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Have you suffered from the painful side effects of a botched Colon and Rectal Surgery? If so, you may be entitled to file a colorectal surgery malpractice lawsuit and claim the compensation you deserve. While today’s medical technology helps minimize errors and increase the rate of patient recovery, mistakes do happen. Sometimes, these mistakes lead to serious medical problems that are, on rare occasions, worse than the initial ailment. Known as surgical malpractice, these errors of negligence inflicted upon a patient occur when a medical professional performs below the standard of care in the medical community.   In regards to colon surgery malpractice, this routine, yet sometimes delicate procedure can lead to some serious health problems if performed beneath conventional medical standards. If this has happened to you, then you may be able to file a successful case and earn reparations for the pain that you have experienced due to medical negligence. Contact our team today at one of the top law groups in Los Angeles, Normandie Law Firm, and you can have some of the most skilled colon surgery malpractice attorneys in the city. Our expert attorneys with experience in colorectal injury cases can help you determine the value of your case, and find the best path to move forward in filing your claim.

The Procedure & The Risks
Colon and rectal surgeries, often referred to as colorectal surgeries, carry numerous risks and complications that can leave an individual suffering for years after the surgery. Typically, surgical procedures involve a surgical team that consists of an anesthesiologist, a primary surgeon, a first surgical assistant,  a primary operating room nurse, a scrub nurse, and a circulating nurse. Each of these roles performs its own particular function. While most surgeries are a success, sometimes mistakes happen, and they are not always related directly to the operation. The colorectal surgery itself can come in two forms, Open and Minimally Invasive. Each of these forms holds their specific risks exclusive to itself. Some of the risks in open procedures include injury to blood vessels, blood clots, organ failure, and muscle stripping. The recovery period for an open incision is much longer than the alternative form of colorectal surgery, which is comparatively far less invasive. The Minimally-invasive procedures can have their significant complications associated with them. Internal bleeding is a constant risk during minimally invasive colorectal surgeries, as well as organ perforation, infection, and blood clots in the lung.

While these risks and complications are inherent in any surgery, medical professionals are trained to avoid these risks and inform the patient if they have encountered any of these obstacles to your surgery. Some of these risks include:

  • Colon perforation during a procedure
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Re-opening of resealed intestines
  • Blockage caused by scar tissue in the intestines
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nicked Colon during surgery
  • Damage to spleen
  • Damage to bladder
  • Perforation of intestines & stomach
  • Damage to ovaries or uterus
  • Incisional Hernia

If you have suffered from any of these risks during your surgery because of medical malpractice, then you may be entitled to compensation. You should not have to endure the residual pain of having encountered unneeded risk during your colorectal surgery. No surgical procedure is carried through with hopes for complications; however, mistakes happen, and in some cases, the medical staff should be held responsible. At Normandie Law Firm, we have a variety of qualified attorneys with experience handling colorectal malpractice claims. If you have suffered a surgical error in regards to the intestines, we have large intestine surgery malpractice attorneys. Just as if you have experienced mistakes during a bowel resection procedure, we have accomplished bowel resection surgery malpractice attorneys standing by to take your case.

Surgical Malpractice
Surgical Malpractice can occur at any of the three stages of procedure: pre-operative, during the surgery, and post-operative. Errors can occur at any of these three phases. Most times surgeons follow a strict routine to help minimalize the chances of a critical error, however with so many pieces and roles at play mistakes can happen. During pre-op, there can be miscommunications in regards to the nature of the surgery, reasonable surgery alternatives, and the possible risks of the surgery that could count as surgery malpractice. During surgery, a surgeon must adhere to a strict doctrine to make sure the procedure goes through smoothly. A surgeon must have the proper training and experience, communicate with his team effectively, perform the correct surgery, and not leave behind any surgical tools within the patient. If the surgery occurs smoothly, there is still the post-op portion of the procedure. This is a critical period for the patients as they are at their weakest. During this period, patients are susceptible to infections and other complications that can hinder a speedy recovery. While a surgeon may not be directly responsible for any post-surgery complications, they still are expected to follow up with patients, administer the correct rehabilitation program, answer any patient questions, and make sure the patient is safe from any unnecessary harm. All of these factors play into the possible value and nature of a case and should be examined thoroughly by an experienced attorney.

Case Value
One of the most frequent questions we receive from clients hoping to file a botched colon surgery malpractice lawsuit is, ‘How much is my case worth?’ Unfortunately, determining the average case value of a colon malpractice lawsuit is difficult, as every case is very different from one another. The same could be said for any other personal injury case. However, that should not discourage you or a loved one from pursuing compensation. You are entitled to finding a lawyer experienced in colorectal injury cases to sue for large intestine resection error malpractice if you have endured medical malpractice. Medical professionals who have been negligent should be held responsible for a botched operation.

Determining the value of any one colorectal is a process that depends on the extent of a medical professional’s negligence. Mistakes happen on the operation table for any and every form of surgery. There are a series of rare occurrences that can result in potential malpractice suits. The possible suits depend on whether the patient received treatment that can be considered acceptable by a jury. Some of these negligent behaviors by a doctor or nurse that could warrant a suit are as follows:

  • Damage to other internal organs (stomach, bladder, intestines, etc…)
  • Poorly performed pre-op or post-op care
  • Complete failure to administer important procedures
  • Prescribing the wrong medicine, or prescribing an incorrect dosage of said medicine.
  • Poorly administered anesthetic
  • A poor response to complications during and after your procedure

If you have experienced any of these problems before, during, or after your operation, then you may be entitled to negligence and malpractice lawsuit. These lawsuits, if won, can result in payment of medical costs, repayment of lost income due to negligence, punitive damages, compensation for loss of possible future income and more depending on the terms of your case. An attorney with expertise in colorectal injury lawsuits can help you move forward.

Our Team And You
Enduring the after effects of colorectal surgical malpractice can be an arduous task.  You or a loved one should not have to suffer these side effects without suitable compensation.  The chronic pain and possibly life-threatening after-effects of a botched colorectal surgery can leave victims with residual physical and emotional stress. On top of the medical expenses that arise from the surgery itself, having to pay for a reparative surgery should not come out of your pocket. Choose Normandie Law Firm where we host some of the best colon resection operation malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles. Here at Normandie Law Firm, we are passionate about your cause and are willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure we win your case. We negotiate the fairest terms and keep you up to date along with the way, so you are not left in the dark.

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