October 2017
  1. Vehicle Hits and Seriously Injures 4 Pedestrians in Los Alamitos Before Crashing Near Bank | 10-11-2017
  2. Defective Fitness Gear Tubes Recall Lawsuit Info
  3. Uber and Lyft Driverless Cars Liability
  4. 1 Killed, 1 left Critically Injured In Stanton Head-On Collision Involving Street Sweeper | 10-6-2017
  5. X2 Taser Defective Product Lawsuit Attorney
  6. SRAM Bicycle Brakes Crash and Injury Hazard Recall Lawsuit Info
  7. Dick’s Sporting Good Resistance Tubes Injury Hazard Recall Lawsuit
  8. Saber Grill and LP Regulators Fire and Burn Hazard Recall Info
  9. Toys ‘R’ Us Bruin Infant Wiggle Ball Recall Lawsuit Info
September 2017
  1. Smith Quantum Ski and Snowboard Helmet Recall Lawsuit
  2. Tour Vehicle Crashes in Alaska; 28 Injured | 8-9-2017
  3. Multisport Helmet Product Recall Lawsuit
  4. Banzai Inflatable Pool Slide Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  5. 3 Killed and 1 Injured in Drunk Driving Accident with Off-Duty Police Officer | 9-27-2017
  6. Fatal Crash in Pico Rivera | 9-26-2017
  7. Nantucket Chair Recall Lawsuit Info
  8. Dog Bite Laws in Santa Clara County
  9. Video Shows Huntington Beach Police Officer Fatally Shooting Man Outside 7-Eleven | 9-22-2017
  10. Tanker Truck Catches Fire in Fresno County | 9-19-2017
  11. Nutrisystem Bullet Explosion Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  12. Renthal Motorcycle Clip-On Handlebars Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  13. 3-Year-Old Girl’s Fingers Partially Severed in Escalator Accident at Salt Lake City Store | 9-20-2017
  14. Room Essentials 4-Drawer Dresser Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  15. U.S. NHTSA Investigates Faulty Flange Which Can Cause Gas Leaks | 8-4-2017
  16. Uber Driver Accused of Kidnapping & Sexually Assault an Intoxicated Female Passenger | 9-8-2017
  17. Breville Fast Slow Cooker Recall Lawsuit
  18. Breaking News: Woman Injured After Being Hit by LAPD Cruiser on Venice Beach | 9-7-2017
  19. “Narcos” Locations Manager, 37, Killed in Mexico | 9-18-2017
  20. 2 In Custody After Pursuit of Vehicle, Stolen Trailer Through San Gabriel Valley, Downtown L.A. | 9-18-2017
  21. Ameriwood Home Dresser Recall Lawsuit
  22. Female Lakewood High School Teacher Carries 3-Year Relationship With Female Teen Student
  23. L.A. County Deputy Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault of Female Inmates
  24. Self Driving Uber Vehicle Involved in 3-Car Accident in Tempe | 9-8-2017
  25. Southern California Papaya Salmonella Outbreak Lawsuit Attorney
  26. Easy Access Attic Ladder Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  27. Uber Driver Accused of Locking Female Rider Inside Car, Demanding Sex
  28. Disney Employee Killed in Crosswalk While Walking to Burbank Studio Lot; Suspected DUI Driver Arrested | 9-7-2017
  29. 3 Killed in Chain Reaction Accident on 60 Freeway | 9-11-2017
  30. Uber Driver Kidnaps & Sexually Assaults an Intoxicated Female Passenger
  31. 2 Pedestrians Seriously Injured in West Hills Crash | 9-7-2017
  32. Woman Dies After Being Struck By 2 Hit-and-Run Drivers in Van Nuys 9-6-2017
  33. Al Prince Technical High School Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault
  34. Sue Insurance Company for Not Paying – Bad Faith Lawsuit
  35. Lead Poisoning Attorney
  36. Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver Killed in Crash in Hancock Park While Fleeing Initial Scene 9-6-2017
  37. 3 Family Members, Including Child, Hospitalized After South L.A. Pursuit Crash 9-4-2017
  38. Lead Poisoning Product Lawsuit
  39. La Tuna Fire Smoke and Ash Lawsuit Attorneys
  40. Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Attorney
  41. Average Settlement Value for Abilify Lawsuit
  42. High School Volleyball Team School Bus Fire Lawsuit 8-29-2017
  43. Lancaster Street Vendor Hepatitis A Lawsuit
  44. Downtown LA Metro Bus Accident Crash 8-30-2017
August 2017
  1. Tree Branch Falling at Daycare in Pasadena 8-29-2017
  2. Arc’teryx Equipment Ski Mountaineering Boots Recall Lawsuit
  3. Driver Killed When Car Crashed Into Construction Sign on 91 Freeway in Anaheim 8-29-2017
  4. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots Benzidine Chemical Hazard Recall Lawsuit
  5. Mayweather McGregor Pay Per View Class Action Lawsuit 8-26-2017
  6. Psychologist Michael Dane Ward Sexual Assault Case
  7. Gabrielino High School track coach Danny Harris Sexual Offense
  8. Off-Duty Police Officer Killed in Car Accident 8-23-2017
  9. Pedestrian Killed in PCH 8-23-2017
  10. Mother Killed in Freak Elevator Accident in Spain
  11. Torrance Man Flees Police, Crashes into Power Pole 8-23-2017
  12. Pico Union Hit-and-Run with Bicyclist 8-15-2017
  13. Unimog Accident in Skagway 8-9-2017
  14. Brentwood Teacher Sexual Assault Lawsuit 8-18-2017
  15. Falling Tree Madeira, Portugal 8-15-2017
  16. Long Beach Hit and Run 91 Freeway offramp 8-14-2017
  17. Infiniti caught on video causing a crash – BMW stuck under a big rig – 10 freeway 8-9-2017
  18. 5 Freeway Sylmar Accident 8-9-2017
  19. LAPD Motorcycle Officer Accident on South La Brea Avenue and Venice Boulevard 8-8-2017
  20. Police officer killed 8-5-2017 605 Freeway in Cerritos
  21. Roommate argument police shooting – one shot dead – 8-5-2017
  22. Long Beach Chemical Spill Propyl Acetate Lawsuit Info
  23. Van Nuys Car Crash Accident 8-5-2017 Lawsuit
  24. 10 Freeway DUI Accident 8-4-17 4 Dead (drunk driving) Lawsuit
  25. Van Accident on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) 8-3-2017 Lawsuit
  26. Lawsuit for St. Croix 18-year-old man killed in car accident 8-1-2017
  27. YSN Imports Refillable Propane Cylinders Recall – Fire Explosion Hazard Lawsuit
  28. Superpedestrian Electric Bicycle Conversion Wheels Recall Lawsuit
  29. Restoration Hardware (RH) Furniture Laceration Hazard Injury Lawsuit Info
  30. 28 year old mother Lydellaricia King of Stockton accident 8-1-2017
  31. Motorcyclist Killed in Hit and Run Accident in Winnetka 8-1-2017
  32. Polaris RZR 170 Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  33. Panelcraft Rainbow Magnetic Building Set Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  34. Nestle Waters AccuPure Water Dispensers Fire Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  35. MixBin Electronics iPhone Case Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  36. Living Traditions Mini barrel Charcoal Grill Fire Hazard Recall Lawsuit Attorney
  37. Pick Up Truck Accident Pico Blvd 7-30-2017
  38. 3 year old E Coli Infection Lake Wildwood Beach 7-31-2017
  39. Bicycle Accident Alabama Street Redlands 7-29-2017
July 2017
  1. Justin Bieber Accident with Photographer July 26 2017
  2. Lawyer for 101 Ventura Freeway Accident July 27, 2017
  3. Goleta Amtrak Station Train Accident 7-26-2017 Wrongful Death Lawsuit
  4. Sue Uber for Sexual Assault? Uber Drivers and Sexual Battery
  5. Street Racers Multiple-Vehicle Crash in Woodland Hills 7-25-2017 Lawsuit
  6. Woodland Hills Car Crash Accident Lawyer
  7. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Misconduct Lawsuit Info
June 2017
  1. Climbing Belay Device Defect Recall – Lawsuit Information
May 2017
  1. Botulism Food Poisoning Attorney – Gas Station Nacho Cheese Class Action Lawsuit
February 2017
  1. Steps to Follow – Restoration Hardware Table Lead Poisoning Recall
  2. Yamaha Piano Bench Lead Poisoning Lawsuit – Recall Attorney
  3. Restoration Hardware Table Recall – Lead Poisoning Lawsuit
January 2017
  1. Knee Replacement Surgery Malpractice – Botched Operation Lawsuit Information
  2. Back Neck Surgery Malpractice Attorney – Botched Spinal Fusion
December 2016
  1. AIRBNB Accident Attorney – Can I Sue for Injuries
  2. Wedding Tree Fall Whittier – Lawsuit Attorney
  3. Failure to Diagnose Skin Cancer Melanoma Attorney – Missed Diagnosis Claims
  4. Ankle Surgery Malpractice Attorney – Botched Podiatrist Operation Error Lawsuit
  5. CRPS Caused by Slip Trip and Falls – Premises Liability Lawsuit
  6. Gree Reannounces Dehumidifier Class Action Lawsuit information
  7. Oakland Club Warehouse Fire – Wrongful Death Lawsuit
November 2016
  1. Antioch Thanksgiving Food Poisoning – Lawsuit Information
  2. Addiction to Prescription Opiates Following Motor Vehicle Accidents
October 2016
  1. Tour Bus Accident Palm Springs I-10 Highway -10-23-2016
  2. E-Cigarette Explosion – Value of Average Case Settlement
September 2016
  1. Top Ten Causes of Uber / Lyft and Rideshare Accidents
  2. E-Cigarette Explosion Attorney – Vape Defect Burn Lawsuit
  3. SmartPool Alarm Recall Lawsuit – Drowning Death Attorney
  4. Listeria Miscarriage Lawsuit: Food Poisoning Loss of Pregnancy Attorney
  5. School Project Injury Attorney – Student Accident Lawsuits
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fire Burn Injury Class Action Lawsuit
July 2016
  1. Pokemon GO Lawsuit – Class Action and Single Party Accident Claims
  2. Helmet Defects and Motorcycle Accidents – What Your Lawyer Should Know
June 2016
  1. The Value of Your Slip And Fall Case
May 2016
  1. Driver Rights – Uber Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawsuit Info
  2. Electric Water Kettle Burn and Electric Shock Lawsuit
  3. Snap-on Ratcheting Tie Downs Lawsuit Failure
  4. Trader Joe’s Listeria Outbreak – Salad, Frozen Vegetable Class Action Lawsuit
  5. Ratchet Tie Downs Recall – Defective Product Lawsuit
April 2016
  1. Funeral Expense Recovery and Wrongful Death Lawsuit
March 2016
  1. ACE Express Train Derangement – Accident Lawsuit Information
  2. Taco Truck School Bus Propane Tanker Accident
February 2016
  1. Whole Foods Cheese Listeria Class Action Lawsuit
  2. West Coast Maids California Maid – Customer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit
  3. What Should I Do If Something Fell On Me From a Store Shelf
  4. What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident
  5. What Should I do – Beaten up Assaulted at a Bar or Nightclub
January 2016
  1. Business Owner Claims – Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuit Information
  2. How to Join the Porter Ranch Gas Leak Class Action Lawsuit
  3. Hoverboard Class Action Lawsuit – Defective Product Attorney Los Angeles
December 2015
  1. E-Cigarette Explosion Class Action Lawsuit for Injuries
November 2015
  1. Surfboards and Boogie Boards – Product Liability Lawsuit Attorney
  2. Charlie Sheen HIV AIDS Lawsuit Attorney
October 2015
  1. Tesla Autopilot Driverless Car Class Action Lawsuit
  2. ERCP Malpractice Lawsuit – Endoscopic Infection Attorney
  3. Defective Bed Handle Lawsuit Information
  4. Wholes Foods Cheese Listeria Outbreak Class Action Lawsuit Information
  5. Bridge Collapse 91 Freeway Corona California – Construction Site Injury
  6. Can Hospitals Be Sued for Blood Draw Causing Injury – Nerve Damage
September 2015
  1. Motorcycle Rider – Insurance I Need – How Much Coverage
  2. Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak Class Action Lawsuit – Recall Lawyer
  3. Attorney for Sycamore Junior High School Students Molested by David Bruce
  4. IVC Filter Lawsuit – Average Case Settlement Value
July 2015
  1. Sushi Tuna Salmonella Poisoning Lawsuit – Class Action Attorney
  2. Water Park Accidents – Attorney Discusses Liability for Injuries
  3. Colonoscopy Malpractice Lawsuit – Perforation Infection Attorney
  4. Omersub Zero Cube Scuba Diving Mask Recall Lawsuit
June 2015
  1. Varicose Vein Surgery Malpractice Lawsuit – Nerve Injury Attorney
May 2015
  1. Santa Barbara Oil Spill Claims – Class Action Lawsuit Information
  2. Botched Tummy Tuck Injury Lawsuit – Medical Malpractice Attorney
  3. Can A Hospital be Sued for A Patient Falling Out of Bed
  4. United SkyWest – LAX Emergency Landing Injury Lawsuit Information
March 2015
  1. How To Prove A Sidewalk Trip and Fall Accident Case
  2. Cedars Sinai CRE Outbreak Lawsuit – Duodenoscope Class Action Claim
February 2015
  1. Metrolink Train Crash Lawsuit Attorney – Oxnard California
  2. Duodenoscope Class Action Lawsuit – Defect Attorney Information
  3. DWP Truck Kills Bicyclist in Gardena
  4. Can a School Be Sued for Injury to Students – Teacher and District Liability
  5. Steps To Take After Accident With Uber Lyft or as an Injured Passenger
November 2014
  1. Blood Draw Nerve Damage Medical Malpractice Lawsuits – Venipuncture
  2. Ventamatic Recall Mist Fan Electrical Shock Hazard Recall
  3. Aqua Lung Buoyancy Compensator Recall – Lawsuit Information
  4. Foot Drop Surgery Error Lawsuit – Medmal Attorney
  5. Embark Resistance Bands and Bollinger Resistance Band Injury
October 2014
  1. Arctic Cat Recall Attorney
  2. Honda Airbag Explosion Lawsuit – Takata Class Action Wrongful Death
  3. Huntington Beach School Asbestos Cancer Lawsuit Information
September 2014
  1. NCAA Football Brain Injury Lawsuit – Class Action Claim
  2. CRPS Caused by Surgical Errors – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
  3. 3 Foot Buffer Zone for Bicyclists in California – Motorist Laws
  4. DePuy Jaw Implant Recall – Class Action Lawsuit Information
  5. Xarelto Class Action Lawsuit – Dangerous Drug Claim Info
August 2014
  1. Bean Bag Recall Lawsuit – Wrongful Death Claim Attorney
  2. Falling From Balcony |Attorney for Property Owner Liability Lawsuits
  3. Laboratory Error Lawsuit – Lab Malpractice and Testing Mistake Attorney
  4. Failure to Airbag to Deploy Class Action Lawsuit
  5. UCLA Vehicle Water Damage Lawsuit Info
  6. Loss of Pregnancy After Slip and Fall – Fetal Miscarriage Lawsuit
  7. Cochlear Implant Class Action Lawsuit
July 2014
  1. Equestrian Accident Lawsuit – Horse Riding Injury Attorney
  2. Fruit Listeria Recall Prompts Inquiry Into Class Action Lawsuit
  3. Top Causes of Food Poisoning in the United States
  4. Uber Accident Lawsuit – Can I Sue Uber for Injuries
  5. Resistance Band Injury Attorney – Defect Lawsuit and Recall Info
  6. Facial Injury from Dog Bites – Lawsuit Information
  7. St. Jude Heart Valve Lawsuit – Class Action Silzone Mechanical Claim
  8. Can I Sue a Car Dealership for Odometer Tampering – Auto Fraud Lawsuit
  9. Tree Branch On Ninja Coaster In Six Flags – Injuries Reported
  10. GM Lawsuits Getting Recovery for Your Damages
  11. GM Wrongful Death Attorney – Ignition Switch Lawsuit Claim
  12. Drunk Driver Accident Attorney – DUI Injury Lawsuit
June 2014
  1. Coravin Recall of Wine Access Systems – Injury Lawsuit Information
  2. Can I Sue for Bus Door Slamming and Causing Injury
  3. Can a Nursing Home Be Sued for Bed Sores – Pressure Ulcers
  4. MTA Bus Accident Florence and Atlantic – Strikes Light Poll
  5. Loss of Pregnancy From a Car Accident – Fetal Miscarriage Lawsuits
  6. Propane Tank Explosions: Attorney for Burn Injury Lawsuits
  7. Epidural Injection Lawsuit – Medical Malpractice Attorney
  8. PTSD from Dog Bites – Can a Victim Sue for Psychological Damage
May 2014
  1. Trident Ultraviolet Sanitation for Pools Recalled Due to Serious Fire Hazard
  2. Blythe Tour Bus Accident Leaving 4 Dead Many Injured
  3. Recalled Bed Handle Injuries – Wrongful Death Lawsuit
  4. Statute of Limitations for Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuits in California
  5. Attorney for Gree Dehumidifier Recall Fire Burn Injuries
  6. Attorney Investigates Saturn Aura Transmission Failures Injuries
April 2014
  1. FedEx Bus Crash Victims Families Being Offered Money to Avoid a Lawsuit
  2. Attorney For FedEx Truck School Bus Crash on April 10, 2014
March 2014
  1. Injuries From Dog Bites
  2. What If the Insurance Company Put Me at Faut in a Motorcycle Accident Claim
  3. Steps to Take After a Car Accident to Ensure Your Legal Rights
  4. Top 10 Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents
  5. Chevy Cobalt Wrongful Death Lawsuits – Family Members Right to Compensation
  6. GM Chevy Cobalt Lawsuit – Class Action Claim California Residents
January 2014
  1. Walmart Poker Table Finger Amputation Lawsuit
  2. Most Common Car Accident Injuries
  3. Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents
December 2013
  1. Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents
  2. Dog Bite Laws Los Angeles
  3. Can I Sue a Hotel for Bedbugs?
November 2013
  1. How To Obtain A Traffic Collison Report from the LAPD
October 2013
  1. Bed Bug Bite and Infestation Laws – California
  2. Calculating the Value of A Personal Injury Case
  3. Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California






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