Average Value of a Car Accident Lawsuit Requiring Disc Replacement

Neck and back injuries can be some of the most fickle damages to receive; recovery time takes weeks or months, and the procedures are not always guaranteed to hold up. Further, even if they do last, there may be a great restriction on mobility, decrease in feeling, and reduction in comfort, while day to day life may become negatively affected. Individuals who have received disc replacement surgery may feel many of these effects and more, especially if they are victims of botched operations. At Normandie Law Firm, one of the top law groups in Los Angeles, we believe that our clients who have received disc replacement surgery that has resulted in pain or problems should be compensated for their injuries. Clients routinely call us in the wake of surgery and ask our experienced lawyers questions about restitution. They are sometimes curious over what else they can earn, especially if they are already under legal representation. Examples of other questions clients have asked include:

  • How much is a disc replacement case worth?
  • How much can I recover for a disc replacement car accident case?
  • What is the average settlement value for a disc replacement injury because of a car accident?

Damaged Disc Information
The spine is made up of numerous vertebrae that preserve the integrity of the structure. The vertebrae allow you to bend, twist, curl, and move in different ways, as well as allow your neck to rotate in many directions. Some damages can greatly impact your spinal cord, leading to necessary treatment that may or may not be successful. In between the vertebrae are discs, which are soft cushions that help with stability. They are filled with water and are softer than bones; they reduce friction and keep your back from sustaining damage. However, as you grow older, the water levels in the discs drop, and injury is much more likely.

That being said, age-related conditions like degenerative disc disease are not the only way that discs can be damaged. A herniated disc, for example, can come about from using improper form while partaking in heavy lifting. Many individuals opt to lift weighty objects with their backs; they bend at the waist, pull with the shoulders, and squeeze their lower backs to get the object up. This causes a lot of undue pressure on the entirety of the spine and can cause a disc to rupture. A ruptured disc is best defined as a tear in which the inner contents of the disc leak out and put pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissue, leading to intense pain in the extremities.

Disc damage usually happens to those who have jobs that feature lots of heavy lifting. It is important to use proper form when lifting objects; an aligned back and strong core is key, and lifting with the legs by bending at the knees makes objects feel much lighter. A sudden twist or application of pressure can cause a disc to rupture, but so can sudden impacts like car crashes. For this reason, truckers and other automobile drivers are also at risk for disc damage. In a truck accident case where the plaintiff needed disc replacement surgery, we managed to bring him ample coverage of his expenses.

You may also fall while at work and land awkwardly. Such damage can lead to back injuries, and a lawyer can help you pursue legal compensation in the form of a disc replacement in a slip and fall lawsuit. A workplace injury requiring disc replacement should not leave you sidelined without any restitution.

If you have further questions, consult with an accomplished attorney with expertise in spinal injury lawsuits.

Corrective Procedures
As with many injuries, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You should make sure you have proper posture when sitting or standing so that your neck and spine are not feeling any undue pressure. A healthy body in terms of strength and weight also contribute in a positive way to the health of your back; less compression placed on your vertebrae can preserve the health of your discs. Still, sometimes injuries happen by accident, and you may need to receive certain treatments.

Some treatments involve medication and drugs, such as cortisone injections, pain medication, and muscle relaxants. Physical therapy may also be recommended, as may yoga, massage therapy, and chiropractic work. If all else fails, or if the damage is too severe, disc replacement surgery is performed. This involves repairing the portion of the disc that is damaged or else removing it entirely. If the entire disc is removed, a substitute must be put in its place; this substitute is usually a bone graft of some kind or an entirely artificial disk. Alternatively, the vertebrae may be fused together with some kind of metal hardware or fastenings to preserve stability.

A surgeon may botch the procedure or the body may not accept the replacement. There are a host of problems that can arise, and you should pursue compensation for the injury itself as well as for ensuing medical costs. It will be beneficial to you to have future medical costs covered, and a proper lawyer can help you earn compensation for a disc replacement injury case.

Average Value of a Disc Replacement Lawsuit
Determining the value of an injury case requiring disc replacement is not simple. There is no formula that exists that allows you to plug in information and it spits out a settlement amount. Each case is different, and thus, each verdict will be slightly dissimilar. The cases are presided over by different individuals and no two injuries share the same circumstances. For this reason, it is important that you understand that average disc replacement settlements vary wildly. Settlements in the millions artificially boost the average; you should look at the median amounts instead.

Regardless, there are cases that have been settled that feature disc replacements, and if you wish to see what you have the potential to earn, you can observe these outcomes. Some examples of settlement amounts for injury requiring a disc replacement surgery are:

  • $300,000 Settlement: An older man was struck by a vehicle, resulting in a fractured to his spine and back injuries. He already had a degenerative disc disease, and the accident worsened the condition. He required more surgery even after receiving a neck fusion operation.
  • $4,100,000 Settlement: A man was involved in a car accident, but after he received surgery, chiropractic care, and physical therapy, his conditions did not improve. Doctors did not catch the disc that was damaged in his neck and he needed replacement surgery.
  • $1,200,000 Settlement: A man driving a vehicle was rear-ended by a logging truck and pushed into the rear of another vehicle. Sometime later, the plaintiff began reporting numbness in her arms and headaches. It was discovered that she had a ruptured disc, and underwent surgery, where a one level artificial disc was inserted into her spine to replace the damaged one. However, pain persisted a year later; it was said by experts that the disc would probably fail at some point in the future.
  • $675,000 Settlement: A woman in a car accident suffered a neck injury. The defendant claimed the accident was minor, but the woman required cervical disc replacement surgery. The defendant refused to believe that could have been hurt from such an accident and was likely injured elsewhere, but eventually a settlement was reached.

You should talk to an experienced attorney regarding the average case settlement for a disc replacement lawsuit. You are much more likely to receive higher compensation for your claim if you are being represented by an expert attorney with experienced handling spinal injury claims; trying to get a settlement yourself can take a ton of time and money that you are not able to give up.

Second Opinion
Often, clients contact us with questions about the average amount of a settlement because they already have lawyers but want to be sure they are being properly represented. They may feel that their lawyers are not getting them the fairest compensation possible, and many times, their instincts may be correct.

In fact, most attorneys are lazy and would prefer to quickly settle cases so the payouts can come through and they can get their paychecks before they rush on to the next case. This is a gross injustice to the clients who deserve ample attention and dedication; their livelihoods are on the line, and a lawyer who is only out for himself is not the right choice for people. These acts of bad faith should be punished, but if they cannot be done away with, it is best to switch law firms and find an attorney who will fight for your rights as a victim and not merely settle.

Call us today and we will give you a free second opinion on your case, as well as give you our insight as to whether or not we believe your current lawyer is doing all he can to bring you ample compensation. A skilled lawyer experienced in spinal injury cases will talk with you.

Normandie’s Promise
Normandie Law Firm promises to deliver more than just a second opinion. You are also entitled to a free legal consultation about your case where you can ask any questions you want and our attorneys with experience in spinal injury cases we will be glad to inform you of the answers. We can go over the legal process and earning potential, as well as discuss your injury and the path forward to a worthwhile recovery. The top-rated Normandie Law Firm does more than pursue just the average settlement amounts for disc replacement surgeries – we seek to bring you the maximum compensation possible so you won’t have to worry about finances.

Additionally, we offer you a zero fee guarantee on your case. You do not pay us any out of pocket expenses at all; our fees are paid in the settlement itself when we win your case. If we lose, you don’t owe us a penny. We want to keep your monetary situation as stable as your spine should be.

Contact Normandie Law Firm today to speak to a qualified attorney who has experience in spinal injury cases about filing a disc replacement auto accident injury lawsuit.

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