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Accidents caused by defective traffic lights and signals result in thousands of car accidents and hundreds of fatalities in the United States. Victims can include motorists and their passengers, pedestrians, motorcAttorney for Auto Accident Cases Caused by Defective Traffic Lightsyclists, and pedestrians. Victims of accidents caused by defective roadway conditions, including non-working traffic lights, may have the right to seek compensation from all liable parties, including government entities. Contact one of our skilled attorneys with experience in defective traffic signal cases for help.

State and City Liability for Defective Traffic Signals and Traffic Lights

Under California law, liability on the part of a government entity would be established if the public entity, 1. Fails to provide for traffic regulatory warning signals that are necessary to properly warn of a dangerous condition which endangers the safe movement of traffic. (AND) 2. The dangerous condition on the road would not be reasonably apparent to, and would not have been anticipated by, a  person exercising due care.

Common Types of Improper Traffic Lights Resulting in Accidents:

  • Lights being displaced or damaged by high winds or other climatic conditions. Under the government tort claims acts a government entity such as CALTRANS would not be liable unless when the hazard is not reasonably apparent and would not be anticipated by a motorist.
  • Malfunctions light signals due to improper installations and maintenance.
  • Conflicting traffic lights – where a green light shows up on both sides of an intersection.
  • Traffic lights with insufficient walk time for pedestrians.

If any of these improper lights caused you to be injured in a car accident, contact one of our expert attorneys with experience handling defective traffic light accident claims.

What if I was Partially At Fault for the Accident?

A common question asked by individuals involved in auto accident revolves around partial fault. Contributory negligence laws in the state of California allow for individuals who were partially at fault to recover for their damages. However, potential recovery for damages incurred will be based on the percentage of fault allocated to each party.

Here is how it Works: If the courts place you 20% at fault and the total calculated damages is $100,000 then you are entitled to receive up to but not exceeding $80,000.

An experienced attorney will do his best to show that you were not at partial fault for your accident.

Statute of Limitations Against Government Agencies for Personal Injury Claims

Lawsuits against government agencies entail a different set law with respect to filing deadlines. An injured party must first file an administrative claim within SIX MONTHS (120 Days) from the date of the incident. Once an administrative claim has been denied, a party has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit in civil court. In some cases, victims may be able to toll a statute allowing them to file even if the statutory time limit to filing a case has run out. For more information on see here for California laws pertaining the statute of limitation for auto accidents, or contact a top lawyer experienced in defective traffic light cases.

Recover for Your Injuries – Estimated Value of Your Case

Victims of personal injury at the hands of another individuals wrongful or intentional acts have the right to money damage recovery. The amount of recovery available to them is predicated on several important factors described below. Contact an accomplished attorney who has experience in traffic light accident cases to receive a proper estimate of what your case may be worth.

  • The percentage of fault allocated to each party
  • The amount of economic damages suffered including medical expenses and future rehabilitation care
  • Non-economic damages – including pain and suffering and loss of consortium
  • Whether punitive damages are available – punitive damages are awarded

Common Injuries Associated With Auto Accidents: Some of the most common injuries associated with auto accidents include the following:

  • Back injuries including herniated and fracture discs
  • Nerve damage including spinal cord injury and whiplash
  • Facial injuries including fractures, broken noses and scarring
  • Broken bones and fracture to the ribs, tibia and wrists

Attorney Consultations Available: If you have any further legal questions regarding the filing of a car accident lawsuit due to faulty traffic signals, feel free to contact our top-rated law offices toll free. All confidential legal consultations are conducted free of charge. You can speak with a qualified attorney with expertise in defective traffic light accidents and ask any questions you want.

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