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What do bed bugs look likeBedbugs were relegated to near-mythical status as early as 20 years ago, as they were nearly obliterated in places where people generally reside.  However, partially due to globalization, ease of travel, and the bed bug’s ability to adapt to commonly used pesticides, bed bugs have emerged in numbers never seen before.  Making matters worse, bed bugs are not relegated to areas where you would expect to see unsightly insects or rodents.  Indeed, bed bugs are just as likely to be found in fancy hotels, hospitals, upper class homes and other clean places as anywhere else. Because of this, you should pursue an accomplished lawyer experienced in bed bug cases to help bring you financial compensation.

In fact, bed bugs are the perfect insect to spread themselves and cause infestations at a breakneck pace.  They are small, nocturnal insects that prey on warm blooded mammals, including humans.  They usually hide in the smallest of crevices and can go months without eating food, meaning they can easily be transported from one location to the next even if there is no sustenance around.

The purpose of the bed bug legal guide is to inform the general population about the growing outbreak of bedbugs, but more importantly, to educate them on their rights and remedies when they have been effected.  While bedbug bites can prove to be a major nuisance, many property owners and managers brush off this problem, leaving many people to deal with the issues on their own. For this reason, you should seek out an experienced attorney with expertise in bed bug injury lawsuits at a top law firm.

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    Bedbugs, known in the scientific community as Cimex Lectlarius, are insects that feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals, including humans. They are nocturnal insects that survive in any small crevice during the day, and feed on their prey at night. They are known to crawl directly on to their prey, or they often climb up to a ceiling, and allow themselves to fall on their host when they feel a heat wave beneath them.

    What makes bedbugs especially effective is that they insert a numbing agent into their prey. Bedbugs pierce the skin of an individual using two hollow tubes. One tube inserts an anesthetic, while the other tube sucks out the blood. Consequently, an individual can be bit, usually for about five minutes, without ever feeling a thing.

    Bedbugs typically eat every five to ten days, but can last up to six months without feeding.

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    Bedbugs can vary in shape, size and color depending on the age and when the bedbug ate. Generally, bed bugs are roughly four to five millimeters in size when full grown, which is a little larger than a grain of rice. Adult bedbugs are a brownish color, but turn red after feeding.

    Newly hatched bed bugs, known as nymphs, are roughly half the size of full grown bedbugs, and are white or tan in color, unless they feed, at which time they turn red. Both adult and nymph bed bugs are a pear shape and wingless.

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    In addition to the fact that bedbugs can hide and adapt, what makes them so brutally effective is that they can multiply so quickly. Female bedbugs have a lifespan of about ten months, and in that time can lay anywhere from 200 to 400 eggs.

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    Although bedbugs do carry diseases, the good news is that they cannot be transmitted to humans. However, bedbugs do cause serious swelling, and inflammation of the skin. These bites can leave marks that could last several years, or can even be permanent. Some victims have reported bedbug bites numbering in the hundreds in only one night. The worst infestations have been known to cause anemia in children and the elderly. Infections and injuries of this level would necessitate an expert attorney who has experience in bed bug lawsuits; you would be looking at ample compensation.

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    Step 1: Report the bedbug infestation to your landlord, hotel operator, or a manager as soon as possible. This should be done within 24 hours of noticing the bedbugs, and preferably would be done in writing.

    Step 2: Do not move anything. Bedbugs can hide anywhere, and are known to fit in clothing and other possession. If in a hotel, it is best to place belongings in plastic bags and have everything professionally cleaned. For objects, inspect each one carefully, even taking them apart if necessary.

    Step 3: Get medical attention if necessary. Bed bugs can cause damaging scarring, swelling and bruising which can be permanent. Some individuals can also be allergic to the type of anesthesia inserted during the feeding process. Medical treatment should be administered as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is imperative to get medical documentation of proof that you were bit by bed bugs.

    Step 4: Move out if possible. Bed bugs are very difficult to eradicate. If you are staying at a hotel, ask for a refund or ask to stay in a different room. If in another property, ask the property owner to pay for alternative accommodations until the problem has been resolved. Again, it is best to do so in writing.

    Step 5: Report the bed bug infestation to local authorities. More on this below.

    Step 6: Consult skilled attorneys with experience in bed bug cases.

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    No tenant should be forced to deal with a bedbug infestation on his own. In fact, California law requires apartment owners and managers to keep their domiciles inhabitable and “free from debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents, and vermin.” In California, this is known as the “Implied Warranty of Habitability” and requires landlords to make sure apartment complexes are free of bedbug infestations. Tenants are required to notify the building manager of the infestation, but the onus is then on the landlord to remedy the problem. It is advised to notify the building of the bed bug problem in writing, so as to alleviate any defense they might have regarding ignorance of the issue.

    If any property owners neglect these points, one of our experienced lawyers at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm can help you file a lawsuit to receive compensation.

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