Amtrak Train Derails, Causes Injuries and Deaths in Washington

In the early commute hours of Monday, December 18, 2017, an Amtrak train that was heading from Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, slipped from the overhead tracks it was traveling on. The derailment of multiple train cars in Pierce County, Washington, caused a standstill in traffic while numerous medical personnel, firefighters, and police officers tried to help. The accident occurred just before 8 a.m. in DuPont.

There were numerous injuries reported, as well as casualties; some of the train cars fell on top of passing motor vehicles from a height over well over 15 feet. The 501 train was a passenger train that carried Amtrak passengers across numerous cities and is a common line to take for commuters en route to work.

The full list of casualties and injured has not yet been reported, but it has been revealed that those in the vehicles that were struck by the falling train cars were not fatally wounded. They suffered various injuries and were treated at the scene or transported to local medical centers. Any deaths that occurred were revealed to have been in the train cars themselves. Fortunately, some of the individuals present on the train were able to walk away from the wreck unscathed.

Those who have been injured may have a claim against Amtrak.

Common Carrier Lawsuit
Mass transportation systems like trains and subways carry thousands of people to their destinations each day. In many cases, these transportation systems are outdated and have not been replaced with newer, more reliable models. There is a possibility that the Amtrak train cars that derailed in DuPont were nearing the end of their lifespan or had already passed it.

Amtrak and other companies have a duty to their customers; they are legally required to protect them at all costs, and in the event of any accidents, Amtrak must be held responsible, even if the accident were unforeseeable. Individuals who have been harmed can look into filing a personal injury claim against Amtrak; anyone who has suffered the loss of a family member due to the incident can file a wrongful death claim against the company as well.

A personal injury claim can be filed against the company if there were any injuries suffered due to the train accident. Those who were present in their vehicles, as well as those who were present on the train, may have the ability to receive financial compensation for their damages.

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed on the idea that the person who was killed was not knowingly in a dangerous situation and that his safety was ensured by someone else. Essentially, the liability of another party can be considered in these cases; negligent actions from a company or individual could lead to a mistaken death, and thus, a lawsuit. In the case of Amtrak, there are various factors that could contribute to the claim, including whether or not the train was properly inspected before making its trip, if there were any necessary repairs that were ignored or avoided, if the tracks were in need of fixing or had obstructions on them, and if the conductor was capable and cognizant in his duties and did not act negligently when operating the train.

Your Due Compensation
Individuals who were harmed in the train accident in Washington can receive various types of compensation for their damages. You may be able to have your medical bills covered, your lost wages reimbursed, your damaged property costs reimbursed, and your emotional damages covered. Those who lost family members in the crash may receive all of the previously listed damages as well as other, more unique forms of compensation, including loss of consortium, funeral expenses, and more.

If multiple people decide to file a lawsuit against Amtrak, you may also be able to join a class action lawsuit. Your choice of action is up to you, and if you consult with one of our attorneys, we can help you decide what the best path forward is.

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