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Dogs are perhaps the most popular pet for families across the nation. Why are dogs so popular? Some would argue that dog popularity comes from their loyalty, intelligence, devotion, and affection. Some dogs receive specialized training to serve as military or police dogs. People with disabilities might train their dog do become a service dog or emotional support animal. Whatever the reason, dogs are everywhere. Dogs might have once been confined to staying at their owner’s home. However, that is no longer the case. You can see dogs practically everywhere—in shopping centers, in dog parks and beaches, and even in schools or offices. Society widely accepts dog presence because of all of their positive characteristics listed above.

Most living things, however, have instincts. Dogs are no exception, and no amount of specialized training can eliminate these instincts. What are some well-known dog instincts? Instincts include licking, wagging their tails, sniffing other dogs, burying, and barking. None of these instincts seem like they could cause harm to people. What about biting? If dogs can demonstrate positive attributes like loyalty and affection, they must be able to demonstrate negative characteristics like fear and anger. When dogs experience fear and anger, they might react with biting—to protect themselves from whatever is making them fearful or angry. Additionally, some dogs can simply be easily aggravated and might not tolerate any unknown individuals. It is not rare to see dogs react negatively to strangers or whenever they sense possible danger.

Most dog owners that take their dogs out to public places keep their dogs on a leash at all times. This limits the contact that the dog can have with strangers but does not eliminate the risk of bites—since strangers often come up to dogs to pet or play with them. Most dog owners ensure that fences around their homes are secure enough to prevent dogs from escaping. No matter the precautions taken, dogs find ways to break free of leashes and fences, and they wander the streets and encounter different people. Some dog owners might not practice enough care with their dogs and make it even easier for a dog to be out potentially posing a threat to the community. Who is liable if you are bitten by a dog? Can you sue for your dog bite injuries?

In California, pet owners are strictly responsible for the injuries caused by their pets. If the victim was in a public place or lawfully in a private place, the dog owner is considered liable for the injuries. Victims have the right to sue the dog owner for their injuries and the right to receive compensation.

In San Diego, there can be as many as almost 3,000 dog bite accidents in a year. These are only the dog bite incidents that are reported. Many incidents go unreported, but even less dog bite victims seek legal assistance. Victims who seek legal assistance have the opportunity to receive compensation to cover their medical expenses and any other expenses associated with their injuries. However, victims do not pursue legal action.

The reason behind why the San Diego community does not seek much legal assistance after a dog bite injury has to do with the city’s demographics. San Diego, California has a population of 1.39 million people. More than 40% of the city’s population is native speakers of a language other than English. Of the 1.39 million people, more than 425,000 people are Hispanic. Because of this, it is easy to believe that more than 20% of the population is native Spanish speakers. Furthermore, Spanish has become the most prominent language in the city—after English. The growth of the Spanish language in the city does not mean that Spanish is the only language spoken in the Spanish speaking community. In many cases, it is the preferred language; many native Spanish speakers learn English and can communicate effectively. However, some important matters—like legal assistance—are preferred to be handled in Spanish. If a victim does not have access to legal services in Spanish, he or she is likely not to pursue a lawsuit.

Normandie Law Firm is a Spanish speaking law firm dedicated to facilitating access to legal services to the Spanish speaking community. The Spanish speaking community needs Spanish lawyers who can sue for their dog bite injuries. Our Spanish law firm provides Spanish speaking dog bite lawyers in San Diego. Our Spanish attorneys are experienced in dog bite accidents and have handled many cases similar to yours. If you need legal assistance from someone who speaks Spanish, contact Normandie Law Firm to meet with a Spanish speaking San Diego attorney.

The following sections contain general information about your rights after a dog bite injury. For specific information about your case and situation, schedule a consultation with an attorney that speaks Spanish.

Liability for Dog Bite Injuries
Under California law, dog owners are strictly liable for any bite injuries. Dog owners are liable for the bite injury when their dog bites the victim in a public place, like a park, beach, or shopping center. The dog owner is also liable for bite injuries that occur while the victim is lawfully in a private place. If a dog owner invites a few neighbors to dinner, and the dog bites one of the guests, the dog owner is liable because the guest was lawfully in private property. Of course, in the case of trespassers that are unlawfully on private property, the dog owner is not liable.

Do not shy away from taking legal action just because you are unfamiliar with California law regarding dog bites. If you are unsure about anything, speak to a dog attack lawyer that speaks Spanish as soon as possible.

Negligence in Dog Bite Incidents
The one bite rule makes a dog keeper liable for the harm caused by a dog when the dog keeper is aware of the dog’s potential to cause harm and does not exercise reasonable care in keeping the dog from causing harm. Whereas the California law only covers dog owners, the one bite rule can be applied to a dog walker, a dog sitter, or anyone else who is keeping the dog beside the dog owner. Under the one bite rule, the victim must demonstrate that the dog had previously exhibited dangerous behavior and that the dog keeper was aware of that behavior.

For more information on making a claiming negligence against someone other than the dog owner under the one bite rule, contact a Spanish speaking dog bite lawyer in San Diego.

We Speak Spanish at Normandie Law Firm
Normandie Law Firm’s legal staff is aware of the inaccessibility to legal assistance available for the Spanish speaking community.  Fortunately, our San Diego attorneys speaking Spanish are here for you. Our attorneys with experience in dog bite injuries want to help you exercise your right to sue. Whether you want to sue the dog owner or a negligent dog keeper, a lawyer in San Diego who speaks Spanish is available to handle your case. The Spanish speaking community in San Diego should have the same access to legal assistance as English speakers. Normandie Law Firm is dedicated to achieving greater representation—one case at a time.

Besides providing attorneys who can speak Spanish, Normandie Law Firm shows dedication to clients by offering free consultations and free second opinions. Anyone who has suffered injuries because of a dog bite can contact our law firm and schedule a free consultation. You will notice that someone who is speaking Spanish will help you since the moment you make that first call. During your consultation, an experienced Spanish speaking attorney will answer all of your questions and give you all the information necessary to get you started with your lawsuit. If you already have an attorney with another law firm, you might be interested in a free second opinion. Are you looking for additional information even after you have met with your attorney? If the answer is yes, you might be dealing with an incompetent attorney. Many attorneys rush through cases and overlook and neglect key pieces of information. Do not let this affect the outcome of your case. Contact Normandie Law Firm and get a free second opinion from a reliable attorney with experience in dog bite injuries.

Normandie Law Firm gives clients a Zero-Fee guarantee. You will never have to pay any upfront fees for our services. Additionally, since our law firm is strictly based on contingency, you will not pay anything until our Spanish speaking attorneys win your case. Contact Normandie Law Firm today to get the Spanish legal assistance you need to sue for your injuries.

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