Goleta Amtrak Station Train Accident 7-26-2017 Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Our law firm is currently investigating the possibility of wrongful death lawsuits and other personal injury related claims against defendants in a train accident that happened on July 26, 2017 in Goleta, California.

In Goleta on Wednesday, a woman waiting at the Amtrak station was struck and killed by a Northbound train. The accident occurred July 26, less than a week after a 51-year-old man, Edmund Backus, was killed while riding his bike at the same Santa Barbara station. His death was ruled an accident, as he was wearing headphones while riding and was hit from behind.

The victim, Ester Lopez de Reyes, was a 65-year-old Goleta resident. According to police, she stepped in front of the train for unknown reasons just before being struck; authorities are still investigating and putting together information from eyewitnesses, however, and the true cause of the collision has not yet been determined.

Wrongful Death Claims
Deaths at train stations may be the fault of the station’s management for not imposing security measures or features, the negligence of other passengers, or the train operator for making an error while conducting. In these cases, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to the liability of another person, but not with any intent; negligence, ignorance, or inaction are usually attributed to a wrongful death, while intentional actions like assault and battery are grounds for murder. Wrongful deaths are filed by family members on behalf of the deceased.

Possible settlements for wrongful death include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of wages and support, burial costs, and hospital and medical care costs.

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