMW stuck under a big rig – 10 freeway 8-9-2017

Driver Captured on Video Causing Violent Collision Sought After

Our law firm is currently investigating an accident that occurred on Wednesday, August 9, 1017.

The California Highway Patrol is searching for the driver of an Infiniti that was caught on video causing a severe collision which left a BMW stuck under a big rig on the 10 freeway around the Colton area earlier this week.

The crash occurred around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, on the 10 West between the Riverside and Pepper Avenue exits according to Alan Parcero’s Facebook post. His mother was driving the BMW at the time of the crash.

Madis Tolentino reported that she had left work and was on her way home to Ontario when she encountered the two vehicles which she believes were participating in a drag race.

“From my perspective,” Tolentino accounted, “when I was seeing them both kind og trying to get to the first spot I guess, in my heart I believe that they were racing.”

A dashcam video captured the horrific moment in which Tolentino’s BMW was cut off and side-swiped by the Infiniti in question, causing it to hit a sedan adjacent to them and veer into a big rig truck. The BMW ended up pinned underneath the truck for a short distance.

“Seeing it made me realize even more so ow grateful I am to come out of something like that,” Tolentino reported.

The sedan which the BMW hit, stopped next  to the center divider while the driver of the Infiniti fled the scene and never returned.

Jose Rios was driving on the freeway at the time, and captured the video of the terrifying crash on a camera that was placed behind his vehicle. In a phone interview, he said that “This guy . . . has regards for nobody on the freeway.”

When Rios witnessed the events which took place behind him, he had his girlfriend call 911 and he, too, pulled over to help the BMW.

Tolentino suffered minor injuries, including some cuts and bruises. She also reported that she’s had a good amount of anxiety since the crash.

They have not yet located the driver, though they have a good idea of who was behind the wheel at the time.

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