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One of the most shocking experiences can occur in the event that a dog bites you. There are times when canines seemingly snap and lunge for the nearest individual, biting down and refusing to let go at the screams of their owners. This can lead to devastating injuries that may take months to heal, if ever. As a victim of a dog bite attack, you can earn compensation for your damages; the dog owner will be responsible for your injuries, as per California law. You should not be made to cover your own expenses if a dog attacked you for no reason. Our Hanford dog bite attorneys at Normandie Law Firm are here to help you receive the necessary compensation you deserve to get you on the track to recovery. There are many fine details that surround dog bite claims, and our experienced Hanford dog bite lawyers can give you all the relevant information you need. Our clients often call us with questions about their dog bite lawsuits. Some examples of these types of questions include:

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How Serious are Dog Bites?
Dog bites can be extremely serious and debilitating, especially if the dog attacks a sensitive part of your body. A bite to the arm may result in various damages, while a bite to the hand may leave you unable to move or grasp objects. A bite on the neck can be fatal if the jugular vein is severed. Some injuries stemming from dog bites include:

  • Skin lacerations
  • Flesh wounds
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Blood loss
  • Broken Bones
  • Fractures

It is crucial that you get medical attention as soon as you suffer a dog bite. The doctor will be able to clean and dress the wound and recommend the next course of action, whether it be basic rest and recovery or something more drastic and invasive, like surgery. You should also be monitored to make sure you do not develop any sicknesses from the dog. These types of damages can net you a fair amount of compensation in a settlement. A Hanford lawyer with experience in dog bite lawsuits can help you sue the dog owner for damages.

Legal Steps to Take
If you have been bitten by a dog, the first step you should take is to seek medical attention. It is important that your injury be taken care of as quickly as possible. You should also collect the necessary evidence – this involves taking down witness names and testimonies, collecting the insurance information of the dog owner, taking photographs of the dog, snapping photos or videos of your injuries, and keeping copies of your medical records. All of this information will come in handy when filing a claim.

Next, you will need to prove that the dog owner was negligent in his actions. A dog bite lawyer in Hanford can help you show the four points. These points are very simple: the first establishes that the dog owner had a duty of care to you and others; this is true, as owning a pet requires that you should not place anyone else in danger. The dog owner must then have breached his duty of care, whether by allowing his dog to roam unleashed or by not warning you that the dog may be dangerous. That breach of duty must have resulted in an incident, such as a dog bite or scuffle, and that incident must have led to actual physical harm. It is necessary that you suffered physical harm and that the dog bit you – if either of these things did not happen, you will likely not be able to successfully file a dog bite lawsuit.

Your case can be greatly helped with the inclusion of a dog bite attorney in Hanford. You can learn even more about the laws regarding dog bites.

Important Law Information
In California, dogs are not given the “one bite rule” that is prevalent elsewhere, wherein the canines are allowed a free pass if they bite someone. These dogs are usually shown to have no previous history of aggression or the circumstance did not warrant such a reaction from the dog. This is not true in California: dog owners are strictly liable for the actions of their dogs, and any bites that occur must be dealt with; the owner additionally takes on full responsibility for the actions of his dog.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. Any dogs that are involved in the military or are working alongside law enforcement are said to be completing their job duties and cannot be blamed for any damages they cause. Their entire job is to take down criminals or sniff for potential threats; these dogs are highly trained to latch on and not let go, and a person who has been targeted by an attack dog cannot sue for the dog’s duties, unless the person were an innocent bystander that was attacked.

If you are trespassing on private property and a dog attacks you, you cannot file a lawsuit against the dog owner. It can be said that you were breaking the law by being present on the property; you were not legally or lawfully allowed to be there, and any consequences that occurred because of your activities are not the fault of the dog owner. It is a different scenario if you were invited into the home and the dog was on edge. However, the animal could be seen as merely protecting its territory and pack, and did not act in an unusual or malicious manner.

Further, if you are not the owner of a dog, you cannot be sued for its actions. While the dog may be placed in your care and is temporarily considered your responsibility, you do not have ownership of the animal; the owner himself would be the one who is liable for any damages the dog causes. Dog sitters, dog walkers, caretakers, and more are not able to be sued.

What You May Receive
If you have been bitten by a dog and choose to pursue legal action, you could receive a fairly large settlement for your injuries if the damages were severe. The dog owner would e responsible for all expenses associated with your injury. If you feel that you deserve ample compensation, get in touch with a Hanford lawyer today. Our attorneys at Normandie Law Firm can help you earn:

  • Coverage for medical expenses, including surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, and more. You may also be able to receive compensation for future medical procedures that have not yet occurred, provided your doctor says that you will need additional surgeries or treatments.
  • Lost wages, which can be reimbursed from both the past and future, can be collected to make up for the days you missed work. You may not be able to go to work because of your injury or due to the need for recovery.
  • Pain and suffering, which includes emotional damage, post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, anxiety, psychological suffering, and more. These damages can arise in the wake of an injury and may be even more difficult to control and fix than the physical problems.

Do not let your injuries go without justice. Work with Normandie Law Firm to receive fair compensation for your damages.

Letting Normandie Help
Our attorneys at Normandie Law Firm are here to make sure you get the settlement you deserve after you’ve suffered dog bite injuries. We want you to be on your path to recovery as quickly as possible, and we believe that every dog owner should be held responsible for the actions of his dog if he were negligent in his duties.

Call us today to speak with an expert attorney and to receive a free legal consultation. You can ask us any questions you want about your injuries and your case, and we will give you information on the litigation process and what we expect to earn for you if you take us on. Our lawyers are transparent and truthful, and we believe all of our clients should be well-informed before they make any legal decisions.

Additionally, you are given a zero fee guarantee when you use our legal services. You will not pay a dime out of pocket throughout the litigation of your case. We only receive payment for our services if we win, and that payment comes out of the settlement we earn for you. If we do not win, you do not owe us a cent at all. This is done to preserve your financial standing and to make sure you do not waste money if your case is unsuccessful.

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