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When parents drop their children off at school, they expect them to be well taken care of. However, sometimes teachers and other school staff fail to keep students safe. Children can suffer injuries during recess due to damaged equipment on the school playground. Children can also suffer injuries during PE (physical education) class if there is uneven or cracked pavement on the field or slippery surfaces in indoor gyms. If your child was injured, you might want to sue the school for his or her injuries. You might have a few questions about the legal process surrounding child injury cases. How much is a child hurt at school case worth? What is the average settlement value of a lawsuit when a child is injured at school? Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible; our attorneys will explain the legal process and tell you the child injury average settlement value.

The following information should answer your questions on who pays and child injury case worth. You should not use the information provided in place of a consultation with an expert attorney. Only an attorney experienced in school child injuries will be able to provide you with case-specific information. Contact Normandie Law Firm to schedule your free consultation or free second opinion as soon as possible.

School Liability
Who is liable? If your child was injured at his or her school, you might be unsure about whether the school is liable for your child’s injuries. Teachers and school staff are expected to act in loco parentis and do everything possible to ensure the safety of the children. School districts and school staff have the duty to keep children safe. To do this, any hazards should be promptly addressed and corrected. When hazards are not addressed, children can experience accidents and suffer injuries. If your child’s injuries were a direct result of the school district’s or school staff’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit. Negligence establishes school liability when a child is hurt as school; if the school is found to be liable, the school is liable and the school pays for the damages. For more information on the school’s liability and negligence related to your child’s injuries, contact Normandie Law Firm and speak with a child injury case attorney.

Sample Verdicts and Settlements
If your child was injured at school, you might have a few questions about your legal options. For many people, becoming aware of the possible verdicts and settlements is enough for them to decide to file a lawsuit. How much is a child injury case worth? There is not a predetermined value attached to child injury cases. Below, you will find a few past verdicts and settlements of child school injury claims:

  • $4.1 million—a child suffered a head injury after swinging on a defective swing in the playground of a private school.
  • $7 million—children suffered injuries after the school and the district failed to supervise and protect the children.
  • $2.1 million—a child was subjected to harm during many months while school was in session. The parents of the victim filed a lawsuit against the school district and the teacher claiming that there was a failure to protect and supervise the child.
  • $1.54 million—a high school student suffered psychological and psychiatric injuries due to the school district’s negligence.
  • $1 million—a student suffered serious injuries after the charter school’s vehicle was struck by another vehicle. The charter school was found negligent for transporting students in a vehicle that did not provide the sufficient number or seats and seatbelts.

As you can see the sample verdicts and settlements vary from case to case. There is no preset amount that a victim is guaranteed to receive. Rather, the amount a victim is eligible to receive depends on many factors, including severity and permanency of the injuries—among others. For more information of the average payout you can expect from your accident claim, contact Normandie Law Firm to speak to an expert attorney and review more settlement amounts for child school injury cases and the average settlement for a school child injury lawsuit that you can expect.

Child Hurt School Compensation
A child hurt at school will likely be eligible to receive compensation for his or her injuries. If your child was injured in an accident at school, the lawsuit might result in a few different forms of compensation. The compensation amounts will vary from case to case—as demonstrated above. Here is a list of the types of compensation that might be available to you:

  • Medical expenses — this compensation covers any medical costs associated with the injury suffered. It includes both past and future expenses, as well as costs for any in-home medical assistance if necessary.
  • Pain and suffering — this compensation covers the pain and suffering experienced by the victim because of the injuries sustained.
  • Mental and emotional distress — this compensation covers the mental and emotional distress suffered after a severe injury.
  • Loss of consortium — this compensation refers to injuries that are so severe that they prevent the victim and his or her family from maintaining a normal, loving relationship.

For more information on compensation for a child who was hurt at school, contact Normandie Law Firm and speak with an experienced child injury attorney.

Normandie Law Firm
Normandie Law Firm is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping families fight for their children affected by school injuries. When parents leave their students at school for the day, they expect them to be in a safe, enriching environment. Teachers and school staff are expected to act in loco parentis—doing everything possible to ensure student safety. However, some schools fail to protect students from harm. Dangerous conditions created by normal wear and tear can cause children severe injuries. If your child has been affected by a child school accident injury, you might be interested in filing a lawsuit against the school or the district for your child’s injuries. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible to learn about the possible value of your case and begin the legal process against the school or school district.

Normandie Law Firm aims to do everything possible to help the parents of injured children take legal action against the school or school district. How do we do this? Our law firm provides concerned parents with free consultations and free second opinions. You can speak with a Los Angeles attorney about your child’s injuries and your interest to sue the school or school district at absolutely no cost. During your free consultation, you can expect our expert attorneys to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. Our attorneys will explain everything you need to know about child school injury lawsuits—from the compensation you might be eligible to receive to the average case value. We guarantee that you will leave your first consultation feeling confident in the legal process and ready to sue the school or sue the school district. Even if you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might need a second opinion. Do you feel like your attorney rushed through your case and consultation, leaving you with unanswered questions? If you do, you might have an incompetent attorney handling your case. Many attorneys rush through cases to increase their numbers, often overlooking and neglecting vital information that is significant to a successful lawsuit. You might be having doubts about your current attorney’s ability to win your case. Do not risk the outcome of your lawsuit. Contact Normandie Law Firm as soon as possible and speak to an experienced lawyer to sue the school for your child’s injuries. We will give you all the information necessary for you to begin your lawsuit and receive a higher settlement amount.

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