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Burn injuries can be excruciatingly painful and because of the nature of burns, they can be difficult to fully recuperate. When you suffer a burn injury that requires medical treatment, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Filing a lawsuit should the last thing a burn victim must have to physically go through; burn victims need to focus all of their time on recovering from such devastating injuries. We at the Normandie Law Firm understand this and so we are here to ensure you focus on recovering while we focus on the legality of your burn injury case.

Spanish speakers who have suffered burn injuries and seek restitution are at a disadvantage because some lawyers only speak English. If Spanish is the only language the clients speak, then they will be unable to fully detail the specifics of their case. When Spanish speakers get injured with a severe burn, it can be difficult for them to find a lawyer who speaks fluent Spanish to guide throughout the whole elgal process, and to answer any and all questions regarding their case. If you do not have a Spanish speaking lawyer by your side, then it is possible that your rights are not fully protected because of the language barrier.

We at the Normandie Law Firm have the right lawyers to meet all of your needs. Our lawyers speak perfect Spanish and will be able to explain every last regarding their burn injury lawsuit. They will answer any questions you have may have about your case. If there is something about your case that you do not understand, then you can contact our Spanish-speaking law firm today to receive the right answer. We want you to have the right information so you can make an informed decision – when it comes to something as important as legal representation, it pays to have the right information.

If you are a Spanish speaker in Bakersfield, contact our law firm today.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries
The amount of compensation available to burn injury victim is based on a variety of factors – one such factor is the root cause of your burn. How did you receive that burn? Burn injuries are classified by the cause of the injury, and while a majority of burn injuries are caused by direct contact with fire, not all of them require flames to get classified as burn injuries.

Thermal Injuries: These sorts of injuries are caused by external heat sources that raise the temperature of the skin. Thermal injuries can create discomfort, reddening, scarring, charring, and death of the skin and underlying tissues like the tendons, muscles, nerves, and bone. Examples of external heat sources are hot irons, stoves, pans, ovens, and other such hot items.

Scalding Injuries: Like thermal injuries, scalding injuries involve hot objects only they involve hot or boiling liquids. They can cause most of the same injuries as thermal burns, except charring because fire is not involved.

Chemical Burn Injuries: These are injuries caused by corrosive chemicals like acids, bases, alkalis, detergents, or other solvents that make contact with your eyes or skin. Depending on the strength of the solutions, to which you were exposed, the damage can vary from mild to extremely severe.

Electrical Injuries: The high-energy nature of electricity can burn your flesh, just like fire does. When an electric current passes throughout your body, the parts where the current rushed through are the parts that will get burned. Depending on the strength of the current, your injuries may vary.

If you suffered any burn injuries that required medical treatment, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the damages incurred. Our Spanish Speaking lawyers will help direct you to a verified medical doctor to help you get the necessary treatment, no matter how little or much English you know.

Burn Degrees
Burns are classified under three major degrees of injury. First-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. The lower the number, the less intense the burn injury.

First-Degree Burn Injuries: These are burn that occur and affect only the epidermis, the upper-layer of skin. The skin then reddens, is painful, and dry without any blistering. A mild sunburn is usually classified as a first-degree burn.

Second-Degree Burn Injuries: The burns that reach much deeper than the epidermis, into the dermis, the second layer of the skin. A second-degree burn involves pain, reddening, and blistering. Quick contact with fire or a stove generally conclude in second-degree burns.

Third-Degree Burn Injuries: These burns penetrate fully into the body and are also known as full thickness burns. A third-degree burn completely penetrates the first and second layers of skin. They damage the muscle, nerve, tendons, and even the bone. The burn area turns white, leathery, or charred. There is no pain associated with third-degree burns because the nerves have been singed and can no longer transmit signals to your brain.

Burn injuries are incredibly serious and can cause permanent damage if you do not get the medical treatment required. Apart from physical damage, burn injuries can also cause psychological trauma. The right Spanish-speaking attorney can get you the compensation you deserve.

Damages Our Attorneys Can Win
Medical Bills – When you get burned and require medical treatment for your suffering, you can receive compensation for the bills you will get after you receive medical treatment. Healthcare bills are incredibly expensive, a qualified attorney can help you recover the cost of your treatment.

Lost Wages – When you require medical treatment, it is possible that you may miss work in order to get the treatment you need. Depending on the severity of the burn, your treatment can last a few hours to a few weeks, or even months if recovery is extensive.

Emotional Pain & Suffering – Burning can cause psychological trauma to the victim. It can cause PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental traumas. It takes a mental health professional to testify in favor of your pain and suffering.

You can recover the necessary damages with a qualified attorney. If you think your burn injuries entitle you to compensation but you do not speak English all that well, our attorneys at the Normandie Law Firm will help you recover the compensation.

The Normandie Law Firm Can Represent Spanish Speakers
The Normandie Law Firm is here to represent clients, no matter their language. We focus on personal injury claims and we provide clients with qualified and experienced attorneys. Spanish-speaking clients may feel at a disadvantage when it comes to legal representation because most lawyers only speak English and can thus only represent clients who speak English. Southern California has a heavy Spanish-speaking population and some of them only speak Spanish. This is where our attorneys come in. Our attorneys are fluent Spanish-speaking lawyers who will help you through every step of the way.

FREE LEGAL REPRESENTATION: A free consultation with our Spanish-speaking lawyers gives you the opportunity to sit down with one of our attorneys and explain the details of your case. They will listen to what you have to say and give you their initial thoughts regarding your case.

We also offer the zero-fee guarantee. This means that you will not pay for our services until we prove your case and get you the compensation you deserve. So if we are unable to do our job and we do not prove your case, you do not pay us for our services.

If you suffered burn injuries that required medical treatment, contact the Spanish-speaking law firm at Normandie Law Firm to see what we can do for you.

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