How Much Is the Average Settlement for Insurance Claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance

Our law firm always advises clients to not speak with any representatives from an insurance company if there has been an accident or a claim about to be filed. This is due to the tendency insurance agents have to twist words and prevent claims from being given settlements. Insurance companies like Liberty Mutual Insurance are businesses: their goals are centered around profits, and the more payouts that are given, the more those profits are cut into. Thus, it is in the best interests of the company to tell its insurance adjusters to deny claims. Our experienced lawyers at the top-rated Normandie Law Firm want our clients to receive the fairest compensation possible when they file insurance claims, and this result is best achieved with the help of a skilled lawyer experienced in Liberty Mutual Insurance cases. Clients often call us with questions about to how make sure they will be compensated for their damages in the wake of a car accident. Examples of these questions include:

  • How much does Liberty Mutual Insurance offer for a car accident?
  • How much are average Liberty Mutual settlements for a car accident?
  • What is the average Liberty Mutual insurance settlement offer for an auto accident?
  • How long does it take to receive an injury settlement from Liberty Mutual?

Why File a Claim
You may want to file a claim with Liberty Mutual for a number of reasons. There is the chance you were involved in an auto accident with a driver who was covered by Liberty Mutual and you want to be reimbursed for the damages he caused to your vehicle. You may be a customer if Liberty Mutual yourself and want to receive a settlement for damages you sustained while on the receiving end of an accident. Whatever the case, it is a well-known fact that Liberty Mutual would prefer it if you never filed a claim.

Most personal injury claims are filed on the basis of negligent actions by another individual. With respect to automobile accidents, the plaintiff must show that the defendant acted in a manner that could be considered harmful and in doing so caused actual harm. The four points of negligence are as follows:

  • Care of Duty: All drivers owe other people on the road, as well as regular citizens, a care of duty. They are not going to place anyone in harm’s way or in danger, and will do everything they can to keep people safe.
  • Breach of Duty: That duty can be breached if the driver behaves in a way that can harm people. For example, he may be speeding, running red lights, not coming to a full stop at stop signs, ignore the proper right of way laws at intersections, and not pay attention while driving. These actions can cause him to lose control of his vehicle and hurt other individuals.
  • Accident Resulted from Breach: If the driver were driving carelessly and caused an accident, he can shoulder the responsibility and be called for negligent behavior.
  • Accident Caused Actual Physical Harm: The accident must have caused some kind of harm to the plaintiff in order for him to be able to file a claim. Any physical damage suffices, such as broken bones, strained back, neck stiffness, and more.

Showing these four points of negligence allows you to collect proper compensation from the defendant. These points can be proven no matter what kind of accident you were in, whether it was a rear-end collision, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident. Of course, when it comes to Liberty Mutual, you may be in a for a long negotiation process, especially if you choose to file a claim yourself. For this reason, it is advised that you seek the assistance of an accomplished attorney with expertise in Liberty Mutual injury lawsuits.

Self Negotiating with Liberty Mutual
Although you must prove these aforementioned points of negligence to file a personal injury claim, you can still file an insurance claim against Liberty Mutual if only your vehicle were damaged. Insurance includes basic collision coverage as well as other perks and policies.

It is much easier to negotiate a settlement with an insurance agent if you can only present a mechanic’s estimate and costs of repairs to your property. This is because there is not much to dispute. For example, if you were struck while turning, you may require a new radiator and front end for your car; an insurance agent would have a hard time arguing that the damage is not as severe as you claim and that a radiator is unnecessary.

In general, these claims have an easier time going through Liberty Mutual than claims that feature physical harm. You may be surprised to see that the company’s first offer is enough to cover all the costs of your repairs; however, the moment you introduce medical bills and pain and suffering to that settlement request, Liberty Mutual may balk. They will claim you are exaggerating your injuries or they were already present prior to the accident. There will be a consensus among the company and people they’ve paid that you are healthy and can afford to cover your own medical expenses.

This is a hard task for a person who is negotiating with Liberty Mutual by himself. You will need to have all of your evidence assembled and your story completely straight – but more than that, you must make sure you have ample time, energy, and money to spend on fighting a claim. Liberty Mutual is a large company that can send whoever it wants to dispute your case, whereas you are merely one person.

For this reason, we feel you would be better suited to hiring one of our qualified Los Angeles attorneys with experience in Liberty Mutual Insurance cases in California.

Liberty Mutual Settlement Offers
By selecting one of our expert attorneys with experience handling Liberty Mutual Insurance claims at Normandie Law Firm to represent you, you are immediately more likely to earn a larger settlement than if you were representing yourself. Lawyers are generally much more skilled at negotiating settlement values due to years of experience, and they also have enough time and energy to devote to your case. What you should keep in mind, however, is the amount of the offer from Liberty Mutual will not always stay the same, and there is no way of accurately determining it beforehand.

There is no Liberty Mutual insurance settlement calculator that allows you to plug numbers in and receive a settlement value. There is a lot of arbitration and discussion between the insurance company and the lawyer, and even the jury must discuss the case amongst themselves if the claim goes to trial. This is due to the fact that no two cases are alike – they all have vastly different circumstances behind them, and even if the injuries are the same, the lasting effects may be different.

For example, the settlement for a truck accident and the settlement for a motorcycle accident may differ completely based on factors other than injury. If both drivers were harmed and broke their legs, but one works from home on the computer and the other is a construction worker, the latter would most likely earn a larger settlement. This is because of the lasting effects the injuries would have on his job; the first driver could still complete his duties from home, as he does not outright require his legs to work.

Thus, when clients ask us which group is worth more, Liberty Mutual settlements for a truck accident or Liberty Mutual settlements for a motorcycle accident, we tell them there is no concrete answer. All we can do is refer you to similar cases that show you the potential of how much money you can earn. These are not indications of what you will earn if you are in a similar situation, but the cases do show what is possible.

  • 60,000 Verdict: A woman was struck by a vehicle that was hit by another vehicle in a chain reaction. She settled with the initial driver’s insurance company, as he claimed responsibility, but the costs did not cover her medical bills. Her back injuries gave her a 40% disability rating. Liberty Mutual argued that the injuries were pre-existing (only some were, but they were worsened from the accident. The jury sided with the plaintiff.
  • $133,000 Verdict: A woman was rear-ended and went to the doctor for chiropractic care and other back treatments. She was given full coverage of her medical bills and lost wages, but did not overly award her for pain and suffering.
  • $50,000 Verdict: After being struck by a vehicle that was making an illegal U-turn, the plaintiff suffered back injuries as well as worsening his pre-existing lumbar problems. He was diagnosed with a 23% impairment rating. He was awarded compensation for his medical bills as well his damaged truck despite the defendant claiming that the plaintiff was speeding and did nothing to prevent the accident from occurring.

If you currently don’t know how much you stand to gain and you already have a lawyer, Normandie Law Firm, one of the top law groups in Los Angeles, can help.

Free Second Opinion
Your current legal situation may leave you feeling unsatisfied. Your attorney may not be dedicating enough time to your case, or he may be behaving like many lawyers do – by trying to negotiate a very quick and small settlement so he can collect his paycheck and move on to the next case. If you feel you are being misrepresented, call us for a free second opinion, and we will give you our perspective. We may feel that you stand to gain much more with us and that we are able to net you a larger settlement than your current law firm can. An attorney who has experience in Liberty Mutual Insurance cases will be able to give you a case review.

Call us today for a free legal consultation on your case with an experienced attorney. We will answer any questions you have and give you ample knowledge to make an informed decision on your claim with Liberty Mutual. You are also given a zero fee guarantee – you pay no out of pocket expenses throughout the litigation process. Our fees are paid if we win your case by taking them out of the settlement, guaranteeing that your savings go untouched. If we lose, you owe us nothing.

Contact Normandie Law Firm today if you have been injured due to a car accident. We’ll take on your case and bring you a settlement, no matter how long it takes.

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