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If you have you suffered medical malpractice after going into surgery to remove a hernia, then you may be subject to compensation and be in need of an expert lawyer experienced in hernia malpractice cases. Our top law firm has ample experience with medical malpractice cases, especially as they relate to surgical errors and negligence on part of the doctors and their staff. Our accomplished attorneys with experience in hernia malpractice cases can sue the surgeon, other doctors in the operating room, and even the hospital for negligence.

Hernia repair surgeries are considered one of the most common surgeries performed in the US, with nearly half a million surgical repairs performed annually. The likelihood of a surgical error during the operation is far greater than one might think. Hernias occur when tissue or part of an organ such as the bladder or the intestines push through either a tear or weak spot in the muscles that make up your abdomen.

Hernias usually come in five forms: Hiatal, Inguinal, Incisional, Umbilical, and Abdominal or Ventral. Hiatal hernias tend to occur in the stomach, while Inguinal hernias occur in the groin or genital area. Abdominal or ventral hernias usually occur in the abdominal walling, while Umbilical hernias occur in or around the navel. Lastly, Incisional hernias occur at a point of the incision from a previous injury or surgery. Usually, hernias occur in people who have a hereditary predisposition, although injury, surgery, obesity, and pregnancy can all be the source of a hernia. Whether you have suffered from malpractice complications from the surgical removal of a hiatal or an inguinal hernia, you may have a case for a botched hernia surgery lawsuit. An attorney who has experience in hernia malpractice cases can help.

Treatment of a Hernia
Typically, treatment of a hernia is performed through a reparative surgery which, depending on the severity of a hernia, can be quite difficult for a victim to heal from. When there is an error in the surgical procedure, that may require the victim to go back in for further surgery which can extend medical expenses and possibly hinder current or future income.

The process of hernia surgery involves a shifting of the tissue that has come out of place and a repair of the abdominal wall. Doctors will often recommend surgery to avoid a potentially dangerous complication. Inguinal hernias are particularly dangerous as they come as a result of strangulation of the intestines which cuts off vital blood flow. There are two forms of surgical procedures that go into hernia removal. There are the more traditional ‘open’ surgeries, wherein a surgeon will open up a patient and perform the hernia removal, or the less invasive process of removing the hernia through a small incision with an assortment of surgical instruments. While both processes are effective, they are used interchangeably depending on the type and size of a hernia.

Hernia repair surgery is performed using a variety of products that help keep a hernia from reopening. These products vary greatly, from basic sutures to biologic grafts. To simplify things, hernia repair products can be easily placed into two categories: synthetic and biologic. Synthetic products are manmade, while biologic binds are donated from other individuals. Knowing which product was used in your hernia operation will help us categorize your case, and allow for the compensation that you deserve.

Unfortunately, the surgical removal of a hernia presents risks that could complicate the surgery. Some of those risks include:

  • An infection of the skin
  • A stopping or slowing in the function of the intestines
  • Build up of fluid within the abdominal wall
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Hernia reoccurrence
  • Intestinal Injury
  • Nerve entrapment

Sometimes people do not even realize they have become victims of a botched surgical hernia removal until years later after they start to feel pain or undergo an examination because of some other medical reason. Fortunately, if you or a loved one have suffered from a botched hernia removal surgery, then you may be entitled to compensation. A skilled lawyer with experience handling hernia malpractice claims can help win you a sizeable settlement.

Should I Contact A Hernia Operation Malpractice Attorney?
To help you determine whether or not you need to reach out to a qualified hernia operation error malpractice attorney in Los Angeles, see if any of these following questions apply to you and your case.

  • Did your doctor misdiagnose or fail to diagnose your condition, which has resulted in missed treatment opportunities?
  • After your surgery were you given a delayed diagnosis of intestinal perforation?
  • Did a medical professional prescribe the wrong hernia mesh product?
  • Did any serious errors occur during the time of your operation, such as operating on the wrong part of the body or leaving an object inside of the patient?
  • After your surgery was, you diagnosed with nerve entrapment as a result of medical negligence?
  • Did you experience spermatic cord injury as a result of medical negligence?
  • Did negligence of your health care provider, doctor, or other medical professional result in any serious or permanent physical and/or emotional injuries?
  • Did a defect in the product cause further injury?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may have a case for a hernia surgical mistake lawsuit.  Determining whether the source of your problem is the manufacturer of your hernia mesh product or a result of a surgical error, can expedite the process of resolving your case and giving you much deserved compensation. An experienced attorney can help you move forward with the legal process.

For instance, in May 2016, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon recalled its Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh product because it caused an increased risk of harmful side effects. One of these side effects included higher rates of reoccurring and reopening when compared to other similar hernia repair products. If you or a loved one has suffered from serious complications after having hernia repair surgery between 2010 and 2016 you may be eligible for financial compensation from the manufacturer.

How We Can Help
You shouldn’t have to take on the task of fighting for your hernia surgical mistake lawsuit alone. You or a loved one should not have to suffer the side effects of a botched hernia repair surgery without suitable compensation.  The recurrence of hernias and the chronic pain of said recurrence can leave victims with residual physical and emotional stress. On top of the medical expenses that arise from the surgery itself, having to pay for a reparative surgery should not come out of your pocket. Choose the top-rated Normandie Law Firm to help fight your case, so you don’t have to. We are a team of passionate and experienced lawyers who are willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure we win your case. We negotiate the fairest terms and keep you up to date along with the way, so there are no missing details.

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