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Every year thousands of individual in Los Angeles and surrounding communities suffer are victims of violent crimes including assaults, batteries, assault with deadly weapons, and sexual assaults. Victims who have suffered physical and or emotional harm due to such acts have the right to seek justice via the filing of a civil personal injury lawsuit against all at fault parties.

About Us: The Normandie Law Firm has helped numerous individuals who have suffered severe injuries due to acts of violence seek monetary compensation. Our goal is to make sure you are fully compensated for the physical and emotional harm you have suffered.

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Legal Definition of Assault and Battery Under California Law:

Assault and Battery are legally separated into two distinct crimes.

Assault: In the state of California assault take place when a person has the intent to cause physical harm results in apprehension on the part of the victims. This can take place when the aggressor threatens the person with physical harm and has the means at the time of the threat to act upon it.

Battery: Under California civil and criminal codes battery is defined as the unlawful touching of another person without the consent of the victim resulting in some kind of physical harm.

Types of Physical Harm Common In Assault and Battery Cases: There are several common physical and psychological injuries which can be caused by acts of aggression or violence against another.

• Trauma sustained to the head – often resulting in traumatic brain injury.

• Nerve Damage – including spinal cord injury which can result in paraplegia

• Facial injuries – including lacerations cuts and bruising which may result in permanent scarring and may require cosmetic surgery.

• Oran damage – including renal kidney failure and damage to the liver.

• Ocular injuries – partial or complete loss of vision.

• Broken bones – including cracked ribcage broken femur.

Premises Liability Laws

Victims Right to Compensation Against Property Owners: Under premises liability laws of the state of California property owners owe invitees and licenses on their property a heightened duty of care. This duty includes protecting individuals from all known or knowable dangers associated with entry into their property. In many instances property owners have forewarned knowledge that acts of violence are common on their premises but fail to take proper action to eliminate or significantly the probability of such harm or fail to warn patron of the risks.

Steps to Take if You Have Been A Victim of Assault and Battery:

1. Contact your local police and or law enforcement body – when they arrive ask for a criminal report to be filed and documented.

2. Seek medical attention for any injuries you have suffered.

3. Take evidentiary material and pictures of the premises. In many instances there will be security cameras that have recorded the assault. Ask for preservation of such records.

4. Take names and information of any individuals that evidence the incident. If possible get the names and information of the individuals that took part in the assault and battery.

5. Never make statements or sign any documents regarding the claim with the property owner, managers or any other individual.

6. Contact a Los Angeles Assault and Battery Attorneys.

Violent Crimes Resulting in Death – Family Members Right to Compensation: Sadly in many cases acts of violence including the use of fire arms, or other deadly weapons such as knives will result in the tragic death of a loved one. Under California law certain relatives of the deceased have the right to file a wrongful death cause of action against all at fault parties.

Common Locations and Incidents Where Acts of Assault and Battery Take Place: The are some location where acts of violence including assault and battery against innocent individuals take place. A list of those locations include.

• Nightclub establishments including bars, dance clubs, and lounges – usually the result of inadequate security or acts perpetrated by unprofessional security and staff.

• Concerts, sporting facilities arenas stadiums and live venues.

• Schools including High schools, College campuses and Universities.

• Parking lot assaults in shopping malls and strip malls.

What is the Value of My Case – Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime: The value of a personal injury claim including assault and battery injury cases are bases on several significant and interrelated elements. A brief description of the most significant factors in determining the value of your case are as follows.

• The severity of the injury suffered.

• The time it take for the injuries you suffered to heal.

• Medical expenses incurred including emergency room costs, rehabilitation care, and cost of revision and cosmetic surgeries.

• Availability of Non Economic Damages – Including pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages.

• Other Economic Damages – Including lost wages and loss of future income.

Assault and Battery Attorney Assistance

If you have been a victims of a serious crime including assault and battery and have suffered serious injuries feel free to contact or law firm. All legal consultations with our personal injury attorneys are confidential and free of charge.

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