How To Obtain A Traffic Collision Report from the Glendale Police Department

A traffic accident report is written by the police officer present at the scene of an accident. This report usually details the involved parties, contains witness claims, and offers the facts of the situation. It also may have the officer’s input on the accident and what he believes had occurred. These reports are processed by the police department of the city you are in and can be obtained at a later date after they have been processed and inputted into the system.

Glendale Police Department is one of the facilities that has recently moved to online record viewing.

The department is partnered with LexisNexis, which is an online service that compiles and releases police reports to those who can request them. The secure website offers the chance for victims, defendants, and attorneys to obtain traffic accident reports for a nominal fee, which may be less expensive than going to the department in person.

One of the benefits of requesting a report online is the ease of the transaction. Once your payment has been accepted and the report is cleared to be released (usually after a minimum of seven days’ processing time), it is as simple as sending a request and downloading the document to your computer.

On the other hand, those who do not want to use LexisNexis to procure a copy of the traffic report can still visit the Records Bureau at the Glendale Police Department in person during normal business hours (10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). This option is accompanied by waiting in line at the facility and paying a fee of $16 for the report.

Usage of a Police Report
A traffic accident report can be used to provide proof of an accident and liability to your insurance agency, as well as be used as evidence in a dispute. You may find it much more difficult to try and seek compensation for your injuries or damaged property if you do not have a police report handy. Your only other options in these situations would be witness reports, personal statements, and photographic or video evidence; as compelling as these may be, a hard piece of documentation from a government entity can greatly increase your chances of earning a settlement.

You may merely want the report for your own personal documentation, or your attorney may want it to ease your claim process. Often, attorneys will present police reports to insurance agents with the intention of showing them the extent of the damages and who was responsible for the incident. If there is no agreement or settlement, then your attorney may take your case to court. It should be known, however, that police reports are inadmissible in court.

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