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Public transportation is without a doubt beneficial to the community. The majority of people have ridden on a bus at one point or another. School buses take our children to and from schools every day for many years. Additionally, disability-services often provide buses to transport people with special needs. Regular buses simply transport people wherever they need to go. Have you ever felt unsafe on a bus? You might have encountered a few frightening individuals on public transportation before. However, has a bus driver ever caused you to fear for your safety?

You might have been concerned with the bus driver’s seemingly erratic driving. But did you ever think your bus driver would sexually harass or assault you? It seems that bus drivers are blindly trusted by passengers; we trust them to safely get us to our stop.

Unfortunately, there have been many allegations against bus drivers for sexual misconduct. If you wish to pursue legal assistance, consult with one of our accomplished lawyers with experience handling sexual misconduct claims. An experienced attorney at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm will be able to assist you.

Past Allegations against Bus Drivers
There have been many claims against bus drivers for attacking their passengers. Here are a few of these claims:

  • A 56-year-old bus driver for Western Transit Systems Inc. was assigned with transporting clients of the Regional Center of Orange County. The center provides services to people with developmental disabilities. After dropping off one passenger, the driver parked the bus and sexually assaulted three developmentally disabled female passengers.
  • A 63-year old bus driver befriended a 14-year-old girl who was a regular on his route. When they were alone on the bus, the driver pulled out a camera and showed her a nude picture of him. After that incident, the driver began touching the girl inappropriately while he was driving the bus. At another instant when the two were alone on the bus, the driver parked the bus and undressed in front of the minor.
  • A bus driver made inappropriate physical contact with a 12-year-old intellectually disabled passenger. The girl was being transported to her foster parent’s home when the driver parked the bus and proceeded to touch her over her clothes.
  • A 78-year-old bus driver transporting disabled adult females allegedly touched two passengers inappropriately. According to the victims, the driver touched the victim’s genital areas over clothing while he was buckling their seatbelts.
  • A 25-year-old bus driver parked the empty bus near the turn-around point. He noticed a woman outside and called her into the bus with the pretense of giving her directions. Once the woman was in the bus, he closed the doors and cornered the woman in the driver’s cab. He performed a sexual act on himself and a few minutes later opened the doors to the bus, allowing the victim to escape.

No matter what kind of bus the sexual assault or sexual harassment happened in, victims have rights. If you were victimized on a bus, contact a skilled lawyer experienced in sexual misconduct cases immediately.

What Do I Do If I was Sexually Harassed or Assaulted on a bus?
If you experienced any type of sexual crime on a bus, you must take immediate action. If you experienced sexual harassment by a bus driver, sexual assault by a bus driver, sexual harassment on the train, you have options. You must submit a police report as soon as possible. You must also contact the bus company to file a complaint against the driver and report the incident. Who can you sue? If your attack occurred on a tour bus and you can prove that the tour bus company was negligent in hiring the driver or did not properly monitor the driver, you might be able to sue the tour bus company for sexual assault or for sexual harassment. Likewise, if your student was attacked on a school bus, are the school and the school district liable for the attack? Undeniably, the bus driver will be liable for the rape and the solicitation of a minor. However, you can only sue the school or the district if you can prove that the assault was a result of the school and the district’s negligent hiring of the driver, improper training, or lack of proper supervision.

MTA buses acknowledge the prominence of sexual harassment and sexual assaults on their buses. Because of this, they have launched hotlines to help victims. Victims or witnesses of sexual harassment and assault on buses can report the incidents by calling the hotline or by using a mobile application. Counselors are available to help victims through the process of filing a police report.

After filing police reports and contacting the respective bus companies to report the incident, you will need to contact an expert attorney who has experience in sexual misconduct cases to help you sue for sexual assault or sexual harassment by a bus driver.

Bus Companies in Southern California
Southern California is full of public transportation. Here are just some of the transportation options available to our community:

Local Transportation

  • LADOT (Dash buses)
  • MTA (metro buses)
  • Metrolink ( metro rail)
  • BB (Bellflower bus)
  • City of Bell Gardens Town Trolley Bus
  • Long Beach Transit
  • Access
  • The Wave (Redondo Beach)
  • Culver City Bus

Intercity Transportation

  • Greyhound
  • Amtrak
  • Spirit of America Tours

School Bus Services

  • First Student Inc
  • US Coachways
  • Four Winds Transportation
  • Durham School Services
  • National Express Corp

If you were the victim of a sexual crime on the buses listed above or on any other bus, you must contact a qualified attorney with expertise in sexual misconduct injury lawsuits as soon as possible.

Normandie Law Firm
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